Fluffy Space Program — part 3 (starfellstudios)

I sat my dear sweet Fluffernutter down on my desk with her plate of spaghetti. She almost immediately began devouring the spaghetti. I plugged the cartridge into my computer and pulled up the footage.

Objects faded into existence as the camera adjusted to the surrounding brightness. The view was locked onto a my face as I finished putting the space suit on my dear fluffy.

“So do remember what you should do if you want to talk to daddy?” The me in the recording was talking to the wearer of this specific camera, Fluffernutter.

“Fwuffynutty pwesses big wed buttown in da tawky woom!” Fluffernutter said, bouncing up and down.

“Good girl! Now what do you do if you are hungry?”

“Fwuffynutty am in nummie woom an pwess buttown wiff p… pik… pitur… Skettie dwawing!!!” Fluffernutter was very happy about getting to talk to her daddy. “Wate… Why daddeh nee am nuw dis?”

“Because I was just checking to make sure you knew how to do this. Ready to get on the spaceship?” Fluffernutter’s eyes widened comically.

“Otay daddeh! Fwuffynutty go on pacesip!” The yellow unicorn fluffy ran to the ramp where the other fluffies were waiting. She looked back at me. I looked back at her.

“Be a good girl in space, Fluffernutter! I’ll see you in a week or so!” I waved goodbye to my precious fluffy.

“Fwuffynutty wub ou daddeh!” The camera turned and Fluffernutter followed Prisma up the ramp. The other fluffies were presumably following behind. She made it into the spaceship and took one long last look out the window at her daddeh before sitting in one of the custom designed fluffy space seat. She had practiced this many times, getting into the space seat. Fluffernutter sat in the seat and pressed the button on the side. A seatbelt plugged itself in with a click. “Fwuffynutty am b… buck… bockul… Fwuffynutty am in da pace chaiw!”

“Aww fwuffies weady?” Prisma asked everyone. The alicorn fluffy looked behind her chair and at all the fluffy ponies behind her.

“Cwystaw am weady!” The powder blue pegasus said behind Fluffernutter.

“Twig am in pace chaiw!” The grey fluffy unicorn said. After affirming messages from all the rest of the fluffies, Prisma looked back at the control panel in front of her.

“Weady fow take off!” Prisma hit the big red button in the middle of the panel.

“T minus ten seconds,” A robotic voice stated.

“Citwus su happeh! Citwus gon be in stawwy pwace!” One of the fluffies behind Fluffernutter commented.

“T minus five.”

“Boba scawed…”

“Boba nu am be scawed! Wen fwuffies go in da stawwy pwace, Azazaw gib ou huggies!”

“Tank ou, fwen! Boba nu am scawed nao.”


“Epic gon fwy!”

“Peppew gon fwy too!”


Fluffernutter looked at Twig. “Fwuffies gon fwy. Weady to fwy?”

“Twig am bown weady.”


At that moment, the ship took off, blasting into space.


I love that FlufferNutter tries to say complex words, yet just gives up half-way through pronouncing it.