Fluffy Space Program — part 5 (starfellstudios)

“Su, aww fwuffies hab do am wate an teww Fwuffynutty’s daddeh wha fwuffies see?” Crystal looked at the screen.

“Yes, Crystal. Do you think you can do that?”

“Cwystaw can do dat!”

“Fwuffynutty can do dat too!”

“Peppew gon do dat da bestest!”

“Okay, Pepper. I assume the rest of you fluffies can do that as well?”


“So then, you have your orders. I will see you when you find something.”

”Sir! We found another fluffy!” One of my colleagues ran into the room. I paused the video.

”Wai daddeh stop da tee bee?” Fluffernutter mumbled.

“Aquarius, was it? Which fluffy did you find?” Hearing the word ‘fluffy’ made Fluffernutter perk up.

“The blue pegasus. She was hiding under a table in the cafeteria, which is pretty smart considering the fact that they are fluffies.” He placed the unconscious fluffy on the other side of my desk.


“What happened to her?”

“I found her like this. Don’t worry though, she’s just unconscious and will wake up soon.”

“Got it. Now go back and look for more fluffies, if one of them is okay, then there must be more.” Aquarius nodded at my order and left the room.

“Am Cwystaw otay?” Fluffernutter looked up at me with her big brown eyes.

“Yes, Crystal is fine. Do you want to keep watching the ‘tee bee’?”

“Yea daddeh!” I unpaused the video.

“Daddeh! Daddeh hewp!” Prisma shouted from outside the room. The view shifted as Fluffernutter turned to look out the exit.

“What’s wrong, Prisma?”

”Oh no… I remember this…”

Prisma dragged the unconscious light turquoise and off white body of Bubbles into the room.

“Bubbwes am sweepies an nu wakies!”