Foal adopts CLOSED ( Gal-With-Pastels)

Decided to repost / include the two fluffies from my previous adopt post since they Haven’t been taken yet. Along with 2 new fluffies up for adoption . wanted to make a Rabbit fluffy and a male alicorn that has monarch butterfly wings .

Foal 1 : TAKEN

Foal 2 : TAKEN

Rabbit foal 3 : Taken

Foal 4 : TAKEN


May I adopt 4 please he’s adorable

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you plan on using him? to ask ? i’ve had some adopts that i’ve given to people who never actually used them in content.

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Can adopt number 3 ?

Brazilian tail fluffy
Brazilian tail fluffy

shes yours!

Yeah I was thinking of making fanart with my other fluffies

ok he is yours

Thank you! Im giving him pets now

Also does anyone know how to post art

I’m one of those and yours will be used at some point. But it’s gonna be quite a few months out, at the earliest. Just wanted to give you an update on that.


No one ever picked up peacock Babbeh? :open_mouth:


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Poor fella. I’ll take him if no one else does,he’s a sweet looking little guy.

Yeah both him and the filly haven’t gotten anyone

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They’re both such cute designs,I didn’t see why no one has.

same here to be honest

3 is really cute holy shit, also seriously 1 and 2 have such nice colors I’m shocked no one got them yet.

Might I be able to get my hands on foal number two, she’d make a fine pairing for Creamer