Foal Gacha (free surprise adopts!) (fluffernuttersandwich)

Claim a capsule in the comments below, see what you got once all have been claimed! (One capsule per person, please).

Tbh I’ve mostly just been looking for an excuse to draw out some different fluffy patterns and designs and I like doing adopts so ! :] once you’ve claimed and ‘opened’ your capsule the foal is yours to do with what you please

  1. Pink (CLAIMED: Le_Saturna)
  2. Red (CLAIMED: TheShade)
  3. Orange (CLAIMED: WhatAmIDoing)
  4. Yellow-Orange (CLAIMED: Brayatansempai)
  5. Yellow (CLAIMED: Craftyskunk)
  6. Chartreuse (CLAIMED: Loopie)
  7. Lime (CLAIMED: Jane_Cheese)
  8. Mint (CLAIMED: Suc10fluffy)
  9. Sky (CLAIMED: Dido)
  10. Blue (CLAIMED: ToraTora99)
  11. Dark Blue (CLAIMED: JohnnyJohn)
  12. Violet (CLAIMED: FluffNPuff)
  13. Silver (CLAIMED: Naughty_Fox_Spain)
  14. Gold (CLAIMED: Crazy_Kitzo)
  15. Platinum (CLAIMED: Lothmar)
  16. Diamond (CLAIMED: Wildefaun)

Want one

Can i get the dark blue one?


Diamond please

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May I have the gold one?

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Yellow orange for me

the pink one for me please :3

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Purple one for me plz

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Orange pls!! :smiley:

Red, if you don’t mind.

Sky, if you please

Can i have one (any colour id mind)

(post deleted by author)

You guys go ahead i never had any luck with gacha pons


Blue, please.

PIat PIease.

Nice idea. Can I have silver?

Actually can i have mint?

I’ll take chartreuse.