Foal on a Pole [Part 2] (by SouthernKilling)

Part 1


Love it lol
especially the poor Halloween fluffy’s text bubble being orange


Lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I’d invest in the expansion version


Gotta say, I’m liking the idea of seasonal fluffies that only exist as cheap holiday decorations. Even better that they’re stuck in a tiny enclosure in a dark box for what’s likely the rest of their lives. No hugs, sketties, or singing to bring them even the slightest bit of comfort. Just a dark box and the knowledge of how disposable their entire existence is.

I’d be interested in a followup, I wonder how they’d be affected after a whole year of darkness and isolation. Probably wouldn’t be able to sing and dance as enthusiastically as they used to, if at all.


I knew there was a caveat to the extension set. Thanks for saving the made up people their money.


lmao i had the idea of decoration fluffies in suspended animation all year too. do NOT sleep on ideas here, this community is very on the ball with coming up with things at the same time!


wonder if the christmas and halloween foals will become friends :0 if they can hear eachother that is, which dont sound likely (pun intended)

Also wonder if there is value in just storing them with food if they become depressed and unable to sing the next holiday season :thinking:

But yeah, sad conclusion and a great balance to my hugbox comic on the same subject ^^


This is where my headcanon has an advantage.

Done with the holiday foal?
Don’t throw it away!
Have it for dinner!


Now, for $300 more, we can do the multi holiday Foal on a Pole: whenever you store it away, use the Foal Nappies kibble a week before you pack up and don’t worry about it over eating during the off season!

Foal Nappies drastically reduces the need to be active, shutting down the part of the fluffies brain used to feel and talk, along with the need for lights. This greatly extends the Extension program! Your Fluffy will be around for 4 seasons instead of two!


You may be a good fluffy, Cranberry.

But you are a poor decoration for MLK Jr day.


Love how casually the fluffy is thrown away into an attic somewhere with other decorations lmao. I imagine the preservation compartment/box would have to have noise cancelling foam in it tho, otherwise you’d hear the holiday fluffy crying about the darkness or desperately singing the holiday songs it was taught in the hopes that will somehow free it.

(Also my god I’d love to see more pieces about the foal on a pole, maybe a series with each of the big holidays)


The poor and homeless enjoy a roasted Foal on a Pole, freshly removed, often preference in the day after Christmas, as by this time the foal is fed more than usual to shut it up. A well fed roasted Foal on a Pole can feed a family of four when other food items are added: Christmas BreadFluffs, PiedFoal, and FiggyFluffing bread fluffies are made in excess during Christmas Season by local churches, convention centers and local 7-11/FluffMarts.


Oh Boop…
It’s like you read my mind :heart:


Just imagine, a full year alone in a dark place, being kept alive until the next season…


A brown pole foal that can recite various civil rights speeches.

Like ‘I have a dream’ etc.

Admittedly that feels like a setup for the fluffy getting shot because irony. xD


That extension pack idea is AWESOME! A perfect example of when just killing the fluffy would no doubt have been both cheaper and more humane - but you know there would be people who want to reuse the same holiday fluffy year after year anyway! :rofl: