Fun animation part 3. HANG A FLUFFY! (By:eded_ted)


Hang a fluffy…

My personal favorite way to teach a fluffy a lesson!

Why, you may ask?

Well, heres why:

-its simple.
-you only need some rope, glue, and some glue removal!
-works surprisingly well!
-no permanent damage to the fluffy.
-the fluffy cant leave.
-no mess!

How to do it?

Step 1.

Glue the fluffy’s butt-hole and pee-hole shut, that it does not mess the place up.

Step 2.

Tie the rope around the fluffy’s chest, (make shure it is not on the belly, because then it could injure the fluffy)

Step 3

Tie the other end of the rope to the ceiling, so that the fluffy is in the air.


getting it down:

Step 1.

Cut the rope.

Step 3.

Put some glue removal on the glue, so that it can poo and pee again.


But if you don’t have the required things, or you are a new fluffyowner, i recommend using a sorrybox!
Its easier and more simple.


It looks like there’s a bebbeh back there!


If you want an advanced version of this, you should put an animal harness on it, and hang it from that, which lowers the chance a fluffy might hurt itself.

Then put a catheter in them so they can still pee without making a mess, then put a diaper on it for the poop.

Then attach an iv to it to prevent dehydration.

Now the fluffy can hang there for a while above whatever.


I prefer the chance system it just gets worse as many times I allow


If you want a more abusive method, hang a fluffy by its hooves over a bottle of bleach, then force it to drink gallons on gallons of water until it has to piss, if it ends up pissing in the bleach, it well great mustard gas and slowly die within several hours of suffering.

Why do I know this? Watch this.


Is it crying poo?

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lynching a fluffy

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The tears are soaking her furr, so it gets darker.


That some ammonia concentrated piss… if it works I lov it

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oh, now I see it. I’m dumb.

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