Fwuffy Am Bestes' Fwuffy! Petula's Debut (moonie)

“Daddeh, am Pechoowa gud fwuffy?” Petula, a fluffy alicorn with a snow white fur coat and matching mane asks her daddy as she sits in his lap getting head scratchies. You coo loudly as you rub your pretty facie into his not hooves, rolling over onto your back so Daddeh could give you tummy rubs. You smile as sweetly as a fluffy ever could as your big see places look into his.

“Yes, Petula. You’re a good fluffy.” He tells you. You coo with glee.
“Am Pechoowa BESTEST fwuffy, Daddeh?” You ask, your big red see places sparkle with anticipation. Daddy hesitates before answering, much to your chagrin.
“Sure. Why not?” He tells you as you clap your hooves happily. You already knew this but it was so much better hearing Daddy affirm this to you. You then hear a loud ringie noise and you squeal making scaredy poopies all over Daddy’s lap. Daddy makes a meanie, scrunchy face at you and quickly stands up, sending you crashing to the carpeted floor below.

“Owwie!” You yell, tears forming in your see places. “Dat huwt! Meanie daddeh gib pwetty Pechoowa owwies…” you complain as your daddy ignores you and goes to pick up his funny talkie box. You huff and puff your cheeks before rolling over and righting yourself onto your hooves. How rude of him to toss you into the meanie floor like that?! Pretty fluffies aren’t for pushies and owwies! You make the meaniest angi face and run over as fast as your leggies could take you over to Daddy and his talkie box and begin pounding your little hoofies as hard as you could on daddy’s pant leg. Each ‘punch’ made a little pomf noise as you pummel his dummeh leggies with sorry hoofies making the angriest meanie face you could muster.

You angrily tippie tappie your hoofies on the linoleum, stomp dancing around your dummy daddy until he stops and finally pays attention to you.

“Hmph! Dummeh daddeh! ‘Ou gib bigges’ pushies an’ make pwetty Petuwa faww on backie. Gib bigges’ owwies!” You whine dramatically, stomping your front hoofies on the ground as you spoke. You puff out your lip and give him the biggest sad puppy eyes, giving out a soft ‘huu’ noise.

“Wai daddeh huwt Petuwa? Nu wub?” Your daddy doesn’t say anything and uses his big not hoofie to simply push you out of the way. Your jaw drops and you sit there for a minute before angrily tippie tappying around the nummie making place snorting, grunting and growling noises before going back into the livie room to watch more FluffTV.

You hear the nice hoomin lady announce the next FluffTV show coming on.
“Am 'ou weady fow next teebee pwogwam? It’s time for…Babies!” You sprint over to the TV and practically shout and slam your hoofies on the screen.


“Oh my God, Petula, shut up!!!” Your daddy screams at you from…you didn’t know where, exactly. You could hear his voice but you couldn’t see him. You get so scaredy that you jump and make bad poopies and peepees again. You huu to yourself until you hear peeping from the TV.

“Babbehs! It time fow miwkies!” Another pretty white fluffy with a pastel rainbow mane calls out sweetly. She was a super pretty earthie, even if she wasn’t as pretty as you. Your face practically lights up like you were given a new toysie once you see the bundles of pretty wriggling little puff balls waddling up to the earthie’s milkie places. They were all so pretty! Except the two brown babies. They were ugly. Like dirt and poopies!

You wrinkle your face in disgust and blow a raspberry to the TV.

“Nuuu! Dat am poopie babbehs! Poopie babbehs nu desewb wub ow miwkies!” You protest. “Miwkies an’ huggies am onwy fo’ gud babbehs.” You say proudly to the TV screen. The stupid fluffy mummah ignores you and switches the two good white pretty babbehs off with an audible ‘pop’ and put the yellow and poopie babbehs on her milkie places. The two white babies, one with the yellow mane and the other with the lilac mane burp and rub their round tummies filled with milkies.

You puff your cheeks and frown. Why is the dummeh mummah not listening to you? Doesn’t she know how much of a dummeh she’s being? After the babies get done with their meal, they all curl up around each other joining into a fluffpile. You put your hoofies to your cheeks and coo repeatedly to the television, your eyes sparkling over how cute the dummeh mummah’s babbehs were. You would be such a better mummah than she was. Then, some commercials begin to play and you see sooo many fun toysies and things you want daddy to buy but you know he won’t. Except maybe a…litterpal you think it’s called? The commercials then stop and the teebee gets back to the babies and mummah at what looks to be a fluffy park.

There are so many fluffies at this park that you can’t even count. And there were even more babies!! Wingies, pointies, earthies and even some wingy-pointy babbehs like you! The pretty alicorn baby, Mystic, goes off to play with some other fluffies. The other fluffies whisper among themselves and frown as she arrives.

“Hewwo, nyu fwens!” Babbeh Mystic introduces in typical fluffy fashion. “Babbeh am Mystic. Wan’ pway huggie tag ow chasey game wif Mystic?”
The other fluffies don’t respond and simply glare at her. One finally spoke up and walked closer to her.

“Fwuffies nu wike 'ou.” A pink earthie tells Mystic, glaring down at her. You can’t tell if it’s a stallion or a mare since their white mane is so short. “Babbeh gu 'way. Fwuffies nu wike tu pway wif dummeh meanie munstahs wike 'ou.”
“Yeah!” A yellow unicorn chimes in. “Munstah fwuffies am wowstes’ fwuffies!!!”
Poor babbeh Mystic’s see places fill up with saddie wawa and she curls herself up with her big pretty wingies and begins to cry. The other fluffies simply blow raspberries and some even try to turn around, lift their tails and spray sorry poopies onto her.

“Nuuuu!!! Nuuuu, Mystic sowwy! Mystic am sowwy! Nu wan poopies huhuhu!!!” She cries. “Peep, peep! Mummah! Sabe babbeh! Huhuhu…”
“NUUUUU!!!” You cry into the tv, running up to try and give huggies to the poor, good babbeh. What do those fluffies know anyway? They’re the ones who are all ugly dummies! Not Mystic!! You sniffle, even more upset from not being able to reach Mystic and give huggies. “NU BE MEANIE TO PWETTY BABBEH!”

“Wai nu can gib huggies? Babbeh am saddies, nee’ huggies to make saddies gu 'way! Huhu…” the dummeh mummah Missy then gallops over and picks Mystic up in her forehooves.

“Shhh…babbeh it am otay. Mummah hewe. Mummah sabe babbeh. Mummah wub babbeh.”
She begins softly singing the mummah song to Mystic while cradling her in her arms. Mystic sniffles and wipes her smell place with her hoof.

“Hewe, gib wickie cweanies.” Missy says and begins cleaning the meanie poopies off the babbeh.

“Huuuu, fankoo mummah. Wai odda fwuffies am su meanie? Nu twy tu be bad babbeh. Jus’ wan pway an’ hab fun! Honest!” Mystic explains, sucking her hoof.
She keeps quietly making scaredy peeps.

Dummeh mummah Missy frowns.
“Nu know babbeh…some fwuffies jus’ nu wike awicowns. Eben pwetty awicowns wike 'ou. It am su saddie…” she carries her babbeh by the mouthie and goes back to her other babbehs who are making blockie towers while their mummahs sit around and watch while chatting it up with each other.

“Buh dat am otay. Because dewe am su many odda nice fwuffies an’ babbehs dat aww would wub tu pway wif babbeh! Eben if dey wingie-pointehs!” Mystic’s eyes light up and she dances around the blockie tower, getting so excited her wingies begin to buzz and eventually flap carrying her off the ground and she began to fly. Your jaw drops again and you sit frozen in awe. A fluffy that can fly?!!!??! Even you can’t fly! You’ve tried and tried over and over again but your dummy meanie wingies won’t listen and let you fly. Mystic lands on the blockie tower and looks directly toward the camera.

“Dat am why it nu otay tu tweat odda fwuffies an’ babbehs any betta ow wowse dan anybody ewse. Espeshawy if 'ou am mummah ow soon-mummah. Gud mummahs nu wub babbehs mow dan odda babbehs.” Mystic says. “An’ awicowns nu am munstahs. Dey fwuffies wike ‘ou an’ Mystic!” She throws both hooves in the air and flaps her wingies, giggling.

You tilt your head at what the pretty babbeh says, but your thoughts are interrupted when you hear daddy using his meanie yellie voice again.

You puff your cheeks up and sit on your haunches, crossing your hooves.

“Nu! Pechoowa am bestes’ fwuffy…so dat mean fwuffy can gu peeepee an’ poopie anywhewe fwuffy wan’!” You weakly throw a blockie at him in defiance, turning away from him. “Dummeh daddeh num poopies! Wick da poopies and peepees off da fwoow an’ gib poopie pwace wickie cweanies!!”

Daddeh stays silent for a while, but you keep your back turned. Daddeh is biggest dummy. You’ll turn around to face him when he apologizes, nums the poopies off the carpet, cleans your poopie place and eats your poopies from your poopie place after he makes you skettie.

“Go to your room.” He finally says.

You glance over your shoulder. “Wha?”

He steps closer. “Go.” He locks eyes with you. “To your room.”

You bite your lower lip and frown. “Fine!” You trot off in a rush, smugly sticking your nose in the air as you waddle to your safe room. You even smile to yourself, soon getting over your fit when you realize that you’ll make him see. You’ll make everyone see how special, important and pretty a fluffy like you really are. Not just you…but all fluffies like you. All pretty, snow white fluffies just like you.

Dummeh Mummah Missy and Mystic have no idea what they’re talking about.


I think petula needs a sorryboxing


Beat this fluffy with the antenna from a 72 Lincoln…


More like a sorry beating.


I’d feed her skettis laced with a laxative then a sorryboxing


Time for white fake fur. Tie it around her. Act like she’s gone and she’s some evil unicorn trying to replace his good special alicorn. Thay his alicorn was good and well behaved and would never disrespect her daddy.


Some fluffy really thinks she is God’s gift to man.




Yep she definitely needs a paddling.

Just a couple of grammatical notes, you used first person a couple times for fluffy dialogue, they’d just refer to themselves using “fluffy” instead.

Also, the first line is in third person, I’d make that line a stand-alone one; it makes it less jarring or confusing when you switch to second person.


Where is this so i can change it?

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Roughly the 16th paragraph. It’s said to Mystic when she wants to play with the other foals.

Roughly the 27th paragraph. After Petula’s Daddeh yells at her for pooping in the living room.

I’m not sure what i should change about the 27th paragraph. I’m sorry.

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All good! Petula refers to herself as “she” instead of “fluffy”.



I think Petula is not going to survive much longer.

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Let the beatings commence

If she loves her colour dye her fluff brown or take it away and let her get cold that could teach her but we all know it’s to late

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any part 2?

Where’s the torture?

She thinks she was a bestesh eh? 30 sorry stick and a sorry box would have her think if she can. Her owner shouldn’t agree her being bestesh…red flag already.

She even disregard the tv teachin, she’s fuck