Gem Eyed Splorin Babbeh’s ( Gal-with-pastels)

Some Exploring gem eyed foals, all being little colts. also including an even rarer version of the gem eyed fluffy’s. These rarer version have fake gemstones on they’re flank, that are often mistaken for real ones.


Those eyes give me a vibe that they got things in crosshairs/targeting reticles. xD

“Nyu fwiend, ~Eyes focus~ Wocked. Huggies depwoyed~”


bling bling


They can shoot light beams out of they’re eyes, it don’t do much but momentarily blind you

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Like care bear stare, but from the eyes like Darkseids omegabeams?

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They were inspired by the Twinkle eyed mlp toys.

A rare instance where its bad news both for fluffies and abusers

indeed, Bet its even worse in the feral community of fluffies.

Hell yeah

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So they have chiton DNA?

A G1 reference? I see you are a brony of culture as well.

yeah, grew up with gen 1, 3, 4 and abit of the recent gen 5