Get off my tree! (InfraredTurbine)

Other day, while passing by this image, this idea got in my head, so I decided to make it happen today :slight_smile:

original pic:

As I always mention, not to bother ya, I take commissions too, feel free to pm me any time! xD


Actually, you know, coalas are a pretty good analogy for fluffies. In terms of lacking basic survival intelligence, their food of choice not actually being that good for them and just simple stupidity.


now i want a story about a fluffy starving to dewth because it can’t recognize different brands of spaghetti as food


commissions always open you know xD

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There was once a comic about a fluffy eating macaroni only with its eyes closed. And an absolutely fantastic one where a fluffies mind was blown by hearing that ramen is actually anime sketties.


why tho ? I remenber this one, but can’t remenber why

Fluffy goes scccrrrrrrreeeeeee CRACK* :skull_and_crossbones:

Knock that fluffo off birb fremd

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The fluffy wanted sketties, but the owner offered macaroni instead, which isn’t fluffies favorite food. So he took out the dish and told that he was going to give him “shy sketties” so he’d need to keep his eyes closed while eating them, and then gave the same plate back to him. The fluffy ate happily until the owner told it to open its eyes again, hoping the fluffy would realize he’d been enjoying macaroni just as much as sketties - but of course overestimated the intelligence of his fluffy that was shocked to see his sketties suddenly gone and replaced with macaroni.

why do fluffies hate macarroni ?
heard about it many times but dunno why xD

In most Russian text posts their favorite food is macaroni actually

They don’t hate it, they just love spaghetti to the point that in some comics they’ll eat any string that even looks like it.

this reminds me of something where they ate shit worms thinking they were sketties
ugh xD


At least they dont talk :sunglasses:

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