Ghettisville Special Festival (Not_A_Wise_Man)

Ignore the bad fluffy speech. I’ve drawn this before understanding how they talk… as well as before getting a scanner.


Nice work it’s a very long comic

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So did he force the mare to eat one of her talkie foals?


Yep. One talking and two fetuses


Bringing a child for pest extermination?
Unprofessional as fuck.

If they’re state or federal workers I expect a department-wide firing and restaffing.

At least they’ll end up encountering poison gas Fluffies soon.

That’s the best part. It isn’t work it’s pleasure. They don’t work as pest control, they are having a “kill all the fluffies festival”. Good fun for the whole family.

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I will never not love seeing your fluffies get their shit kicked in :hugs:

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Biohazardous waste in the alleys, since they won’t be spraying down blood and shit, inaccurate numbers for feral tracking since they won’t be doing paperwork, and noise complaints. Plus some idiot will use one of those against a family member then a cop, meaning yet another dangerous weapon in every home.

Like when Earth Day when folks plant nonlocal invasive trees on reclaimed wetlands and use compost that ruins the surrounding water sources leading to algae blooms.

Well, I didn’t thought I was going to talk “lore” on some dumb abuse comic but hey. Sorry for the wall of text in advance.

“They didn’t remembered last year” is one of the first quotes. It means this happens on a yearly basis. There is a fluffy burning pit and people in charge with “finishing off the wounded fluffies” meaning there is at least basic “start, middle and finish” bureaucracy in place organizing the festival.
The fact there are fluffy killing weapons advertised in TV means there’s merchandise which creates revenue. You can bet the government will intervene if a business is fruitful enough, because governments simply can’t F the F off meaning there are regulations in place.

As for the Spear Pickaxe… you know what’s better than a maniac wielding one? A whole town of people wielding them. Guns make people incredibly equal, child vs adult, man vs woman, rich vs poor, they all are made of flesh and blood in front of a gun. I am all for arming the population so that’s not a problem from my point of view. Hell, I’d introduce gun safety classes in highschools and in Italy this is not a problem but since we’re talking about that, in the USA I’d totally have veterans or teachers armed around the schools protecting children. Sorry for getting political but I’ll soon have a major in Political Sciences so, that’s kind of my area of expertise.


I’m here for the lore.

Also human suffering from their tiny Frankenstein monsters and cute images, but its not mutually exclusive.

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And then the videos were posted widespread on social media and TV media where they were condemned for being Abuse Nazis or something, IDK.

Alright. I don’t know if I have to follow some actual fluffy world lore at this point or if I can just make things up as I go. I figured the comic takes place in my world where Abuse is not only the norm but expected.

So… I know the site is called fluffycommunity but does everything happens in an already established universe or is there room for interpretation beyond “this is what fluffies are and this is how they behave.”
If this is something like Marvel extendend universe I think I broke the Fluff-eneva convention… a whole lot of times.

Can’t speak for everyone, but my impression is that anything goes really, its your headcanon after all. If enough people agree to something in a particular creators headcanon, it sorta ends up as “established” lore where more creators use it as inspiration, case in point litter-pals and enfie-pals. The only one who really can say “no, this doesnt belong here”, should be yourself.