Give me something to do. (One page only) (forgot to specify that) (CLOSED)

Well i out of ideas for now, so give yours i’ll pick the first three.


I’ll do hug and abuse, but:

No enfie Babbehs
No zoophilia

The rest is ok.


A fluffy forcefully turned into a living kickball for a playground


I always wondered: what’d a pack of mricofluffies handle out in the woods.


An abuser takes in a pregnant stray mare and pretends to be a hugboxer. When she gives birth they dump the foals in the dumpster and go to the fluffy store to get micros in matching colors, telling them that the mare is their mother.


Another idea: a feral mare decides that a small herd of micros are babies, and carries them on her back as she provides for and protects them.


draw your chracter in jojo style punching a fluffy with an orange stand


Hmmmm i have an idea. Fluffy Jabba the Hutt palace with an obese fattened up smarty to play the role of Jabba. Dont worry the owner trained Fluffy Leia to strangle him with a chain soon… yes the owner is a Star Wars fan.
I hope this works as 1 page btw

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Wait… even better, turn a foal intoba bomb and detonate it in its mummahs arms …

yoshikage kira theme plays

I have an idea, for one of my older fluffies I made up rocky fluffs. They’re sentient, eat dirt, minerals and rocks and the mares have milk that’s textured like wet cement. They poop out pebbles and pee out sand and say ‘sorry rockies’ instead of ‘sorry poopies’. Mostly because I like the fluffy tombola idea and I had a fluffy who thought a rock was his new baby sister, since it came from the machine, so his owner made it appear to grow by adding googly eyes and a mane and tail.

My idea for you is to have a rocky fluff mare adopt regular fluffy foals, they each die because her milk is too thick and heavy, either by being unable to swallow it at all, having it seal their mouths shut cuz they let it dry or by getting it down and the weight crushes their organs or makes them unable to move. Something wholesome, fun and evil, lol! Maybe this is done by an owner sick of her wanting babies, these are her test foals! :smiley:


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Fluffy has got it’s head stuck under the edge of the sofa, owner sits down on the sofa cracking their skull.


a fluffy used as a mop/cleaning rag for a slaughterhouse or somewhere equally as nasty :slight_smile:

Fluffy has toys and gets them taken away/put in a wood chipper.

A chirpie placed into a matchbox made into a little bed.

Micros being bred for their jellybean-sized foals, food for newborn snakes (hoggies, colubrids, other smol noodles). The micros are aware of the situation, but have been taught that if they kept their babies, then they (the parents) would lose their lives of comfort and safety.