GLO worm info (thatmotherfluffer)

•bonus facts
When a host dies, GLO worms immediately evacuate the corpse, as they now are aware that their brood needs a new host


Flesh-eating worms, isn’t that just a bundle of happiness. Making them look like normal worms would be much more effective since fluffies are often seen trying to eat anything that resembles spaghetti. But on the other hand, it makes identifying them on an infested fluffy much easier .

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They look like that because the friendly appearance makes fluffies want to hug and carry them around, ensuring infestation.


What could possibly go wrong >_>

Side note: low-quality/crap sushi can have worms. These little bastards… could… uhm… yeah.


I presume these are as small as a micro foal.

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I suppose it was inevitable that we’d get the “and friends” to go with the ponies…

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