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Do fluffies see fire as a monster in your head-cannon?


Maybe, could be “buwny monster” or a feral could see it as a heat source but know not to get too close? I see ferals as being a bit smarter than the average fluffy (wild ferals, not so much ally ferals)

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Some fluffies don’t, but most most fluffies do

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Not as a personified monster exactly, but if they were to get burnt they would ask it to stop hurting them


It’s an odd question to ask.

Fluffies, if believed to be cowards, see monsters in mundane objects all the time. Cars being the most agreed upon fluffy monster.

Prime example.

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Hmm… I figure they see fire the same way they see water. They know what it is and that it’s not a monster, but they’re terrified of it anyway because ideally a fluffy should never be in the vicinity of it.

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Depends on the fluffy.
Some are smarter than others but the dimmer ones absolutely

“buwnee ouchies” is fire. It’s instinct to keep a good distance from a fire, but also know it provides warmth and protection. I would like to think fluffies are very cautious and careful around fire like those who discovered it as humans. Those who have been given the ability to cast fireball are seen as a near God among the fluffies. It’s the ability to shoot fire at any enemies that is what’s seen as God like. Many of the lesser skilled in magic can cast “create fire” on a pile of rocks, which can be used for warmth and provide protection. Alicorns have inborn magic, allowing them to cast light on there horn, and magic missiles. Any Alicorn born near a Jellenmancer or Jellenheimer Anchor has been given Eldritch Blast, something to be able to shove bad fluffies far from the herd, and animals as big as foxes, too.

The less intelligent a fluffy is, the more likely it is to see unanimate objects and phenomena as living beings.

(Wasn’t there a comic about a robot foal catching fire and the “mummah” thought it was a monster and burned herself?)

I imagine that upon first encountering it, an average fluffy would just think it’s “pwetty”.

On a cold day or dark night, they may huddle up to it for warmth / light.

Only after catching themselves on fire do they start calling it “buwny munstah”.

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