Half fluffy, half demon. Chapter 17, LSD and “what the fuck icar?” (by: dragon_not_found)

well, soul is confused, but he got the idea last chapter, leading to an epic climactic ending to that battle. Now he wakes up, and smells of brimstone and sulfur. Fun fact: icar naturally has a slight and harmless smell of sulfur, barely detectable by humans(undetectable to fluffies) and each wiff only lasts 1 minute before disappearing, and he can stop his stench for 2 weeks straight, before he HAS to let it loose (resulting in a yellow poison cloud).

You wake up, and smell something, terrible. It makes you itch, it’s hard to breathe, EVERYTHING ITHCES. Jump up and sprint foreword, right into your father. He scoops you up, and throws you in a pond. Instinctively, you begin to flail around, before Icar comes to mind and you fall into discipline.
FOCUS, first, where are you. you hold your breath as your head sinks underwater.
You maneuver your legs into a doggie paddle of sorts, and lift your entire head above water. You gasp for air and scream ”SCREEEEE! WAWA BAD FOW BABBEH!” it felt like a Mirical, as your father picks you up and sets you down on the shore. You no longer itch, nor smell terrible, but you are cold. You feel betrayed, that your father would do this.
” ‘ou smeww gib hewties, su had tu gib ‘ou wawa tu nu hab bweth hurties, otay?” you will NEVER forgive him, for two minutes. You look back, and see your father doing a little ‘potty dance someone does when they have to pee badly’ thing. He runs off, and hops behind a bush. You see your mother, surrounded by two rings of shit, and a third ring of thick tall grass walls. Your father lifts his hind leg, and pees on her nest, followed by your siblings who just randomly appeared. Then you pee on her nest.
You feel icar take control, and pee at such a massive pressure that you go airborne. You look down, and see the orchard’s circular design with it’s 6 canal pathways. The oak tree acting as the center of it all. To the left of the orchard, you see an abandoned and heavily disrepaired cabin with a fountain still with water in it and a driveway leading to a hardly used highway. You keep ascending, and see the city in whence you came, a solid 50 miles away, are those mountains and why are they smiling? You ascend further, and look up. You see an outline in the stars of you and your family, and icar in a separate body. You see a crown of spikes, wrapping around a human waist and growing it. You see a large weird ball fly past you, with stripes all over. You see your brother say “soul, thank you” without actually saying anything. You see you, but instead of green there’s red, and instead of blue with gold specks you have a disgusting brown with green specks. You see a light, almost blinding, before you steady your arms and prepare to hug it. A large glowing yellow ball fits into your hug, and then you accidentally eat it. You see the cosmos rotate, the very fabric of the space around you. You see a large spaghetti monster the size of you with earth and that other weird ball. You run to it and devour it in one gulp, and suddenly your skin is on fire and turning white. You wake up, and scream in pure agony.

hey, ya wanna smell something spacey? anyway, y’all chose the joke option, and this is the result. The sulfur caused soul to get high, because the sulfur in hell is omnipresent and icar is naturally immune to sulfur. Any who, I tried to do something with soul waking up, failed, saw I was too far to delete, and decided “fuck it, soul is high now”, so I’ll switch the POV to someone else for the next chapter.

Who shall bear the POV?
  • Tiger, the father.
  • Ammo
  • Cammo
  • Grass
  • Sword
  • The mother (why?)
  • Metal

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Because I want her perspective to laugh at

it’s going to be nothing but misery. also pls no, i dont wanna do a hard task

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I want to laugh at her tears

Wtf, she doesn’t cry from there. She cries from her hooves.

Her hooves?

Yes, she covers here eyes with her hooves, so her hooves must be the source of the tears

well i want to see her perspective on what has happened so far

enf enf enf enf enf wand die enf enf enf enf enf

shitting and pissing intensifes

Bro, that’s all that the chapter is going to contain if the mother steals the POV. I am not kidding, those two lines are all the chapter will have.

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It will be boring.

try expanding it man

Nah, I’ll just use one phrase and call it half a chapter. Probably going to be my best shitpost

Wean your done with her go to the dad