half fluffy, half demon. Filler#2 pre icar daily routine of the herd.

the pov is……… drunk. It can’t decide who to stick with, so it hops around. Go home POV, you’re drunk.

Sword was on his territory’s border, the edge of the orchard, fully decked out in his armor. He was making his rounds, looking for hostile monster activity, giving the odd wanderer a fruit before sending them on their way, rejecting attempts to join his herd, and enforcing the rules. He’s wandering, when he sees a herd approaching, approximately 10 fluffies (he can’t count). In most cases, sword would meet their herd leader, let them fill their bellies if they were nice(but not stay), chaise them away if they were mean, or in rare cases, fight all those who opposed him. But he recognized the herd. It was previously led by a leader sword respected, his (smart, but weakly) cousin.
He cuts off the herd’s path, getting in their way, and sees a bright yellow and light blue stallion, not his cousin sadly. The stallion notices sword, and approaches with with two other stallions at his heels dragging something. At first, sword tries to be diplomatic, ”hewwo, am swowd, an-“ he gets cut off.
“Dummeh big ugwe fwuffy, gib smawteh nummies ow smawteh gib wots ob hewties!”(no text color cus he’ll literally only says this line).
Sword suddenly recognizes him, he got banished for trying to kill a poor color fluffy. Seems like he took over sword’s cousin’s herd, most likely killed said cousin, and is now back for revenge. Metal appears behind sword as the leader laughs in his face. The bad smarty flicks his tail and steps aside to reveal a cannibal mare on her back, muted. The toughies prepare to back up and strike when sword’s gaurd is focused on the cannibal as they flip the mare over. Sword decides he wants this mare alive, so that he can weaponize her.


Cinnamon was checking the herd’s outhouses, looking for abandoned foals. She could hardly raise her own litter, but she loved babies, so she became the head nurse mare. She emerged from the shrubs, winced, and began to search. She saw 3 bad colored fluffies, and a litter of foals. There were some good colors, but they were sleeping next to their mother and father, so they were off her target list. She dashed around, and found something. A recently born unicorn, okay colors, smells runty. She feeds it with her hyper nutritious, but dry, milk, loads it up, and asks the board 3rd awake fluffy who abandoned it. He mentions a dark cyan stallion Pegasi, and says that he warned them.
Cinnamon thanks him, and dash back. In this herd, no babies are harmed or neglected.


Twig was in the tree, he had to figure out how to hold a fluffy captive without the need for toughies to watch over the captive. Pillowing was an option, but sword only took captives if he saw them useful. Another option was flipping a fluffy over, but it’s risky due to sword wanting it in the tree, and there’s not enough space for it to be effective. He shakes his head, he needs a walk, he has enough projects assigned already, he needs a break. He carefully treads down the askew trunk, grabs some food, and walks to the edge of the orchard. Being alone helps him think, plan, and reflect. He came up with marking the jobs each member has like this, and the multiple latrines idea was after too many fluffies were making bad poopies.
Twig sits down, and watches as the clouds go by. ” ‘wig? Am dat ‘ou? he looks over to the source, and sees tiger trotting toward him. TIGER! Sword’s lost friend!

go home, POV, your drunk.

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