Happy Times at the No-Kill Fluffy Shelter 1 (by recreationalsadist)

The storage area for the no-kill fluffy shelter was in the basement.

Fluffies with legs were in pens on the floor and pillowfluffs were on shelves along the wall.

One of the pillowfluffs was a brown earthie named Brownie.

Brownie cried as he begged.

“Pwease gibe fowebeh-sweepies, no wan wibe nu mowe, wan die wan die WAN DIE!”

The shelter worker chuckled as she scooped more shit into Brownie’s food bowl.

“Sorry, but we’re a no-kill shelter. You’re going to live like this forever!”

She then patted Brownie on the head before shoving him face-first into the shit.

Brownie gargled and choked, then was forced to start eating as the shelter worker laughed.


“We’ve had a lot of complaints regarding misconduct at this shelter. What can you tell us about forcing the Fluffies to eat faeces?”

“Just recycling food waste.”

“And placing amputees in view of able-bodied Fluffies?”


“I see, and about the claims of calling the Fluffies, quote; ‘Fatty, dumb-dumb shit majors’? But close to bullying wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh that’s not bullying, that’s character building.”


Look, it’s a “No-Kill” shelter, not a “Cruelty-Free” shelter.

Learn what words mean! :wink:


Da wuwes nu appwy tu Fwuffy cos Fwuffy nu can wead


They even train them for useful vocations, such as litter pal.


Brownie always deserves it.

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