Hello I am a former artist here, DivineSugarCrush/Gala

A member here wanted to repost my art from the subreddit. I am totally fine with that as long as it’s properly credited to me as the artist u/DivineSugarCrush AKA Gala. I am no longer into fluffies. I may have dried up all my abuse juice but i loved my time here and I am grateful to have been part of this community. I’ll leave here the artworks [all abuse] that I never posted. (Feel free to repost these too if you’d like since i am putting these images under the Community Posts category)

it’s finals week, and you got some stress relief^

It’s on a conveyor belt slowly creeping it’s way to a furnace.^

Unwanted foal that’s run out of time to be adopted^

An owner accidentally making a joke in the midst of their foal’s suffering.^

Foal put in the freezer as punishment.^

Foal being kicked out of home for sorry poopies^


Sometimes it takes a bit of time to process images. If you submit the post before the images are processed…well…this happens.
But posts here are editable.

It’s good to see you again!


Good to see you again too! Should I re-edit this post and wait for the images to process before posting it again?


Yes, that’s what I would recommend

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YO HOLY SHIT NO WAY! FUCK YEAH! DUDE! I am sad to see that you have left the fun of Fluffies, but holy hell is it awesome to see your art here on the FC!


Thank you for liking my art dude!


These are rad. I’ve never seen them before.


Hey, would it be okay to upload more of your art? I have a few already from the subreddit! If not, thats fine and i get it lol

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Hmmmm…foal abuse…


Welcome to FC and all that.
Maybe you wil come back to fluffies because its not all just abuse these days.
And fluffies seem to be a transcient thing, you drift in and out.
@PeppermintParchment was around for 3 years, left for 3 years , and is now back with us again.

If not, well nobody is here to force you, glad you decided to sign up if only for a one off.

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Hey @Gala! I’ll do a re-upload of each post we have archived of yours individually, after which ownership will be transferred to you. We like to build out galleries for community members, active or not, that showcases the works and gives creators and the community a chance to comment on each piece individually.

Thank you for the dump, and thank you for the contributions to the community.

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You can go ahead and re-upload all of them if that’s what you’d like

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Sweet, I really love your style with foals!

I immensely enjoy your images, thanks for sharing. Stop by from time to time just to say hello, even if you won’t upload anymore

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