Heroic Spirit 1 (Orchid)

“Dad I’m not going back! You’ve-”

Cosmo and Weather watched as Jason’s hands glowed pink and redirected the shotgun towards his own head.

“Dad do not-”


Cosmo was covered in blood, staring at the remains of Jason’s head.


Cosmo stared at Weather, visibly crying.

“That was your last chance before I take you by force.”

Weather was holding Jason’s body closer to him. His roommate and only friend.

Cosmo was friends with Jason, but not best friends.

Cosmo sighed, watching the recording of what seemed to be a suicide.

It was on YouTube, posted by the class clown of his college. He hated him, getting called Mr.Perfect by him and constantly bullied for the recording all over social media of his private phone call with his father.

He hated everything and everyone, nearly killing his best friend, Ethan a day after this event.

His father got paid by the government to mutate volunteers and train them to act like heroes, a knight in shining armor. Everything was about money to his father. His father had made him so dangerous. Something as simple as a punch could invert someone’s arm or leg. He could literally create a black hole with his eye.

He was gonna make his own father notice him, actually care for him.

Cosmo walked outside in a white t-shirt and grey jeans, blue sliders to complete the outfit.

He was going to cause havoc.

He walked into the city park, the most crowded area and in the center of the city and planted three matches in the blooming trees, something a hero loved. A lot. The hero called…Void. That’s it.

Cosmo removed the brown eye contact from his left eye, revealing his sky blue eyes and pupils shaped like a golden star.

Cosmo’s pupil spun rapidly, creating a small black hole, only capable of sucking up fluffies.

As expected this summoned Void and his Alicorn, Darkness.

Basic name.

“So you’re causing havoc eh’? Let’s teach em a lesson Darkness!”

He watched as Void pulled a pendant out of his pocket and clicked on it.

“Oh no I’m so scared…”

Cosmo was being sarcastic, but since fluffies are still dumb as shit, Darkness took the bait.

“Ou should be!”

Cosmo clapped.

The black hole closed, already grown the size of a human being.

“You didn’t even try to close the black hole, Void. I know you can do that with your abilities. You focused on me instead of the black hole that sucked up your favorite trees and innocent bypassers.”

Void’s face turned from anger to realization.

Cosmo drew a circle in the air with his finger and a portal opened up, dropping people and trees.


Golden chains wrapped around Void and Darkness, pulling them to the ground.

“Maybe you guys don’t deserve those pendants. I’ll be taking that staff, thanks!”

Cosmo ripped the shining gem out of Darkness’ head and stole the pendant from Void.

“You have no idea how much trouble you’re in!”

Cosmo turned back, contact back over his eye.

“I actually do. My father is searching for me right now and I’ve angered a hero organization. You might want to shut up before your little friend dies.”

“Ou’ wiww pay! Viwwain!”

Cosmo hated being called a villain. Everyone blamed him for his father’s actions.

“You asked for it.”

Cosmo punched Darkness in the stomach, causing him to shit and piss himself.

“Goodbye Void. I sent my regards.”

The golden chains released Void and Darkness as Darkness’ stomach inverted, spilling out his guts and innards.

Cosmo ran towards his dorm, quickly getting inside his dorm.

“Where have you been?”

“Uhhh nowhere.”


Cosmo stared Ethan in the eyes, holding the pendants.

“Anyways have you heard the news? Void was humiliated in a park and Darkness was killed.”

“Man, must suck for him.”


Cosmo’s smile emerged, shining white teeth, perfect teeth. He was going to have fun, abusing the people in his father’s organization.