Hey Folks, Merry Christmas To All! Come talk with me!

I miss those couple of years when I was constantly keeping my thumb on the pulse of this community.
It honestly broke my heart to hand over the reins to @Ryou
But I still believe he’s the best choice to keep our island afloat, and I know that he cares about the direction our community leans into.

I haven’t forgotten about you folks. I haven’t shunned you.
But yeah, I stepped back to save my own sanity
(there’s a lot more to running a closed community than you might think)

I want you to come and tell me about your ideas, about your projects, about how you’re making changes to your life and to your body of work
I want to know about You.
So Come
And get in on this party while we’re all in an accepting mood


I’m working hard on my stories! They’re not going as quick as I’d like, life gets in the way, but they’re going! I’ve started some new (questionably legal) meds and they’re working, so I should have more energy to put towards fluffy stuff now.

I really adore this community, everyone is much kinder than I would have ever expected a group dedicated to abusing pighorses with near-human intelligence could be. I appreciate you all, especially you foxman.

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and please insert here the proper greeting for whatever else y’all are celebrating.


When I no longer had a website to run, I looked for the Next Thing to pique my interest, and I settled on Plex
In the last year I’ve built two Plex media servers (one for my mom, and one for my dad)
The latter has Live TV integrated into it, and serves three houses.
The former is all in one house, but they’re a far more technologically advanced family, and everyone has their own TV, Laptop, or Tablet
It’s been a fun experience. I’m constantly looking for ways to expand these servers, and to show younger generations the kind of media I grew up with.


I’m hoping 2023 will be a better year, because 2021 and 2022 have been so rough I don’t think I could handle another hard year,haha.
As far as projects go,I’m working on two sizeable fluffy comics and one text/visual novelesque story.
For real life projects,I’m trying to buckle down on my novel so I can get something published aside from short stories. It’s slow going because I’m not sure exactly where it’s going yet,but sometimes it’s better to just take a spark of a story and see where it takes you.
I’m also trying to learn how to sculpt,but I’m not too good at 3D medias!
Changes to my life include finally getting to move out of my parent’s home in early to mid 2023 and maybe,MAYBE be able to afford a specialist so I can get my condition past “maintaining” to “improving”,which would be great. Also trying to branch out in my personal life and make more friends :slight_smile:


i really got to finish some stuff

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I saw you talking about this in the Discord server,and I’m very impressed. Tech stuff is like magic to me!


You and I aren’t very different
I learned this level of magic, and I’ll happily share my knowledge at this level. and those beyond


How did you start? I want to learn to understand tech stuff,but it’s something I’ve never been exposed to. My Dad has always been really good with computers and machines,so anytime something needed done,he would do it,so I’ve never had to learn. Sometimes I feel like an old cave woman when people start talking about tech,haha.


Trying to balance work, family life and house ownership with my creative hobbies.

I started breakdowns on next chapter of Star’s Story a little while back but I have no idea when or if it’ll be done. It always feels scary and a little fragile to start something ambitious. At the same time it is rewarding.

This community is important to me and I am grateful for your part in setting it up @Virgil .


Which media, for example?


why would i improve upon perfection, good to see your doing well virgil


I’m taking a short break from writing at the moment, as I figure out what to do next. I got four Christmas stories done, which is one more than last year, so if I can upload any more stories before the end of the year, that’ll be a bonus.

Regardless of what holiday you guys may celebrate, I hope it’s a good one, and that none of your family members start an argument about politics at the dinner table after one too many eggnogs.


Merry Christmas, hope you had a good one.

Family’s kinda been scattered and it appears most of my friend don’t talk to each other anymore, so it was a quiet Christmas for me.
I usually don’t mind because the normal family gathering consists of family members asking what I’ve been up to since the last Christmas, but this year I felt different about it.

As I was waiting for one of the frames to render I realized all my friends (or old friends) are doing things with themselves and I don’t actually have much about myself that I can talk about.

Fluffies are great and everything, but I doubt it would be something I could share at the family BBQ or when I meet a new person who asks me to “tell me about yourself”.
So, I started looking into restarting a project I had gotten into a few years ago but ended up going nowhere because it took a long time to get the equipment I needed.

I hope it won’t impact my fluffy content, and if I’m lucky I may be able to use it in some of my stories, but hopefully sometime soon I’ll have something I can show for it.


The end of another year is upon us and all of us survived, again. So did our lil fluffy community, again. If that isn’t a reason to celebrate then what, the fuck, is?
This quirky sub-fandom and all you glorious cunts have been one of the best things in my life for the last couple of years. Although my own attempts at creating haven’t panned out the way I hoped I still love the content shared here.
May all of your lives be filled with cannabis and oral sex in the new year!


Debating how to start my A+ study book. Pondering a trip to the mainland next year. Planning to plan getting back to diet and exercise. Considering do a limited run podcast. Hoping to play miniature wargames at least once a month. Wondering what I can do/improve on at work next.

A few things!


Merry Christmas everybody!!:tada::tada::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::gift::santa::snowman_with_snow:

Merry Christmas, blessed Yule, happy Hanukkah, blessed Kwanzaa!

I spent the night at work- of the two people scheduled, one did not show up, and the other was new- manager asked me to stay just in case he needed help (he asked maybe…3 questions, less than 10). A majority of the extra shift (I was on the 2-10 shift, making the 10-6 my double) was spent sleeping in the office, listening to Dirty Jobs. And on the clock too.

Guy that didn’t come in said he didn’t because he had no water- neither have I for the past few days, but I cleaned up as well as I could with baby wipes and went in (he lives across the road from me).

I’m turning 35 in 5 days, and I will spend it either drink as fuck, or stoned out of my mind.

My mom has had my cat for just over two years (due to my circumstances), and I get to bring him home this coming Thursday!

What else…well, I had Infraredturbine draw me one of my random fluffy art ideas, and I love it :smiley: but more than I would usually pay, but it was worth it :smiley:

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Well, my birthday might involve partaking of some cannabis if the guy comes through with getting it


I’m on hiatus for now and my Reddit accounts were all banned but I’m coming back someday soon, and I think of this community with fondness. Often.

You made that possible.


I feel sorry for people who can’t just go to the coffeeshop.

Arme klootzakken.