Hippafluffs ( Gal-With-Pastels)

A subspecies created by splicing fluffy dna with chicken dna. Hippafluffs have a lower half of a chicken, And are mostly of the pegasus variety and mostly come in normal chicken colors. they are used mostly as farmers companions and sometimes even adopted as pets .

they start as eggs laid by they’re mother who covers them under her fluff , and in about 7 days they Hatch into little yellow fuzzy babies… that drink from they’re mothers teats. spending nost of they’re time with they’re mother.

By the 14th day , the young hippofluffs fluff and feathers change . and they’re gender differences shine through. wandering and learning from they’re mothers and fathers, and eating grass on they’re own.

By day 21 , The younglings have turned into mature adults , Males tend to protect they’re family’s and provide food for they’re mate. While females tend to chicks , whether they are they’re own or another hens .


I remember talking to @Gal-with-pastels about this subspecies based off the Hippalectryon. I think you did an interesting job on the life cycle, though having aged up that fast, I imagine that these type of Hippafluffs mature quicker for food production


Wonder what is @FluffiesAreFood 's thoughts on this

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Double breast tenders.

yup! really thought that this fluffy type already existed

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same i wonder what they think

I love these. There are so many great ideas in this community.


thank you

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This is demonic. Not even kfc would want that

Time for new nom noms.