Homestead Fluffy Ch 2 (By Remarkable_Sue)

You approach the nearby Pegasus who decided to not leave the sliding doors.

Coat, Lavender Gray
Mane and Tail. English Violet (English Violet)
Eyes, Pale Silver

“Hewwo! Am Candace!” You say to him. He flinched and backed away from you quickly.
“G…Get 'way fwom Deen! M… Munsta!” He yells. He’s trembling badly while trying to be scary sounding. It doesn’t work on you.
“Deen wan be nyu fwiend?” You asked happily. Dean looks at you weirdly before glaring at you.
“D…Deen nu wan’ be fwiend wit… wit Munsta!” Dean yelled again. He started to puff up, but it made him look so cute to you.

Pamela sees you try to be nice with Dean, and thinks of something quick. She heads back inside to let her dad watch the fluffies.
“why do Deen fink Candance am Munsta?” You asked him. You try to approach, but he backs away still.
“Candace h… hab Horn and Wingsy! N…Nu am nowmal! 'Ou am Munsta!” Dean proclaimed as he pointed out your horn and wings. You find it strange that having those two features makes you appear like a monster.
Pamela coems back with a large bowl of spaghetti. The smell makes it to the noses of the others who began to come to Pamela. They all begged for the bowl, but Pamela shushed them.

“No, no! Everyone had their bowl last night. This is for Candace, and her only.” Pamela says. She sets the bowl down on the porch and before you. You smile happily about he large portion, but you think quickly.
“Deen! Hab some wit me!” You say to him. He’s drooling, but also hesitant.
“She won’t hurt you Dean. Go ahead, she wants to share with you.” Pamela encouraged. Dean approached you and the bowl and starts to nibble on some spaghetti. You and Dean share the spaghetti together.

Your relationship with DEAN has improved
Dean will now no longer be scared of you nor Buttercream.

Dean doesn’t eat much and leaves the bowl. You still have a lot left. You look to the crowd of fluffies and see their mouths drooling. They are all looking at you with hope and wonder about who you might share the food of the gods with. So, who do you share some spaghetti with?

Here are your options!

  1. Buttercream (F)
  2. A Baby Pink Unicorn (F)
  3. A Baby Powder Unicorn (M)
  4. A Spanish Blue Pegasus (M)
  5. A Timberwolf Earthie (F)
  6. A Snow Unicorn (M)
  7. A Cerise Unicorn (M)
  8. Don’t share with anyone else.
  9. Share with everyone.

Id say either 1 or 9

Let me think about this carefully. 9 seems too good to be true, so I’m guessing that if we try to share with all, then there will be a big mess or it will be too little for all, so no one will be satisfied. That means not 9 and obviously not 8. Orrrr I’m reading into this way too much.

I want to go for 1. Buttercream was nice to Candace, so let’s share with her. I felt a little guilty choosing Dean instead of her last time too


Choice 1. Even if it is a large spaghetti bowl, I also think there wouldn’t be enough to satisfy everybody’s bellies. Plus there could be unwanted fighting alongside the mess while Candace might get no spaghetti at all.

  1. It’s best to have Buttercream as a fast friend and seeing that Candace is willing to share the rest may warm up to her to get into her good graces for next time

I’d personally say 1 or 7 for either sentimental value or potential special friend.