Hope Dope 1/3 [By Nactuz]

“Baje” the poor poop baby. She doesn’t want to die.
She wants love and her mother.

Note: she had this stuck in her head days ago. I have to learn to draw the backgrounds. how to decorate walls, windows and buildings.


She’s thinkin bout dose miwkies.


(post deleted by author)


I’m thinking of a possible massacre of bad babies.
Smartis are a problem


It always cracks me up to see them think dancing is the ultimate solution for proving their right to exist :rofl::rofl:


The fluffy almost reminds of shafearaks style.

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I like this beggining. :slight_smile:
And this style really add plus to the fluffy atmostphere. That fluffy look so like a pice of crap with pink wool pads stick to it.
I guess destiny is the one who walked thru the door. I am curious it hugebox or abuse will be its end.

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Its the only trick they were programmed with.

It makes sense they’d assume it would do something useful.


This is…depressing, especially given the poor thing doesn’t really sugar coat death. It says forever sleepies once and then refers to it as Death…idk why it sting. It just do.


You might want to put black lines around the text so it’s easier to read when not against a white background.

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I’ll keep that in mind in the next one. thanks for the recommendation

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There are three fluffy styles mixed in here

I feel like the mom is going to beat him up and then the customer is going to feel sorry for him and bye him