Hope (Lightbulb) part #1

You are a white allicorn foal with a bright yellow mane named Hope, you can walk, talk, see, etc… you live with your momma [Goldie] (yellow unicorn with a darker yellow mane) and 2 siblings, 1 boy [Hunter] (red earthie with black mane) 1 girl [Flower] (pink pegasus with lighter pink mane) (you be whatever gender you want, doesn’t really matter) you sleep with your mom in a cardboard box in an alleyway, no herd or anything.

[creators note]
I’m using they/them pronouns or saying “it” for things you don’t know yet. Also…


The human doesn’t really know fluffies that well and didn’t know that most fluffies hate alicorns, but either way, hopes family still love him just the same

You wake up, feeling drowsy & hungry you go to momma wanting food. “Momma! Momma! Wakie wakie! It a new bwite time!” She wakes up and so do your other siblings. “Unghhhh… stiww tiwed…” says flower. You being the energetic fluff, don’t want to wait, so you go and look for nummies by your self. (Surely nothing could possibly go wrong!) you searched and searched, found nothing but wrappers and such… the only thing you actually found was an apple! But it was too big to carry back… also it smelled yucky! While you were on your expedition, you encountered another “fluffy”

“Hewwo…! Neww fwennd?”

You freeze

Scared, you reply, “H-hewwo?” Your mother told you that other fluffies might give you “forever sweepies” and so you are more of an introverted fluffy.

“Come hewe nu fwen! I foun nummy!”

Half tempted, you face your fear and slowly walk towards the strange fluffy. The only thing you can see though are its big weird eyes, not like your moms or siblings, slightly scaring you even more.

You stay a fine 5 feet away from it, while it stays in the darkness.

“Come cwosew! It weawy nice! I nu am bad! I pwomice!” So you move a bit closer, and then… BOOM It jolted a pounce to probably attack you but you dodge it and start running for your LIFE while it follows, you can hear it running giving you an adrenaline rush. You ran out of the alleyway (you’re not at your part of the alleyway, maybe a block away) Screaming “hewp! Munsta wan huwt babbeh!” Calling out for anyone to help. “Come hewe! Fwend only wan a smaww nibbwe! Nu am hurt ou!” Finally you find a “munsta hoomin” and star jumping as high as you can trying to get it to save you. BAM The cannibal fluff rams into you, then pins you down. Then when you think everything’s about to end… You hear a loud CRACK and then see the “munsta hoomin” seeing how far they kicked the feral cannibal. (Pretty far, making it flee) Then the human turns it’s head to you. “What. the. -FUCK- WAS THAT?!”
“I no knu! Tank ou so so much nice mistuh!!!” (You start huhuing) “ou saved hopes wife!” the “hooman” looks at you, not knowing what to do, they have never seen a feral fluffy before but they felt bad that you were alone so they ask

“what happened? where is your family? Are you lost?”

“Am expwowin and scavenging fow food fow mummah and sibwings and meanie munsta came and twied to huwt me!”

“Yeah but… wheres your family?”

“Nu am kno… huhuuuu”

“Well maybe i can help you?”


He then scoops you up, checking any injuries and then asks “where do you live?”
“huhuuuu… hope and momma wive in “awweyway”
“Alright…” then after a while you finally found your family searching for you! They were shouting for you and everything. But when momma sees you with a “munstah hoomin” she starts to panic, so she runs and starts to “screeee!!” At him giving him “sorry hoofsies”

“Gif back gowdies babbeh! Ou munstah! Nu wan babbeh foweva sweepies!”

“Momma sto-“

You fell out of hoomins hand, and your already short life flashes through your eyes. Then, you close your eyes, thinking it’s all over (again)


-dead silence-

Oh wow! You open your eyes and you just so happened to have been caught by the hoomin right before impact! Then momma instantly snatched you and ran…

You haven’t seen that hoomin for the rest of the day but then, when everyfluffy was sleeping… you hear a faint “hope, psssst, hope!” You freeze again, half asleep with mummah, and look for the noise.
“HOOOPE!” You hear, slightly louder so only you can hear. You walk over to the noise… nothing was there. You are about to turn around but then a dish of a fancy salad slid out from the side of the building. (FOOD!!!) Then a head popped out! It was that hoomin! You get happy and excited to see him again but he goes “Shhh!!! it’s night time! The other fluffs are sleeping!” You pipe down and nod.
“I remembered you saying you went to look for food but you came back empty handed… “So i felt like bringing you it and also so your momma will trust me, just in case if i just so happen to walk by and say hello or smth.” You nod and so he sets the dish right next to the box “tell your momma that i’m not a threat to you guys, and that it was all a misunderstanding.”
“Otay, tank ou mistuh!” He nods to you and then walks away, partially drowsily, and so you then fall asleep with the other fluffs in your nest, dreaming about the hoomin and then thinking about what to say to mama in the next bwite time…

Thats the end of this fluffy story, will most likely make another story about hope so i’m putting a part #1 thing here. Also if i do a part #2 can anyone tell me how to do the <— before next —> shit i see on a lot of comics? I would really appreciate it, thanks!
It’s my first story too so i tried my best for it to be good! Hopefully it is. I’m not going to spoil what the next story will be about though…