How do smarties...Smarty? (and the reason why they are smarties)

For some reason, smarties act strangely similar to male zebras during breeding season. Which i believe is why fluffies are genetically more related to zebras than horses.


Interesting theory, I’m open to it!

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Um, ok. Let’s dig into this.
First off, share your source about zebra breeding/mating seasons….
Maybe then we can begin to compare them to imaginary ponies?
Really looking forward to this new head cannon rabbit hole!

Zebras aren’t even related to horses, they’re a type of donkey

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Zebras are in the same genus but they’re not donkeys. Also zebras are related to horses


I dunno about that. Occam’s razor, dude: when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.

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I don’t think so. In case of zebras it’s intentional. In case of fluffies it’s a defect and/or mental illnesses. Hasbio’s scientists have no reason to introsuse genes that could leed to behavior they don’t want

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