How it ends final [2Minds1Body]

How it ends Part 2
Noah drove into the town, it had been years since he had been in this town, and yet it hadn’t changed much. Noah entered the house, it was quiet. The house was one story two bedrooms on the west, a living room in the middle, and a kitchen and full bathroom on the east. Noah walked through the house, hearing a buzz from the bathroom he headed that way. He knocked on the door, and after a while Aris opened it, wrapped in a towel. Pulling away the body hair that was painfully pushing through his scars.
Aris was unsurprised by Noah’s presence, “Hey.” “Hey. What are you doing?” “The usual,” he turned back to the mirror, “stopping my body hair from causing rashes on my scars.” “I won’t beat around the bush, Victoria and Michel asked me to come check on you, and if you had any files left on the fluffies.” Aris stopped and put his tweezers down, “It’s all burned.” “The police will come.” “I know.” “You could be arrested.” “No. All the files I deleted and burned were authored by me, and were destroyed before the Federal government demanded my research.” Aris put the tools away and walked towards the bedrooms, “wait in the living room, kay?” “Sure.”
Aris returned, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, “come on.” Noah and Aris walked to the tree. Noah’s eyes lit up, “Woah! This you?” “Yep.” “Impressive.” “Thanks.” Aris stopped short of the shovel and lose dirt. “It’s all here, the burned documents and the fluffies bodies.” Noah stared at the spot of dirt, “What were they to you? the fluffies.”
Aris stared at the sky, for the first time ever he really considered this question, “I guess that they were like my children.”
This is the End of my original series, this story would take place after Streak’s Tale, as for Break of Dawn, consider the small spit of text non-canonical. However, thanks to this ending, I now have inspiration again. I think I will be coming back soon. All I have to do is figure out the time-line. See you guys soon. -2MindsOneBody


You can always start again. From the ground up, to avoid soft-locking yourself with timelines.

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