How much do you wanna kill the bad smarties

So I know there are different smarties but what about the ones we know and hate? Do you want to kill them as much as some stories have the bad smarties killing the good fluffies?


Frankly, it depends on what you think is the widely accepted smarty. If you think of the hell gremlin one then, of course, I’m kicking that fucker into space, but if you mean the kinda bratty one… I’d just flick its nose and that’s the problem felt with.


I would literally take on mike tyson just to get the chance to tear the teeth and eyes off of a smarty with my bare fucking hands

Aside from castration for lulz, there are better uses which improve Fluffy welfare.
Teach a Fluffy when not to kill, THEN teach them to kill using the Smarty. After giving them basic survival knowledge, an understanding of power dynamics, morality that includes sparing camo colors and Alicorns, plus simple battle tactics of course.
Then release your little Shaka Zulu into a feral herd. Better to create a smart Fluffy to take on the Smarty role.

After all, Smarties exist due to a combination of Hasbio fuckery, the instincts of their genetic base, and/or their upbringing. Its likely too late for them, but you can use them to improve future Fluffies.

Or, if they haven’t raped or murdered and their only sin is being stupid enough to challenge a human, just damage their vocal cords and weaken their leg muscles to remove their physical and emotional threat to other Fluffies and give the others the job of non-lethally punishing the mute and defenseless (but not Pillow’d) bastard if they shit and piss where they shouldn’t.

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Killing isn’t good enough.

Death to those that spray poop at me or get inside my house and do it there. Death to those that rape foals and unwilling mares. Less harsh responses with those that are just bratty. I find their tough talk a little amusing, if that is all they are doing, talking.

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In my stories I prefer to reform fluffies that are showing smarty tendencies, before they’re a lost cause.


I’ll use both Smarties and Hell-Gremlins as target practice, it doesn’t matter. I’m an equal opportunist abuser!

Depends on what I am writing

my awnser is


If they’re just smarties, I can live with that. If they rape babies, kill other Fluffies and crap over moms and my plants, I’ll take their legs and genitalia and use them as bow target practice.

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Could recycle them, I can think of some uses for smarties.

I’d love to see a national geographic style documentary on smarty herds and have it continuously show the stupid shit smartys do to get entire herds killed

“if this herd does not live through the Spring…we will find one that does and film them instead.”

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I find most smarties a mild annoyance. I would most likely toss them over the fence or in the street and give them a swift kick to one of their legs to give them the message.

The hell gremlin assholes are getting no mercy and I’ll take it a step further. I won’t just torture those little demons to death, but I’ll find their offspring and pluck that family weed out of that shit covered ground. Can’t risk that trait getting passed down.

stomp it still it’s, No need to drag things, smarties are quite troublesome.


I hate bad smarties so much that I want to build the Superior medieval siege machine and load 90kg of smarties and launch them 300 meters!