Hugboxer’s breaking point pt. 3 [by dunnomaybe]

Hello hey, how are you?
I hurt my wrist and am wearing those gloves that help shit stay in place, definitely should not be drawing but here I am. Actually hoping that’ll excuse the bad art in these lmao

The story’s going somewhere, I hope, it is walking towards a plot! I have an idea in mind but it’s all subjective to change at any second, but I promise it won’t end as well as some hoped, but also not as bad as some wished!!

Seems the pregnant mare has some baggage™️ on her chubby self, apparently both mares do. Obviously Toughie and Smarty know about it, maybe even more than they’re letting on… (the plot thickens in the most boring way possible).

Enjoy :smiley:


On one side I’m looking forward to the ‘breaking point’, on the other the herd is so well-behaved and adorable!
Abuse or hugbox? Abuse or hugbox? Good job dunnomaybe


Take care of your hand, homeslice. Health comes before fluffies.

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I love that image of Big-Boney Baby. He’s huge! (His poor mom…)

This entire herd is just adorable. It makes me so happy to see a herd that isn’t full of sociopath monsters.

But you need to take good care of your wrist! If you use it too much like this, it might break permanently so it can’t ever heal y’know?

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I def will, just needed to get this one out before I overthought it, cheers!

Def hurt a bit much as soon as I drew that last one, will rest it now

Art is my life and if I can’t do it, lmao