I Hate Fluffies: Part 2 by FluffyOD

This guy also gouges rates and slashes costs.

I Hate Fluffies: Part 1

I Hate Fluffies
The end.


For some reason the razor blade attached to the bamboo really catches my fancy.


I liked it too, a perfect blend of simplicity, function and aesthetics. I recommend it to any fluffy owner.


“Every man under my command owes me 100 Fluffy scalps. And I want my scalps.”


That swift kick to the fat fucker’s gut is so satisfying. :slight_smile:

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Poor little fluffy.

I guess we need to finish him off.

How shall we give him forever sleep?

Beneficient baseball bat brutality?
Machette Make-Owies?
Center-of-mass Crossbow Practice?
Maybe the good old fashioned knifey game?


Next masterpiece should have this god in it

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I can’t think of a more painful fate than just leaving it to hang there like it is.
I’m sure you’d wanna turn it into fluffy flambe or some shit lol

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Heheheh I love how i made perfect weapon >:)

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Love it. Simple and to the point, but it would have been great if the shitrat was still alive and hung in front of a mirror to see his main gone!

I was thinking of 4th of July Fluffwurst.

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Even better.

That’s some lethal alliteration

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Hey we’re back, what happened these last few days.