I will NEVER hurt you.... By SnakevsFluffy

My first ever fluffy story!

The herd was dead. Max had decimated it.

Well, that was a bit dramatic. It was only about 1 smarty, two stallions, 4 mares, and 10 talky babbehs. They had entered his biodiversity garden and had begun to gorge themselves on the berries and seeds that were grown there.

That wasn’t for them! That was for the REAL animals of the world! The pollonators, the herbivores, the predators! The one’s who’s habitats were being destroyed by climate change and human greed!

Max considered himself an enviromentalist, he was scared for our future and wanted to help out in everyway he could. Recycling, using public transportation when possible, saving up for an electric car, and his biodiversity garden. It wasn’t huge (though he was planning on expanding it), but it was home to many insects, small mammals, birds, and atleast one snake.

So coming out in the morning and seeing a bunch of fluffies destroying his garden made him furious.

He wasn’t an abuser, though he has heavily considering torturing these fucks for messing up his pride and joy. Instead however, he just cornered then and quickly killed the bioengineered creatures with a shovel. They weren’t hard to catch, hell, a few of them even tried to stand their ground! Of course the Smarty didn’t. That orange tub of lard was one of the first to try and run off, shoving mares and foals in front of him as he screamed about the “Angwy fawmy munsta! Mummuh save Smawty!!!” and pooping everywhere.

He saved him for last, scummy coward that he was.

He sighed in annoyance, the damage wasn’t TOO bad, though it would take a while to fix up. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his snake friend swallowing one of the dead foals. You chuckled as the bloated reptile yawned and slithered off to digest its meal.

It took a few minutes, but he gathered the remaining fluffy corpses up and dumped them in the nearby woods. Perhaps they could feed some of the animals there. Soon enough, he got to work fixing the fence where the jerks had busted in and started causing chaos, and then headed back inside to get breakfast. He REALLY needed some pancakes after that debacle.

He also needed to lay out some food for his fluffy, Badger.

While Max had just killed an entire herd of fluffies, he didn’t hate them. Sure, plenty could be cruel and bratty and creeps, but just as many, if not more, where well behaved, kind, cute, and sweet.

Though still dumb as bricks for the most part.

Max had found Badger stuck headfirst in a rabbit hole in his backyard about a year ago, the black earthy fluffy with white stripes was screaming and crying for his mummuh that was dead only a few feet next to him. Max assumed they had gotten to close to the rabbits and the mother was beaten to death. Rabbits could be VERY violent, despite their cute appearences.

Max took pity on the little guy and adopted him. It was…a handful at first. He was inbetween a talky babbeh and a full grown adult, so he was dependant on others yet starting to become a fluffy of his own.

This meant that he was a mix of sugar and spice. Kind, goofy, and funny one moment, and then a bratty tantrum thrower the next. Max regretfully had to use the sorry stick on him quite a few times before that behavior started to be curbed. After that however, he became a good, well adjusted fluffy.

Sure, on rare occasions tantrums or poopies not in the litterbox would occur, not to mention Badger’s natural fluffy stupidity causing trouble around the house, but that was normal for a fluffy. Even the most well behaved ones. Nobody’s perfect after all.

“Badger!” Max called, shaking the fluffy’s bowl full of kibble. “It’s breakfast time, buddy!”

Badger ran out as fast as his stubby little legs could carry him. “Bweakfast bweakfast bweakfast!! Da most impowtant meaw of da day!” He chanted and sung terribly.

Max smiled. “That’s right buddy. You need breakfast for energy to work and play and give hugs the rest of the day.”

“Dancies too?” Badger cocked his head.

“Of course dancies too, how could I forget. Here you go, bud. Eat up while daddy fixes his own breakfast. And who knows, I miiiiiight save a little bit for you afterwards…” He says with a glint in his eye.

Badger cheered with a mouthful of kibble and Max got to work on the pancakes.

Ten minutes later, Max and Badger were having a delightful breakfast together, Badger watching flufftv while he ate, and Max checking the news for the day.

Suddenly, Badger spoke up with a worried tone, an aprehensive look on his dopey face. “Uhhh, daddeh? Badgew gotta ask yu sometin…sometin dat…mabbe scawe Badgew a widdle bit…”

Max glanced at his fluffy. “Everything ok? Have a bad sleepie picture?”

Badger looked at Max with the most serious expression a fluffy could give. It looked ridicuous, but was 100% genuine. “Wowd daddeh eva gib Badgew fowewbe sleepies like daddeh did to da fwuffies in da gawden?”

Cursing to himself silently, Max realized Badger must have heard him killing those ferals outside. He had tried to be quick, but fluffies were known to be VERY loud screamers. He knelt down on the floor and began to pet Badger. “Badger, I would rather go forever sleepies myself then make YOU go forever sleepies. Those were VERY bad fluffies who were not only breaking daddy’s things, but were hurting all the animal friends in our garden. If they had continued what they were doing, some of those animal friends might have gone forever sleepies themselves.”

Badger nodded solumnly. “Badgew no want dat. Animal fwiends awe gud fwiends.”

“So no, I would never do anything like that to you, ever. So don’t worry about it. You’re a good fluffy and I know you would never do something like those bad fluffies did.”

The little guy puffed out his chest and stomped his hoof as hard as he could. “Badgew neva! Badgew fwiend of animal fwiends! Badgew gud fwuffy!”

“Good boy! Love you, buddy.” Max hugged him and then began to tickle to little guy, causing him to burst into peals of laughter.

Then, to Badger’s amazment, Max let him have the rest of his pancakes.


don’t forget your name after the title

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Gotcha, thanks!

The ever present dichotomy.

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No fluffy is truly good or truly bad.

Except smarties, fuck those guys.

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Hope Badger stays a good fluffy as long as possible. And death to smarties.


If I ever return to this setting, Badger will stay good. He might mess up a bit and act up sometimes, but he is overall a good fluffy.


I’m happy to hear! I do like seeing good fluffy protagonists explored more.

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Now that the seed has been planted we simply need to wait for fluffy logic to nurture the idea that their owner wont kill them. :slight_smile:

I am a #1 Badger fan. What a cute fluffy,and a nice relationship between a man and his pet.
I imagine fluffies would be a formidable disaster on private gardens like the one in this story! Nice work.

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Thanks a lot! I’m glad folks are loving Badger.

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