ok i have an idea and im not good enough to do it. it might be dumb
but what if a type of fluffy had anatomy similar to humans and could be used in medical experiments and for demonstrations of surgery in med schools


That’s just a differently used anthro


Tell me, did you ever unblocked controversial?

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i think

In one thing you are right
The usage of anthros in medicine is not explored
Maybe because they are too human, I dunno


Hasbio likely doesn’t care too much about teaching the medical community.

For animal testing, its more of an obligation than a need for most companies. Were pigs and rats not mandated by the government they’d out lipstick on dead chickens and claim its safe if they could.

Plus, its risky. Hugboxers get pillowing banned in some stories. Hasbio making Fluffies more human-like would push politics further towards them, so they could get more regulations and possibly Fluffies classified as animals.

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Sounds like a good idea to me ,it would fit in well whit how fluffies are treated

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Just need to remember that all humans in the fluffy universe are psychopaths

Or here’s a variation:

Fluffies are used in veterinary school for anatomy and surgery lessons. It’s way less controversial than using actual animals! Not to mention cheaper. They could be bred on site thanks to their fast gestation, but it’s cheaper to do the environment a good turn and trap ferals instead.

They can even be dissected alive without any ethics concerns!

And then there’s animal testing, too. You could phase it out completely by substituting fluffies. If you headcanon that Hasbio used human DNA in development, then fluffies would even give more human-accurate clinical results than your generic lab mice and rats.

Another medical ethics win!


From stories it feels like humans are about 80% unfeeling centrists who view them as toys/soap/cockroaches, 10% hugboxers with the weirdass commiepinkoleftlib idea of treating them at least as well as you’d treat a domestic pet that can’t plead for its life in English, and 10% Cruellas/Wills/Sams/Peters. :laughing:

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I was about to mention exactly that.

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Maybe another use for black-market farmed anthro’s in my headcanon? Hmm! Maybe I’ll file that idea for use later.


Ho, interesting

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So a counterpoint to this: Hasbro puts a LOT of money into a Children’s Hospital in Providence RI and so it’s plausible that their biotoys division (Hasbio) might be conducting research into anthro->child transplants, anthros as a model for testing medicines for children, etc.

Or, given its Hasbio, human → Fluffy transplants. As a means of keeping compatible organs fresh until the (rich, connected, and silent about illegal life-saving procedures) patient needs them.

I kind of think of Hasbio as “Umbrella Corporation if they were dedicated to profit on the 7-11/farm store level instead of full of mad scientists with hangups and world conquering men with dementia so their plans no longer make sense” mixed with “what those Q-Anon nuts think companies do”.

Fluffy Litter in twelve scents made by different amounts of only three cheap chemicals that cause blindness if inhaled but nobody can prove it being more profitable than a serum that provides immortality has that perfect “mundane dystopia” feel.

The executives are living like Death Becomes Her, and everyone else is living in the Beavis & Butthead world.

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