Imma be real.

Im a little bit afraid of SqueakyFriend. They qre everywhere, kind, qnd notices all of my spelling mistakes. As well as my grammar mistakes. And it makes me feel horrible because i see some people who has English as thier second language. And im worse at grammar and spelling then they are!


Aw! I’m sorry if I made you afraid! I’m not trying to be a bully or anything by pointing those things out, so if they make you feel bad I’ll stop. I just wanted to help in a lightly joking manner.

You don’t have to feel bad about having non-optimal grammar/spelling. It’s a learning process, and writing is the best way to learn! I had lots of mistakes in my writing when I was younger, and even nowadays end up using some words wrong just because I don’t realize they’re only for specific situations. So keep writing to your heart’s content! I won’t cause you any more heartache, I promise.


Nooo i was joking aswell. Dont feel bad! I wanted to mess with you aswell to try to make a friendship in a way


Ah, the eternal problem of online tone! Darn you, text-only mediums.


Kek, if only you knew how “good” they are in comparison

This site is riddled with spelling mistakes.
“It’s” being used possessively is very popular too

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Squeakyfriend et al. when they see someone make a grammatical error:


I kid, I kid :stuck_out_tongue:


Precisely, and this kind of constructive criticism is utterly invaluable to that process, provided someone has the maturity to take it on board instead of being offended by the mere suggestion they’re not perfect. As a wise friend of mine once said, if you think you’re already perfect, you stop improving and stagnate.
I don’t think you’ve commented on any of my stuff IIRC, but I’ve found people who did similar things indispensable in the past to helping me improve. Even if these comments make some people feel bad, I’d urge you to keep it up. They’ll get over it, and helping someone receptive grow is well worth a few momentarily bruised egos, IMO.

It’s practically a meme that certain artists don’t know the language very well leaving their fluff speak more articulate than their human english
It’s nothing to worry about and we love ya all the same

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I am actually pretty good at fluff-speak