In The Yard (by sinfulcitrus)

You’ve taken to observing a herd that’s made its home outside your house.

You’ve never cared much for your lawn, and it was overrun with weeds by the time the fluffies showed up. Apparently, they like the weeds much more than the grass.

Not that you care whether they eat the grass or not, but it’s interesting.

You’ve never liked the idea of hurting fluffies, even though most of your friends think it’s hilarious. You still aren’t sure how you feel about those tiny horses.

The ones in your garden now are an interesting bunch. Two of them are stallions and three are mares. Two of the mares are barely adults, but it’s impossible to know exactly how old they are.

The stallion with the pink coat and blue mane, who you’ve named Bubblegum, is curled up under a tree, asleep. You rarely see him on his own, as he’s usually following Holly around.

Holly is what you named the all-red mare. She’s the leader of the herd, a unicorn and a smarty. She’s not as bad as some smarties you’ve seen. She has a weird thing going on with Bubblegum, though. You’re not sure exactly what it is, but it’s definitely not normal.

She’s gnawing on a particularly large patch of dandelions. They’re her favorite food, and probably what drew the herd to your yard in the first place.

The two other mares, Petal and Aqua, are playing in the tall grass in the middle of the yard. You worry about Aqua. She’d been pregnant since the herd entered the yard, and by the size of her, she should’ve given birth at least a few days ago.

It might be a phantom pregnancy, but the looks that the other stallion, Lime, gives her tell you otherwise.

You’re about to step away from the window when a scream stops you in your tracks.


You go upstairs.

The herd is crowded around Aqua. She’s laying on the ground and whimpering.

Lime runs up to you and pushes himself up on your leg. “Daddeh! Daddeh! Agwa needs hewp!”

You pat his head. You never correct them when they call you “Daddeh”, even though you don’t particularly like it. You don’t interact with them enough for it to matter. “Aqua’s okay. She’s just having her babies.”

“Babbehs?” Lime looks back at Aqua. “Agwa hab’ babbehs now?”

You nod. Lime gets off and follows you over to Aqua.

You’ve never seen a newborn fluffy foal before. It looks a bit like a newborn kitten, with eyes that are too big for its head and ears that are too small. There are two of them already.

A moment passes, and you can tell Aqua’s struggling with the third one. You frown. You’ve grown attached to these fluffies. Even though you know it’s inevitable, you hate the thought of one of them dying, especially while giving birth.

Eventually, though, you start to see a white, horned head poking out.

You can tell without seeing the rest of its body that it’s fucking massive. No wonder her stomach was so big!

Your worry only increases until the moment the foal falls out. It’s nearly three times the size of its siblings.

Aqua pants and slowly turns around. She begins to clean the foals off, and Lime cuddles up to her.

Your heart warms at the sight.

Once it’s clean, you pick up the white foal. Other than its size, it seems perfectly healthy.

Holly turns to Bubblegum. “Howwy wan’ babbehs, too!”

You set the baby down and go back inside.

You continue to watch them for a few minutes. Three new fluffies. You can’t help being excited, even if it means you need to make more spaghetti on Sundays.


don’t forget your name after the title

I like this guy! Honestly, if fluffies were real I’d be so nice to them all the time. But I don’t think I could take on the commitment of owning a creature like that. I wouldn’t even want a parrot, let alone a fluffy. But I’d probably also make them sketties and maybe let them shelter on my property if they were respectful.

Good little story, and I liked your protagonist for sure. It was refreshing!


Agreed. I tend to gravitate to stories where fluffies are allowed to stay on people’s property but left to their own devices. You get the herd dynamics but also “owner” interaction as well.