InfaredTurbine Smol Story 8 Inspired Smol Story (Pastry_Knight)

Through the alleyway wandered a lost blue and purple foal “Mummah… Mummah… wewe Mummah? Babbeh scawed… Babbeh hungy…” it calls as it waddles across the dirty trash covered ground. “Mummah… why mummah weave babbeh… babbeh nee mummah for miwkies, an huggies, an wub, an nu scawee… am babbeh bad babbeh? babbeh sowwe mummah… huu-huu-huu… babbeh suu hungy an nu wan num bad smeww twashies…” The hunger gnawed at the poor creature so soon they clambered up onto the pile of trash and started to sniff around for something to eat “babbeh nee’ fin’ nummies for tummeh huwties.” But the pile of trash was treacherous as they searched they slipped and fell down to the ground, the foal cried “huu-huu-huu meanie twashies nu gif babbeh huwties.” and started to lick their wounds, cuts and scrapes seemingly everywhere, thankfully none too bad but still they moaned “nuu-huu-huu wike booboo wawa… nu wike huwties…Mummah… Mummah… babbeh nee’ huggies tu make huwties gu ‘way” the foal tried to hug themselves better but this self soothing was not enough “tummeh huwties gu ‘way…” when the growling in their stomach didn’t listen the foal started to clamber up the pile of trash again. They found a few scraps to eat “twashie nummies nu tastie… nu wike… wan miwkies fwom mummah…” The foal clambered higher, avoiding the slippy patch that got them before, only to fall foul to another hazard a tangle of plastic straps and can yokes tumbling into the pile the foal struggled and struggled to escape “Nuuu twashie wet babbeh gu, nu wan be twashie babbeh.” But the more they struggled the more they entangled themselves, they wriggled and squirmed and writhed and begged “wet babbeh guu nice twashies… babbeh am gud babbeh… pwease babbeh nuu wan’ mowe twashie huggies.” the trash was not convinced however, content to let the poor creature tire itself out which didn’t take too long.

Supported by the tangle of plastic the poor foal weakly struggled panted out a final “pwease… wet… babbeh… guu-huu-huu… nuu… wan… be… twashie… babbeh…” drained of energy the foal limply hung in the plastic snare gently crying “nuu-huu-huu… am twashie babbeh… nu wan… nuu-huu-huu wann.” before falling into a fitful sleep.

Their dreams were of their long lost mother, the babbeh couldn’t remember where they last saw her but they could remember the feeling of love and the taste of milk, but in the dream the foals mother was just walking away faster than the babbeh could follow, no matter how much they begged.

They woke with a start, a pair of footsteps echoed through the alleyway scaring the foal, they squirmed in their plastic forever hammock causing it to rustle. They heard a voice “the fuck is that? Rats?” the footsteps approached the pile of trash that held the foal, who scared beyond thought released a single chirp. A hand shifted one of the bags of trash revealing a human to the trapped foal who just stared with scared and sad eyes. “hey look! Its a fluffy stuck in the trash!” the human called out.

inspired by InfaredTurbine’s post Write a smol story 8 (InfraredTurbine)