Is it weird if a fluffy has a small dog as a special friend?

  • No
  • Yes
  • It’s only weird if you make it weird
  • I don’t know why but I find it deeply unsettling
  • A little I guess

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… yes. yes it is.

it’s unnatural, in the same way other house pets of different species attempting to mate is unnatural.

but it is especially so with fluffies, as they are man-made and truly unnatural creatures, as well as having the intelligence to know it is unnatural in a way a purely instinctual creature does not.


Are we talking sexually? If so, the fluffy in the relationship would have to be the bottom.

Any depictions of a fluffy penetrating a dog or any other animal would be a violation of the rules on the website.

5: No Animal Abuse - Fluffy Community does not condone animal abuse nor may it be posted. This includes any jokes or memes whatsoever. There can be no normalisation of harm to animals within the community.

7: Content Control - Abuse of certain categories of characters is prohibited. This includes youthful anthropomorphic fluffies, other creators’ fluffy or human OCs if done without permission, or non-fluffy animals. This is not an exhaustive list.

The standard of censorship is anything that poses a risk of normalising harm of animals or humans in real life or that disrespects another artist’s work without their permission.


Not pushing back, just trying to understand the rules better.

Does that mean a John Wick fluffy parody is a no go?

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If implied, a fluffy did something to an animal without going into full detail, and it’s not the center point of the story, it might be okay.

But I’m just one moderator; the other moderators might have different thoughts on this subject than me.


Following on what @StoneRouge said, this site has a strong stance against animal abuse. I’d argue that fluffy/non-sentient animal sex would be tantamount to animal abuse as, unlike fluffies, animals can’t really consent due to the language/communication barrier. That said, if it’s a talking dog/cat, or similar biotoy/genetically engineered sapient/sentient animal, then maybe its not so bad.

Not gonna lie though - this sounds like a great wierdbox idea, esp. if Wick is the Fluffy.



What Oculusfluffy said sums it up best. Without a way for the animal to clearly give consent ( preferably verbally ) it’s kinda… off. Unsettling.

If the whatever it is passes the Harkness Test, go for it.

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I am curious as to why a fluffy would have a dog as a special friend

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Basically a friendly dog starts hanging out with a smarty and gets incorporated into the herd. The dog is better at finding food, defending the herd and is probably smarter than the fluffies, but since it can’t talk it can’t lead. The other fluffies basically think the smarty and dog are scary and stay away even if they are part of the herd so the smarty only has his dog friend. Since the other fluffies can’t think of a better way of describing that relationship (fluffies not understanding the idea of pets) they say special friend. And if every fluffy calls them that then the smarty assumes it’s true.

Basically fluffies and humans would see them walking around together and ask, “Are they?..” but the story would never get into details. Could be written as full of friendship, but I thought the special friends part was a strange enough concept to be interesting.


sounds interesting and it dose not run a foul of the rules or good taste

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It subverts expectations. If you say “I’m gonna write a story about a fluffy and a dog doing it”, people think “oh boy, that fluffy’s gonna get raped”, they don’t expect the fluffy to be doing the raping.

And it’s even funnier if the fluffy is raping something bigger than himself.

I think you can avoid pissing the mods off by not actually showing it. Having it happen “off screen”. Like, I did a gag about a fluffy getting amorous with a cat, but I didn’t describe the act, only the fact that that cat will never go near that fluffy’s owner’s house again.

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Well in that case, I don’t see whats the problem with that. We tend to use the term “special friend” to reflect a kind of closeness associated with a sexual partner/romantic interest, but if the animal is just a pet, then maybe it doesn’t have to be “sexual”. Of course, you have to highlight to the reader that the “special friend” in this case is a close friendship between a fluffy and an animal thats not sexual.

That said, I think a fluffy that spends enough time with humans and has a cat or dog as a companion would understand the concept of a pet, but that becomes a matter of headcanon. (for instance, in some of my stories I have fluffies refer to dogs as “good bois”, and not just “bawkie munstahs”, with the idea of a “good boi” being a pet.)


Animals have their own way of looking at things, and Fluffies are a little bit of everything.

For the record you have the thorny issue where Abuse to the Fluffy is now also abuse to the dog.



A dog protecting a fluffy is completely understandable, I actually would assume breeds like retrievers and Shepard’s would be excellent with the things.

now a SPECIAL friend on the other hand.

I want to see the resulting offspring but I am not strong enough to witness the process.

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they will probably be born deformed (if they will be born at all)
no, the fact that fluffies have a bit of dog DNA will not help

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“I am not strong enough to witness the process”

God looked upon the earth and its blasphemy and wept

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Best case scenario: talking dog.
Worst case: an affront to nature herself

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Or a talking dog that’s an affront to nature herself.