Is there a way to change username or delete account?

I wanted to have my username on here match some of my other art stuff and couldn’t find an option.


Yeah, you can delete your account, just go into your setting, account, scroll to the bottom, delete

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I tried and couldn’t find it at all, i’m using the mobile version btw.

There are only two ways to change a username to my knowledge. The first is when you first make your account, you have a window of time to change it to something else. The second way is for a mod or admin to change it for you.

Actually, that window has been closed, and now we have to do the editing manually.
But we’d be happy to change your username to most anything you might want (providing it doesn’t create undue confusion in the community)

I was wanting to delete this account cause of having no interest in participating in this community. If you can do that that is?