"Is this really a good idea?" Ch. 6 - End - (TimeToWait/TTW)

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June 29th, 2018

12:06 PM

Mike hung on every word that Dumas spoke. He’d been enthralled. To have gone through so much, to have come from as far away as Omaha, and to have a goal shared with his entire herd, Mike only had one question left on his mind. After Dumas had finished bawling his eyes out, Mike finally found the moment to ask. “But why do you want to protect that ball so badly ?” Sniffling and looking up, Dumas spoke softly. “Daddeh take away aww da bawws. Eben mah bawws. Buh’ he nu can take dat baww.” From morose, to angry, to resolved, Dumas had finally stopped quivering.

Around twenty-or-so minutes ago.

Jack had drove down to the outlet grate again and found a bright pink mare with a blue mane sitting right inside. She had tears in her eyes, fluff matted down her cheeks, and wasn’t making any noise. He got closer once more and hopped out, walking right up to the grate and knocking on it. The mare suddenly jumped at the intrusion to her staring competition with the far off trees. “W-wha widdew fwuffy wan?” she asked, to which Jack couldn’t help but say “NU AM BAB- Wai’, yu nu fink Jack am babbeh?”

Bubblegum began to wipe the tears from her eyes and got down close to him at the other end of the grate, sniffing around him. “Yu nu smeww wike babbeh, yu smeww wike big fwuffy.” she said, her voice starting to even out. “Am Bubbagum. An yu am Jack?” he nodded back to her. “Jus’ wann’ed to see wha’ am goin’ on.” he chirped up, happy to finally have somefluffy acknowledge him as anything but a foal. However, this peace would soon be interrupted.

Three mares appeared, flanking around Bubblegum, and almost simultaneously they begin babbling.

“Id am a babbeh!” one spoke.

“Du babbeh hab a mummah?” another asked.

“Heheh, babbeh am wike owd daddeh’s kam-o.” the last chimed in.

And just like that, Jacks mood soured again. “Nu am babbeh, if yu fink dat den yu am need nyu see-pwaces.” he rumbled back out, going back into the voice he’d heard whenever anyone messed up on base. Every mare except Bubblegum and the orange one scampered away, to which Jack continued to gaze deeply into the last stragglers eyes. “Id am wike when owd, owd mummah am angwy.” she lazily said, giggling a little after she’d done. That’s when he’d noticed one of her eyes was completely white, not even a spec of an iris in it.

“Dat am ‘nuff fo’ nao Owacoh” Bubblegum chided the other mare, Oracle, for bothering the guest. “Weww, hewd am scawdies, an’ cowdies, an hungwy tuu.” she finally spoke, slumping down a bit as she went over each issue. “An nao meanie mista am gibben wowstes’ huwties tu Du-mass…” she huu’d out while covering her head. So Jack did the only thing he could think to help in this moment. Tapping against the grate to get her attention, he stood up on his back legs and spread out his front against the mesh “Huggies am gun’ tu hewp da heawt huwties.” he said in the process. Bubblegum nuzzled her head against what little fluff was poking through.

Licking her on the snout, Jack backs down and sits. “Daddeh nu am huwtin’ Du-mass. He am jus’ ask qwessions.” he stated before putting a hoof to the underside of his chin “Buh Daddeh nu knu dat can huwt sumtimsies.” he admitted. Bubblegum scrunched her face up at the information. Hurting a fluffy without actually hurting them? This was something she’d honestly never seen before, but Jack seemed to be at ease, so she believe him.

“If ‘ou say su.” Oracle spoke up. She came up to the grate directly and laid down to be as close to level as she could with Jack. “Did ‘ou knu ‘ou am su bwite?” she asked, her milky white eye twitched as she’d done so. Bubblegum couldn’t help but shut her own eyes and cover her ears, having seen this too many times and not wanting to hear what came next. Oracle placed one of her hooves to the grate and spoke up. “Pweeze, widdow fwuff, gib huggies.” she begged.

Jack was unsettled by the mare, nothing about her seemed right at all. He hesitantly got up and reached out, but the moment his forehooves came in contact with her a bright flash lit up his vision.

He had been falling. From where, he couldn’t tell, and to where he could see quite easily. The ground was coming up fast and he suddenly jerked his forehooves over his face.

A few fluffies, many tools laying around, and one wailing as loud as possible while boo-boo juice covered the floor.

Rain? More fluffies? THUNDER! Terror as many of them scattered around trying to find cover in the area.

His drill sergeant, the boss as others in the barracks called her, giving him the biggest huggies in so many forevers!

He fell back, his fluff standing on end, eyes wide, and unable to grasp at what he’d just witnessed. He lay there, twitching, for a few moments before giggling broke him out of his trance. “Jack am gun tu hab suu much funsies!” he heard as he looked back over at the orange mare, seeing her clapping her forehooves together. “Buh nu fowget bout wha’ makes ‘ou spechow.” she had said. Jack couldn’t do anything but sit back up and stare into the tunnel past him. He could see further down it then he had ever could before. Why did everything seem brighter all of a sudden? His head continued to spin as he covered his eyes.

Right around 12:10 PM

“Alright, you keep to your end of the bargain and I’ll see what I can do for you and your herd. Deal?” Mike asked Dumas, to which the fluff reared up on his hind legs and immediately went for a handshake “Deaw Mista Mike.” to which Mike reciprocated. “Awesome, now lets go spring your herd from the pen.” he added, throwing a cheesy 1920’s gangster voice on. Dumas, unsure of what mister Mike even meant, just followed along as they went over to the culvert inlet. Mike noticed the jeep first, and then Jack sitting on his haunches.

Mantling down, Dumas coming in behind with help, Mike stroked the back of Jacks head a few times to rouse him. “Wha yu finkin’ daddeh?” he asked. The scooping up and clanking of the latch was his first answer. “Alright you lot, come on out of the hole, lets go.” he snapped his free fingers while motioning with his arm, the grate standing wide open. He’d wished, however, that he had decided to clear the way after doing so.

A multicolor wave immediately rushed out and began frolicking around the grass. Many crawled out after, and a few were rolled out, being unable to move due to their pregnancies. Twenty, forty, seventy-two, three, four. Seventy-four adults and mixed stage adolescents had come out, with around thirty foals spread out on more than a few backs. The last two out were an insanely huge brown and green dam that was about to burst being rolled by an umber orange unicorn pushing on it all by herself. Mike had to do a double take at first due to the fact that the mare had been larger than Dumas even was.

“Wissen’ up Hewd. Dis nu am awe wand. Dis am Mista Mike wand.” Dumas shouted out, trying to gather the attention of his herd. Many began looking over towards him, a few still mindlessly playing games while doing so. “AH SAY WISSEN UP!” he barked out, those few suddenly shitting themselves in terror while staring straight at the smarty. With all the attention now on him, he began again as Mike set his pace back towards the house with Jack in one hand and the jeep in the other.

Jack couldn’t help but peer back as far as he could and try to listen in on what Dumas had been saying, only making out the mention of his daddeh. “Stiww nu ge’ wha guin’ on.” he spoke up. “I struck a deal with Dumas. He’s going to have his herd off in the wooded quarter of the property while I make some arrangements.” Mike said, setting Jack up on his shoulder. “And no, I’m not adopting any of them.” he commented after noticing a look of concern on Jacks face. “Matter of fact, I’m fairly certain none of them want to be adopted either.” he looked back at the herd that had been gathered around down near the pond, seeing a few of them cheering. He smiled, then carried on his pace. Maybe this was a good idea after all?

June 29th, 1:15 PM

Mike slugged down a coffee, mildly sweetened by his good irish friend, and pulled out his cellphone. The picture he’d taken and sent to Davis earlier in the morning had a number of reactions pinned to it, with a singular unanswered text right underneath it. ‘u got a flfy prblm?’ it read, to which Mike nearly did a spit take. Had some teens from the trailer park really come this far out and spied on him earlier? He carefully worded his message ‘Nope, y?’ in response. Tucking the phone back into his pocket, he opened basement door.

Down the stairs the dingy fluorescent lighting droned on with a quiet hum, and behind it the creak of every step downwards. Mike always disliked the basement on the house, the fact that it had never been finished and used as storage space. It was the way to get to the best space throughout the house where he could get some peace and quiet in the next few days. He turned, passing the furnace and opened the door right beside it, carrying on down much further.

Cranking the wheel on the door, he opened it to the sound of a hiss and air gently rushing past him. His father was an odd bird who liked the idea of living remotely and being prepared for the worlds end. It was here that his family had come to when tornadoes would blow through the area, and it was here that Mike had come to sit to make a singular phone call.

BrRrRrRrRrrr. BrRrRrRrRrrr. BrRrR-klik. “Hola, pleas leav’ a message affer tha beep.” boop . “Hey Dad, I’m sure you’re gonna have Mom listen to this as well, I just wanted you both to know that the business idea I had looks like it’s really working out well in the testing stages. That fluffy pony I adopted, Jack? He’s taken to the thing like crazy, and he’s definitely a major positive in my life. Can’t wait to let you two know how it’s going next week. Love you both, Bye.” bee-brrrrrrr…

He sighed heavily then stood up, walking over to another cellphone that had been left on a shelf, sat next to an urn. He reached up and checked it to make sure that it was still charging. The busted screen couldn’t display much, but it certainly could still show the remaining battery life. Seventy eight percent. The battery had been failing recently and not retaining a full charge. He set it back down on the inductive charger.

Pounding at the door, Davis stood there wondering if something had happened to his neighbor, when all of a sudden it swung open. Before him stood Mike, his eyes a little red and his demeanor not-so-sunny. “What’s goin’ on? You not get my next message?” Davis asked. “Next message? Uh, snif no. Don’t think I did. What’s up?” Mike had responded, reaching into his pocket to retrieve his phone. Davis merely reached out and motioned him to stop. “Yeah, said I was gon’ come out and check on what ya got.” he finished, making a few hand motions to be let in.

Stepping in, they both carried on the conversation while they made their way to the couch. “I was wanting to do a final check on what you had, and in the process I brought my own fluffy.” Davis said, taking a seat down in the middle while Mike chose to sit in the recliner. “But, uh, I didn’t see a fluffy with you when you came in?” he could only say, peering around the floor looking. His search was cut short when a sharp little “Hewwo!” came from above his gaze.

Looking up, he saw a micro fluff peeking her head out of Davis’ shirt pocket. “Am Ash!” she said, giggling cutely after making her presence known.

It’s a small world after all, it’s a small, small world!

A series of revelations, a herd undestroyed, some sadness, and finally a new micro enters the story and with her so much more to come. See you guys in “Should’ve thought that one through.” Chapter 1!

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