John and Bella FINAL part 1 of 2 (SubSmoke606)

John and Bella FINAL (Part 1 of 2) by SubSmoke606

John stayed in the safe room for a while. He sat there, back against the wall, gently holding and petting his little brown fluffy, Bella. He watched as her foals kicked and cooed while they slept, no doubt dreaming some stupid little fluffy dream. Blueberry was cuddled next to them, the same aloof and goofy, dopey smile plastered on his face. He truly loved this family, and dreaded what he knew was about to happen. He had worked so hard and for so long to get Bella this happy and functional, and it’s getting ripped away but someone he thought was his best friend.

He ended up falling asleep in the safe room, carefully adjusting himself and the fluffies so that they could all be in one cute fluff pile. He actually was getting some good sleep, the soft fluff of his herd keeping him warm. Blueberry awoke him in the morning very excitedly.

“Daddeh! Daddeh wookies! Babbehs am see pwace babbehs nao!” Exclaimed the proud father, shaking John awake with his soft hoof pads.

“What? No way!” Said John, child like enthusiasm in his voice. He knew this was a big moment for the happy parents.

He shook the sleep from his eyes and saw that the green and honey alicorn colt did indeed have his eyes open, staring happily into his mother’s eyes.

“Hewwo dere widdwe babbeh! Am ou mummah! Mummah wub babbeh! Su pwoud of seein’ babbeh! Hab su pwetty see pwaces!” Marveled Bella at her foal.

cheeeeep W-wuh hiccup w-wuh-b mummah! Cheeeeep!” Said the happy little colt, stumbling towards its mother, landing on his haunches and making the upsies pose.

Bella had tears in her eyes in this moment. Her heart was full, and she shuffled herself closer to her foal. She lowered her head and let the foal try to wrap its stubby little legs around it, gently cooing and nuzzling the foal. John watched and tears began to fill his eyes as well. He looked at the happy family. While doing so, the dark green filly began to open her eyes, take her first steps, and talk as well.

Instead of joining in on the fun, John let the family have their moment. Truth be told, he knew it would probably be the last happy moment they’d ever have as a family. And John knew that’s what mattered to them the most to begin with: family. He realized, then and there, that they were his family too. Even that little shit, blueberry.

John eventually introduced himself to the foals who were now walking and talking relatively well. Once they start, it’s just a matter of their programming warming up. In just a couple days, they’d already have teeth and be ready to eat kibble. They sure grow up fast. The foals, however, were absolutely enamored with John. They had felt his touch before, heard his gentle coos, even had his bestest huggies, but now they could finally see him! And give him huggies back! And even tell him how much they LOVED him! Mummah was right! They do have the bestest daddy ever!!

They spent the next few hours playing huggie tag and watching FluffTV and they played like it was the best time they’d ever have, ever. John noticed Bella eyeing her shimmering foal. Bella was concerned why her other foals were walking and talking and even playing, but not this baby. She was worried, but she couldn’t show it. Just more huggies and love, that should do the trick.

John noticed this too, but made no big deal about it. He knew that filly would be going to a new home here in just a couple hours anyway. It reminded him anyway that he needed to see when Kori planned on stopping by. He texted him to ask, and was met with a reply that simply said “few hours.” Kori was odd, but something about him had changed ever since he took Bella in for that short while. John had thought of suggesting he get some help, but ultimately decided it wasn’t his place.

John spent those few hours showering the family with love, even the foal that’s soon to be leaving. They played huggie tag, they cuddled, pigged out on spaghetti (the foals had “bestest skettie miwkies!” Much to their delight), stacked blockies and so much more. When John checked his watch and saw that Corie would be there within the hour, he decided now would be a perfect time to give the foals their names, sans the shimmering one. It would top the good day off nicely before it all goes to shit.

“Say guys, I’ve been thinking.” Said John, almost sounding like a children’s show host.

“Whu am Daddeh finkin’ ‘bout?” Inquired Bella, looking up from her pretty colors book that she was showing her two foals.

“I see two playing, ‘splourin big babies, but no playing babies with names!” Teased John, big smile creeping up on his face. The foals realized where this was going and quickly sprinted their way over from the picture book to John, who was sitting down Indian style.

“Yay!! Babbehs get namesies! Babbeh wub namesies!” They both cheered, almost in unison (their programming can be downright creepy at times) as they galloped happily to their perfect and ever-loving daddy! Once they made their way over, they immediately moved to sit on their haunches, so quickly they lost their newfound balance a bit. They stared up at John intently, waiting not-so-patiently for their new names.

“Okay, okay! Let’s settle down!” Said John calmly, pressing his pointer finger over his lips and hushing them down. The foals giggled softly, the alicorn colt covering his mouth with his tiny hoof so he wouldn’t laugh too loud and make daddy mad.

After they had finally calmed down, John carefully looked the two foals over. First, he studied the alicorn colt. A bright, fluorescent green with a beautiful, strong, deep, honey colored mane. His fluff was beautiful, and the bright green reminded him of his nostalgic, Nickelodeon slime filled early 2000’s childhood. It also made him think of his favorite green ranger, from Time Force. He gently let the foal crawl into the palm of his hand, as he carefully lifted him to eye level.

“Your name, little one, will be Trip.” Said John with a smile on his face as he stroked Trip’s beautiful honey mane.

“Yay!” Trip cheered.

“Fank ‘ou daddeh! Twip wub namesie! Am bestest namesie ebah! Wub ‘ou bestest daddeh!” Trip exclaimed, hugging johns thumb with all his little might.

“Alright, settle down there ranger! I know a little filly that needs a name too.” Said John as he let Trip back on the interlocking foam tile floor. He immediately ran to his mom and dad, who looked at him with proud happiness beaming from their cartoon like eyes, cheering the whole way: “mummah! Daddeh! Twip hab namesie! Twip hab namesie!” It was too cute.

Next, John lifted up the dark green filly. She, like her mom, wasn’t much too look at. Much like her mom though, she was so brave, and such a sweetheart. Throughout the day, while trip and blueberry and John played, the little dark green filly mostly just wanted cuddles from her mom. John then realized he had a perfect name for her.

“You, my little baby, will be named Sweetheart.”

She cheered in delight, much like her brother. John let her down and watched as she joined the happy family. The brother and sister hugged, proud of each other for finally getting a good name. Bella and blueberry were so proud too, giving them lots of hugs and nuzzles.

“Nao its widdwest babbehs tuwn fo’ namesie daddeh?” Inquired Bella, looking up at John with a cute little smile.

“Oh, she’ll get a name. Just as soon as she opens her eyes.” Sighed John. He felt horrible lying to Bella, but what else could he do?

And with perfect timing, John herd the tell tale sign of Kori showing up: a window opening, welsh expletives, and a loud thud. Great. This was really, really gonna suck.

“Hey guys, how about you keep playing in here for a bit. Daddy has some stuff he’s gotta take care of.”

“Nuu daddeh! Daddeh nu weab! Daddeh wub babbeh! Tu widdwe, nee daddeh!” Pouted sweetheart, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Now, now. Daddy will be back. Daddy wouldn’t ever abandon you.” Said John, holding back tears and trying to remain strong.

“It am otay babbeh!” Said Bella, consoling Sweetheart.

“Mummah wemembuh when daddeh hab tu go wowkies. Nu fun, su scawy! Mummah nu wike it at aww! Buh den, daddeh came back! Daddeh am bestest daddeh! Daddeh nebah huwt oh wie to famiwy! Wite daddeh?” Asked Bella, now looking up at John with a big, hopeful smile plastering her face.

“Yeah, Bella. Yeah.” He said, scratching her mane and taking a deep breath. It was time to go talk to kori and get this over with.

He carefully shut the door behind him and made his way to the living room where he saw kori sitting on his couch.

“Well… everything ready?” Asked kori, standing up and beginning to make his way to the safe room.

“Not quite. There’s something you should know.”

“Okay.” Kori paused, leaning up against the wall and sighing.

“What’s up then?” Kori asked.

“Her brother and sister are both walking and talking. She still has her eyes closed.”

“Yeah, she’s a runt in a liter full of runts. She’ll be fine and we can still make bank off her. What about it?”

“Well, you know, wouldn’t a buyer wanna be sure she’s healthy first?”

“Look I know what you’re trying to do and it’s not gonna work. If we hold off on this, and keep delaying it, it’s gonna hurt Bella even more. We’re just gonna get this over with, and I’ll be on my way.” Said kori, turning away from John and making his way to the safe room.

John knew there was no point in stopping him. His hands were tied, and he knew deep down kori was right. It would be best just to get it over with. He couldn’t help but feel so defeated and betrayed. He became overwhelmed, sat on his couch, buried his face in his hands and cried.

Kori opened the safe room door and stepped in, quickly catching the attention of all the fluffies in the room.

“Oh! Hewwo owd daddeh.” Chimed blueberry who was tickling Trip’s belly.

“‘Ou wike Bwuebewwy’s nyu babbehs? Am tawkie an wawkie babbehs nao.” He asked, cheerfully and proudly.

“I am here to take your ‘too little shimmering’ baby.” Kori said calmly, carefully taking the foal from Bella’s fluff.

“Whu!? Nu! Nu nice mistah kowi! Nu take babbeh! Babbeh am tu widdwe! Nee-“

“Shut up.” Kori said, cutting her off.

“I’m taking this. It is my baby now.” Kori said, turning around and beginning to make his way out the safe room as Bella became hysterical.

“Nu… Nu! NU NU NU NU!!! NUUUUUUU!!! MEANIE MUNSTAH NU TAKE BABBEH! BABBEH TU WIDDWE! NEE MUMMAH! GIB TU MUMMAH WITE NAO MUNSTAH DUMMEH!!” Bella screamed, eyes closed and raining tears, thrashing about like a seizure victim.

The foals where inconsolable as well, trying to cuddle up to their mother for comfort but being unable to retain any grip due to her thrashing.

“Mummah! Sweetheawt scawed! Nee huggies! Wai Mummah nu gib huggies?! Wai Mummah shakies?! Whewe munstah taking widdwe sissy?!” Whined Sweetheart.

Kori brushed off all the commotion until he saw blueberry standing in front of the door, cheeks puffed.

“GIB. BACK. BABBEH. NAO!” He said, stomping his hooves and pushing out his chest.

Kori stopped to examine his old fluffy, and blueberry looked up at his old owner. Blueberry remembered all the things he had seen his daddy do to fluffies who didn’t listen. Terrible, horrible things that his programming wouldn’t even allow him to say in front of his babies. He would risk all those things happening to him 20 times over if it meant Bella could have her little baby back.

Kori simply picked up blueberry by his scruff, looked him in the eyes and told him:

“I never loved you.”

Before dropping him, unharmed, on his haunches. He walked out the door without saying another word as the family sat there in shock.

Kori made his way to the living room, and saw John crying on the couch. He didn’t know what to do, what to say, all he knew was that he didn’t feel guilty. He didn’t even feel guilty about not feeling guilty. So he just decided to leave.

“You’ll get 75% once she’s sold. You’ll hear from me than.” Said kori, looking out the door and away from John.

“Just fucking go.”

So he did.

John went into the safe room, hugged all the family in one big pile, and they all cried. John apologized over and over again until his throat was sore. The family didn’t say anything. They weren’t mad, just lost for words. Everything was fixed, it was fixed for so long.

Now everything is broken again.


Still think kori deserves worse than he got…


Sometimes in life, justice just doesn’t happen.


I dont understand the hate for kori, i mean he has been helping them for all the story, he helped them for anything in return, he even got blueberry and the other fluffys to help bella, he got a punch to the face from his best friend for something he couldnt controle and still didnt got mad, if it wasnt for him bella would probably be still depressed af, then when the money bag is born he wants to sell it, the little fucker probabily is going to have a better life than any other fluffy could dream of and they are gonna get good money for it, but nooo, the shitrats are attached to the baby and want to keep it, yeah saying to john that he would lose him as a friend and sue him is a total dick move, but john wasnt going to listen any other way, in the end i just see him just as neutral, no good nor bad