John and Bella part 2 (SubSmoke606)

John and Bella pt. 2

John was driving home in silence with his new pet Bella in his passenger seat. He didn’t know much about fluffies, but he knew they could shit, and they could shit a LOT, so he prepared a towel for her to lay on.

After about 5 minutes of silence, he asks her

“Hey, you excited for your new home!?” but gets no response. He looks over, and she’s just side eyeing him in fear, shivering.

“Oh, uh… okay then?” he said and continued driving. He made it home to his tiny house, and prepared a safe spot for her in the living room. She didn’t have any legs, so it’s not like she could mess anything up. The safe spot was pretty shabby, even for a pillowfluff set up, but it had all the essentials. a special pillowfluff liter box and bed combo, complete with a food and water bowl a safe distance away so that she couldn’t drown herself (a real concern given her psyche), some cloth swatches with “pwetty smells” on them to keep her occupied. he had it angled to where she could also watch tv if she so desired. After setting up, he put bella down and asked

“Alright, dude. Whadya think?”

She answered with a blood curdling cry. Damn, this little thing must’ve seen some shit. John figured it was just a reflex, and knew that overtime it would calm down, so he laughed it off.

“Oh, uh… that bad huh?” he chuckled. “Look, i know it’s not much, but i bet it’s better than that box at the store, huh?” he said, kneeling down and beginning to scritch her behind the ears, which was met with more anxiety driven shakes. She has clearly never had much, if any, attention or affection in her short life.

“Bewwa… Bewwa neva have soft beddie. or wittah bawks or… or… or nice daddeh?” she asked, looking up at him, some hope swimming around in those broken eyes.

“Hey, look. I’m happy to give you a better life. and I don’t want you to be scared around me. But i’m not your “daddeh”. That shits weird. You’re my fluffy, and that’s it.”

The hope dripped out of her eyes.

“Oh… otay nice mistuh… fank yu foh nyu housie… wen du u giv sowwy stickie fo bein dummeh no weggie fwuffy?” she asked, tears replacing the now long gone hope.

Oh, fuck. He never even thought to get a sorry stick, considering she literally couldn’t even move and she would be forced to make her shits in the litter box anyway.

“Hey look kid, you’re fine. I don’t give enough of a shit about fluffies to have a sorry stick. make ‘good poopies’ and listen to john, and we’re fine! there’s only one rule here: absolutely no babies. Can’t afford it, not enough space. Don’t wanna fuck with it. Sound good kiddo?”

Bella began to beam again. She may have been a fluffy, but those smart alicorn genes started kicking in. She knew damn well she couldn’t walk, and her box was right behind her. Step one, done. And babies? She herself was just barely old enough to not be a baby. She didn’t even want babies (yet.). As her wheels started turning, she said

“otay da-nice mistuh. will fowwow wules. onwy gud poopies. no siwy babbehs. wisten tu nice mistuh. den nice mistuh wuv fwuffy an be nyu daddeh?..”

“Uh… yanno what? Fuck it, sure. Just follow my rules, okay? Also, just call me John, like i call you bella.”

With that, John turned on his tv and put Primal Rage into his genesis.

There was a ton in store for these guys. Good, bad, ugly, sweet, painful. Lots and lots. Are they ready for it? Maybe, maybe not. But the journey is started.