Josef Finds A Fluffy Ch. 8 [END] [By BFM101]

“You ok Joey?”

Jonathan couldn’t hide the giggle in his voice as he looked over at Josef tilting his head forward, a small cup catching the blood from his broken nose.

Josef glared at his brother. “Just keep driving.”

Jonathan chuckled and turned back to the road, as promised he was driving Josef home after his confrontation with their father. It had gone as well as either of them expected, Josef told Fitzgerald that he wasn’t going to work in the medical field, and he needed time to work out what he needed to do next in his life. And to do that, he needed to stay as far away from the toxic influences of his parents and turn to Katherine, his port in the storm that his life was sailing into.

Naturally, Fitzgerald responded by punching Josef in the nose and calling him an ‘ungrateful fucking child’ and vowed to cut him off from all finances from here on out. And knowing his father, Josef knew that vow was genuine, luckily he’d managed to squirrel away a fair bit into his savings which Fitzgerald couldn’t touch so he had a cushion for the next while. The problem being that while Josef knew he couldn’t last on his parents money forever, now he needed to find an alternative income sooner than he had expected.

The bleeding from his nose slowed down and Josef felt safe to sit back in his chair, letting out a long groan. “I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the fact that I didn’t expect anything less from dad, or the fact that I’m still hurt by it.”

“It’s natural to look up to your parents Joey, even when their soul is rock-bottom. You did the right thing today by cutting him and mum out, they’ll probably kick a big fuss about you being an idiot, but after a while it’ll sink in that you’re not talking to them, and it’ll hurt. Maybe mum more than dad, but he’s already lost me, losing you as well will have some effect on him, slight as it may be.”

“You despise dad, why did you come at all? Surely you must’ve known he’d say something about Martha and Rolfy, no offence but they’re easy weak-points for you.”

Jonathan nodded solemnly. “I knew dad would try something, I’d hoped I wouldn’t stoop to his level but you’re right, soon as he called Rolfy a mistake I couldn’t stop myself. But it’s like I told you earlier, I wasn’t letting you and Kat go into this Fuhrer’s den alone, you’re my baby brother Joey, I gotta look out for you, even if you do hate me.”

Josef sighed, he knew he’d have to have this conversation with Jonathan someday, and right now seemed as good a time as any. “I don’t hate you John. In fact, until I met Kat you were the only person I gave a shit about, you were my big brother and I looked up to you, you kept me safe from dad for so many years and I do remember those years, I remember the abuse and neglect that I got and I remember that even then you had it worse.”

Jonathan fought back the urge to wisecrack, wondering where Josef was going with this.

“But then, you started to become dad, you fell into his white supremacist bullshit, you become nasty, a vile little creature so full of hate for no reason. I couldn’t take it in, I saw dad’s friend and I thought; ‘why do these people think they’re the superior race when they all look like thumbs?’ I didn’t believe in it, but you did, and I didn’t want to lose you because you were brainwashed by dad’s propaganda. So I stayed quiet, I took every punch you gave me, every horrible insult you threw at me and I kept my mouth shut, hoping that one day you’d stop and I’d have my brother back.”

Josef laughed slightly, thinking about the next part of his story.

“You know you’re the reason I never changed my name to Joseph with a PH. Back then, the F made me feel like I was still part of your world, that some part of our relationship was still intact because we shared that genealogical connection. After a few years, Josef just looked natural to me and I couldn’t bring myself to change it.”

“Jesus Joey, I thought I’d broken you during those years, I thought you’ve been hating me all these years, that Rolfy was what brought us back together, gave you an excuse to talk to me.”

“Actually it was the opposite, it gave YOU an excuse to talk to me, once you opened the door to communicate and meet your son I took it without hesitation. I was more than happy to see you again and to meet Martha and Rolfy, then Cleveland… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be Joey, it seems unavoidable at this point. Keep going.”

“When Martha and Rolfy died in Cleveland, that’s when I hated you, because I blamed you for them being there, I blamed you for not letting go of your stupid fucking Nazi horseshit for five fucking seconds and not stopping Martha from leaving. In my mind I knew I was wrong, that you weren’t to blame for their deaths, but I’d lost two of the only people I cared about and I needed someone to blame, you seemed like the easiest option.”

Jonathan stayed silent, recognising his own anger in Josef, he’d focussed it towards Hasbio where Josef focussed it towards him. Neither of them were right in their blaming, but neither of them were wrong either.

Josef continued. “What made it worse was your reaction, you barely seemed phased, I understand now that that was your fucked-up head not processing correctly, but to me it just have me another reason to hate you, to think you were a piece of shit who lost his son and carried on like it was nothing. I’m not proud of what I thought about you, but I was grieving and didn’t know how to cope with it.”

“I grieved as well Joey, just in my own way. I’ll show you.”

Jonathan pulled the car over the side of the road and reached inside his coat for the inner-pocket, he pulled out a folded up piece of paper and handed it to his brother. Josef unfolded the paper and looked at what was written on it, it was hand-written in red crayon but he could still make out what it said.

‘Dear Daddy,
I miss you. I don’t like Cleveland but mum says the summer will go by fast and then I can stay with you.
I love you Daddy.

And underneath were two stick figure drawings of father and son holding hands.

“That was the last thing Rolfy sent me before he died, it was the last words he said to me. Me and Martha were trying to work out visitation times, trying to explain to Rolfy why he couldn’t see me everyday anymore. I’ve kept that letter so that every time I feel dad’s influences sneaking up on me, every time I start thinking those supremacist thoughts again, I read that letter and remind myself where those beliefs got me, what I lost because of those beliefs. It’ll take some time, but there will come a day when I don’t need to look at that letter anymore, when that day comes, I’ll buy you a drink.”

Josef smiled slightly and handed the letter back to Jonathan. Even after everything that went down with his father, those last few minutes were the most emotionally draining of the whole night.

Neither brother said anything, they stay silent and let each other recover from it all.

Jonathan pulled up outside of Josef’s flat, they saw Katherine’s car was still parked outside but the lights weren’t on.

“Think she’s asleep?” Jonathan asked, trying to think of a good reason why the place looked empty.

“Maybe, I hope so.”

Josef turned to his brother and couldn’t help but chuckle, both of them looked a state, Jonathan’s head-wound was still dribbling blood down his neck and Josef’s nose was busted to hell.

“We look like Hell.”

Jonathan laughed. “Ha, well we are technically Hellspawn I guess.”

“What are you gonna do now? Doubt dad will enjoy having you around.”

“I’ve gotten good at laying low so I’ll be off-the-grid for a little while. Might head north, see if Uncle Herman’s still kicking about.”

“Thank you John, I know I haven’t been the best brother, but you’ve stuck out for me more than I deserve. I don’t know how to repay you for it all.”

“Oh don’t you worry, I’ll call you when I got a favour that needs turning in.”

Josef smirked and turned to get out of the car, he paused for a moment, wondering if he should turn back and hug his brother, but he wasn’t there yet, Jonathan wasn’t the only with mental baggage to unload. He stepped out the car and shut the door, ready to go inside and rest.

“Hey Joey!”

Josef turned back to his brother.

“It’s gonna suck for a while, but you’ll be ok. If the Mongola brothers can survive dad, we can survive anything.”

Josef scoffed. “We barely survived each other.”

“We’re both still standing aren’t we? See ya round Joey.”

“You too Jonatan.”

The two brothers shared a sarcastic laugh and waved each other off, Josef stood until Jonathan’s car turned the corner and was out of sight before heading inside.

As expected, Katherine wasn’t asleep, Josef walked into the flat to a note on the table.

‘Gone for a walk, back soon. Kat’

Josef was a little worried, he didn’t know how long ‘soon’ was or how long it had since ‘soon’ began. But he trusted her, if she wasn’t home within the hour he’d look for her.

Seeing Katherine’s door open, Josef instinctively went to close it, that’s when he peered inside and saw Stud’s corpse on the bed. He went to investigate, seeing the blood seeping from his anus and the dribble of cum from his chaffed cock, it looked like Katherine had let the little guy have it.

Death was probably a mercy kill.

Josef signed and left Stud’s body alone, he’d deal with it later. He made a quick check into his room, seeing Teal happily sleeping away like nothing had happened, unconsciously singing to her tummy-babies, she was a few days from giving birth, if that. Josef left her alone and went through to the living room, picking up the tape recorder from the table as he sat down. He realised that he’d barely touched the thing in the last few weeks, all those plans of documenting Fluffy abuse were for naught after he got distracted by his fucking family.

He sighed to himself and pressed record. “Experiment Number 3; Subject Stud has failed. Due to outside influences Stud has expired and we can no longer hold his experiment viable, it is currently unknown what has transpired in his death but Dr Mongola and Miss Townsend are investigating. We are also discontinuing Experiment Number 2; Subject Teal, while the experiment has proven to be a success in regards to her reaction to the gaslighting, the mental wellbeing of Mongola and Townsend have required this experiment to end without further examination. Teal will be expired and the experiments will be put on hold for the time being.”

He finished the recording and tossed the device onto the couch, the whole thing was over with, all he had to do now was sort things out with Teal.

And he was in a rough mood, he needed the stress relief.

Teal woke slowly to the feeling of Josef gently shaking her, she was groggy having only slept for a short time after Katherine finished screaming at Stud. She looked out the window and saw there was no sunlight in the sky.”

“Daddeh, is nu bwite-time yet. Mummah Teaw need gud sweepies fow tummeh-babbehs.”

“Teal, do you really think I’m going to let you have babies after what you did to your last foals?”

“Siwwy daddeh, poopie-babbeh am onwy gud fow foweba sweepies. Teaw am gud mummah.”

“I’m not talking about Decaf you murderous little shit. Look at what you’ve done.”

Josef roughly picked Teal up and spun her round to face the back of her cage, making sure he was standing away from her when she shit herself in horror. All four of her babies were lying dead in her bad-poopies, Tangerine and Royal were both drowned in the faecal horror, Decaf was still squished under a mountain of turd and Lapis looked like he’d been beaten half-to-death by the onslaught.

In truth Josef had just sewn Lapis’ fur back onto his body, but the iffy results added to the horrifying image.

Teal couldn’t believe what she was looking at, all of her babies, including her bestesh, killed by her bad-poopies. She couldn’t even remember killing them, was she really such a terrible mother than she wouldn’t remember doing such a horrible thing?

“Babbehs gu foweba sweepies, mummah hab wowstesh heawt an finkie-pwace huwties. Nu wememba huwtin babbehs, nu wememba giben bad-poopies on babbehs, am wowstesh mummah eba.”

Josef took her out of the cage carried her through to the kitchen and placed her onto a chopping board, she was too busy crying herself into a stupor to notice Josef tying her down to the board with elastic cords, he would’ve preferred to tie her limbs down but she was too fat to be held properly. When he tightened the first band across her chest, Teal gave a little yelp of shock.

“Daddeh bown-see wope giben huwties, am bad fow tummeh-babbehs.”

“See Teal…” Josed spoke as he tighten a second band just under her waist. “…I don’t really care what you think is good or bad right now. You’ve killed you foals and what’s worse, you don’t even remember doing it. I can’t trust you with your newborns, not after what you’ve done, so I’m doing the only thing I can to save them.”

Josef reached into his pocket and pulled out a scalpel he’d swiped from class before Deckard kicked his career in the dick.

“I’m taking those babies away from you as soon as possible.”


Teal continued to screech about her foals needing her up until Josef made the first incision just below her chest, slicing a vertical line down to just above her special-place. She howled at the sight of her blood seeping out of her.

“HUUU HUUU! Wai daddeh gibben wowstesh huwties, Teal am gud Fwuffy.”

“No you’re not.”

He scowled at her as he cut a second line across the bottom of her fat pregnant belly, Teal’s howls became louder as her tender flesh was severed, little pieces of her Fluffy organs spilled out of the open wound, Teal couldn’t see much of herself but what she could see wasn’t natural to her eyes.

Josef knew he had to work fast to torment Teal before she died from blood-loss, he cut a small hole in her amniotic sac and reached in to feel for a foal.


It seemed that despite the invasive surgery and the blood-loss, Teal was still able to waste her energy shouting at Josef, he ignored her and pulled out the first foal, while it wasn’t perfect yet, it was still mostly formed with a still wet dark blue Fluff, and even gave out a little ‘peep’ as it was forced to start breathing before its time. Josef was careful not to let Teal see the baby, only to hear its cries.

“Ba… babbehs? Mummah heaw yu bu nu see yu. Whewe babbeh gu?”

Josef reached in again for the second foal, ignoring Teal’s uncomfortable wails at his invasion, he pulled out a pink earthie and a purple Pegasus, again not letting her see them, only hear their chirps for milk.

He reached in one final time for the last foal, at this point surprised that Teal was still alive, maybe the thought of seeing her babies was driving her now, maybe it was Hasbio’s fast healing, Josef didn’t know and didn’t care. He pulled out the last baby and he had to laugh because Teal was the unluckiest bitch on the planet right now.

Her final foal was exactly like Lapis, it was the same colour combination as Teal herself, light blue body with shades of a lilac mane spouting underneath the afterbirth gunk. Only this was an Alicorn, a monster baby, and given Teal’s reaction to Decaf, chances are she’d not take too well to the Alicorn.

Josef put the Alicorn down and picked up the other three, placing them all in the palm of his left hand while his right hand rooted around one of the drawers. He held the babies up to the very weak Teal for her to see.

“See these Teal? These are you babies, and you’ll never see them again, get a good look now because you never will again.”

Teal raised her heavy head up and felt her weak heart flutter at the sight of her young. “Babbeh am su… pwetty. Can… Teaw pwease howd… babbehs, jus… wunce?”

Josef’s right hand found what he was looking, he looked Teal dead in the eye, frightening her with the evil look he gave her as he answered with one horrible word.


And without even a pause to let Teal understand what was happening, Josef pulled out a long metal skewer from the drawer and pierced it through all three foals at once, Pink and Blue died instantly from their heads being stabbed, while Purple chirped in agony for a few seconds before dropping dead from the wound to its tiny little heart.

Teal’s eyes grew wide in horror as he foals were butchered in front of her. “NUUUHUUUHUU!!! WAI DADDEH GIV BABBEHS FOWEBA SWEEPIES? BABBEHS NU DU ANYFING, TEAW AM NU MAMMEH NYO, WAN DIE!”

Josef tossed the skewered foals into the sink. “I did it because I’ve had a long fucking day Teal, and I needed to ease my stress by hurting something, and your fucking dumb ass was there, ready to be tortured. Mostly though, I did it because I could.”

Teal resumed crying, wailing over her lost babies, feeling the last of her life slip away from her, until Josef picked up the Alicorn.

“Hold on Teal, I must’ve missed one, you’ve still got a baby left, and look, it’s the same colour as you.”

“Babbeh?” Teal looked up, her tears blurred her vision but she could make out the light blue fluff on her last child, again her heart beamed, she was a mummah again.

“Babbeh come tu mummah, am bestesh babbeh, gun gib aww da miwkies an…”

She froze, her vision was returning to her, she was could the wings on her child’s back, and the horn on its head.


Teal’s voice cracked, her face frozen in fear as her eyes rolled back and her limbs dropped. Josef had killed her just from the fright of having an Alicorn child.

Granted she was already in a weak state but still, it was a first for him.

He looked down at the Alicorn in his hands, the bright blue was a decent colour, he could make out the small indentation of testicles so it was definitely male, and male Alicorns were easier since they bred with anything.

But Josef had had enough of Fluffies for the moment, and he snapped the little bastard’s neck between his fingers and threw it in the sink with his siblings.

Katherine returned as Josef was still cleaning the kitchen, the blood and afterbirth had spilled out a lot more than he realised. He was still stained with the red stuff as he went to welcome her back, she stopped in her tracks at the violent sight in front of her.

“Please tell me that’s not your dads.”

Josef laughed. “No, no it’s Teal’s, I finally got rid of her. Needed to let off some steam after tonight. I see you did the same with Stud.”

“Please don’t, that’s a can of worms I don’t need to open again right now.”

Josef looked over and saw that there were still fresh tears in Katherine’s eyes. “You ok?”

“Yeah, just been a rough night. And I fear it’s about to get even rougher, I think we need to talk.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right, but we can leave this until the morning if you want to recharge first.”

“No, this is gonna suck no matter what, if I don’t do it now then I’ll never do it.”

Josef nodded, understanding where she was coming from. “Ok, let me quickly get changed, then we’ll talk.”

Josef rushed through to his room to get into some clean clothes, Katherine took the moment to peak into the kitchen and see his handiwork with Teal. As soon as she saw the blood she turned away, it was a lot more than she was expecting to see, and right now she didn’t need to know how it got there.

Josef returned not long afterwards and the two of them went to the living room, each sitting on opposite chairs. Katherine took a deep breath and began.

“Joe I’m gonna come right out with this because I don’t know how to put it properly. I’m not in a good place right now, mentally, and it took tonight with your parents to realise that I’ve not been in a good place for a while now. You saw what I did to Stud, I don’t know what it was but I just lost it with him and I hurt him in ways that I would never dream of doing to a living creature, and that’s when I realised that I didn’t view him as a living creature, I saw him as a lesser, as a thing without value. I saw him through the eyes of Fitz, and being that close to that fucking monster terrified me.”

“We’ve been hurting Fluffies for weeks now, hell a lot of it was your idea from work, I take it your questioning a lot now?”

“I am, I still want to go into animal midwifery, in fact while I was out I called Frederick Peterson, I have an interview with him next Monday.”

“That’s great Kat, I’m sure you’ll get the job.”

Katherine smiled but her eyes were still sad. “I told him I still need to finish school first so it’ll be part-time work-experience to start with. Enough to put some money in the bank, money I’m gonna need.”

“Why do I get the feeling this is where the conversations been going?”

Katherine fought herself back from crying again, failing miserably. “I’m sorry Joe, I can’t do this right now, I can’t be with you and not feel that need to rip and tear, to hurt and destroy. Even now all I want to do is tell you how I tore Stud’s psyche to shreds and I’m fucking scared Joe, I’m fucking scared about who I’m becoming when I’m with you. I’m scared of becoming your parents, so full of hate and resentment that I push away everyone I give a shit about until there’s nothing left but the vague memory of love. I think I need some space, some personal time by myself, until I can sort my fucking head out.”

Josef had to laugh, it was too painful not to. “Kat, after you left I told dad that I was cutting myself out of his life so that I could work things out for the future with you. It’s why my nose is so fucked up.”

“OH GOD! Oh Joe I’m so sorry, I’m so distracted I never even noticed.”

“Don’t worry Kat, sadly I’m used to dad’s punches.”

“But Joe, now I feel like shit, you went through all that and here I am…”

Josef put a hand up, stopping her from rambling. “I think you’re right, I think we do need a break from each other. We have gone off the deep-end with this Fluffy stuff, I guess meeting the parents was a wake-up call to realise what we’re doing and how it’s fucking us up.”

“These violent delights have violent ends.”

“Exactly, I don’t want to lose you Kat, but if that means letting you go until we fix ourselves, then we can do that.”

Katherine started crying again, this time from happiness. Happiness in Josef understanding her, understanding her mental anguish. “I love you Josef, but I just can’t be with you right now.”

“I know, I love you too. I probably should’ve said that ages ago.”

“Better late than never.”

The couple laughed and found themselves staring into each other’s eyes, Josef stood up and took Katherine into his arms, holding her for a moment.

“This isn’t goodbye.” She spoke after a few seconds of silence. “We can pick up as soon as we’re ready.”

“I’ll be ready whenever you are, if you ever need me, just call, I’ll know where to find you.”

“Find me? But Joe I’m the one leav…”

“No you’re not, you need to stay here for your education, I’ll find a place for myself. Who knows, I might even buy a house finally.”

Katherine giggled and held Josef closer to her, that night would be the first night in months that they didn’t share a bed, in the morning Josef would begin the process of moving out, all the while feeling the first true instance of heartbreak as he feared he might never see Katherine again.

But in that moment, the two lovers held each other, cursing their misfortune to find themselves in this chapter of their lives together, only to be entering the next one alone.

2 Months Later

Josef looked around his new home, it was smaller than what he shared with Katherine but it was all he could afford and keep himself afloat. He’d had a few odd-jobs for cash in hand work, but nothing concrete had come along yet.

He and Katherine had stayed in contact through texts, she seemed to be doing better and was enjoying her work at Frederick’s Family Fluffy Farm, though occasionally she’d let her abusive side slip through and would hurt a Fluffy in the name of discipline.

Josef didn’t care, he was content in the knowledge that she was safe and enjoying herself, he did love her and wanted her to be happy. Besides, he had a whole summer to relax; he might as well enjoy the sun while he could.

As Josef went to the fridge to grab a drink his phone rang, he looked and saw Jonathan was calling him. He was still getting used to not tensing up when his brother called him, but it was nice when he did.

“Hey John, what you need?”

“I’m calling about that favour you owe me Joey, I need it cashed in.”

As Jonathan told Josef what he needed and where he was planning on taking him, Josef couldn’t help but smile, this was going to be an interesting summer after all.

“I’m in.”

That is the end of Josef Finds A Fluffy, went in a very different direction than I planned. I originally set it out as Josef and Katherine doing several different experiments on Fluffies and building up their love of abuse, but then I got the idea of introducing Josef’s brother and the family dynamic took over, which I think made for a more interesting story, if a less Fluffy-Focussed one, hopefully you all still enjoyed it all the same.

But as stated before, this is not the last we’ve seen of Josef and Jonathan, and both brothers will be returning for another round of justified abuse when Josef has his first interaction with Herd Fluffies in the next series; ‘Hunting Wabbits’.


Ayyy brothers bonding time is next, I hope they try drinking wine from smarty skulls and making the herd watch as they do.

Very excited for that and the Rex story continuation.


Hey nice story, I do like how you’re working with an interesting bunch of characters.

I can’t help but also be confused as to what on earth happened, if this is still in the ‘canon’ time line, if Katherine is trying to ‘step back’ from fluffy abuse- given that in several years time she’s enjoying shanking babies in front of their mummahs for favoritism. Guess all she did was delay the inevitable.

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Basically yeah, Katherine is an abuser and she can’t ignore that. At least on her own she’s able to focus that abuse towards bad Fluffies (or rather Fluffies she thinks are bad) as punishments. When she’s with Josef, all bets are off on who they hurt.


Ah i see Uncle Herman i see what your doing.
Thanks for using my Name and im very thankful that you use it for his Uncle not his Father that would have freakt me the Fuck out after chapter Seven, do you intend to use the full name for the pun?

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Both Josef and Jonathan will refer to Herman as Uncle Ham if that’s what your asking. And both of them actually like their uncle.

It’s his farmland they’ll be de-fluffy-ing in the next story

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Yeah Katherine, you’re still an unforgivable cunt and your boyfriend is a monster. I don’t care if either of them feel remorse for what they’ve done.
I love abuse but what she did took me off guard slightly.


Love this. Wow. You have created a very real and engaging world!~

I really love how you tied in the note from Rolfy. Smooth!!!

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