"Karma Will Come Back At You Just As Bad As What You Did" by:MightyMorphinFluffy

“Dummeh Poopie Sissy am usewess!! Nu wun wub ou an nu wun eba wiww!! Am gud fow nuffin but num poopies an wickie cweanies!” The fat bestest bitch baby yells at his brown sister while squatting down in front of her while taking a shit on her head as she cries.

“Nao gib bestest babbeh wickie cweanies ow get sowwy hoofsies an fowebah sweepies!” He shouts as she begins to lick his rear.

With one kick to the face after she’s done, she lays on her side with the wind knocked out of her…her teeth broken and bleeding as she cries silently while her siblings watch in amusement before approaching her and each taking turns shitting and pissing on her before making her lick all of their rears.

Her torture is far from over however…the bestest babbeh has spotted something that makes him feel…weird. As she cries, begging for death, her brother comes up to her from behind.

“Weww maybeh sissie am gud fow wun udda ting…sissie wan huggies?” The best babbeh asks his brown sibling.

Before she can answer him he’s already mounted her and enfing away. She screams in pain but nobody helps. Her brother just hits her over the head and makes her shut up.
Then her other brother walks up to her. She thinks he’ll help but he mounts her from the front.

Her mouth and special place are in so much pain. She can’t scream…she can’t cry for help…she can only lay there…violated…by her family. As her bothers finish she thinks it’s over but she couldn’t be more wrong.

“Poopie pwace wook titew” The best babbeh says as he mounts his brown sister one last time.

She screams in agony and finally…her heart stops. The pain being too much for her to handle and her body gave up.

Her brother finishes and hears a human approaching. The family quickly stuff the body of their dead sister down a nearby drain before returning and doing their best to look as cute as possible.

“New Victims” A man says before putting the foals in a box. The man drops a card on the ground.

“Damnit” The man says as he picks up the card that reads “Foals Are Food”


Just an old draft that I had


Please continue. I want to see their karma


This is too much :persevere: thats so fuck up even for a bestesh foal and other sibling. Hope you can follow this up with the karma on them.

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Hellgremlin little bastards.


a bit short, grammar not so good, title long and dumb, still tho u have potential, keep at it

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Thank you. I appreciate the criticism

You gonna make a sequel?

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maybe. I’ll need to come up with a shorter title

Maybe “Karma 2”?


I like it. Thanks for the title


No problem boss

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This makes a filthy hugboxer like me feel my inner munstah mummah…

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