king of the herds part 2 [By Dragonhammer]

be Maxwell fresh out of school has just discovered a army of fluffys at his front door step and has now challenged the smarty for control of the herd and you have the perfect plan to tack over the herd you then tell the smarty the computation " who ever can make the best complement to a ‘poopie fluffy’ gets control of the herd ok?” Then the smarty says " they am dummy fluffy but will win cus am smarty and smarty am bestest fluffy cus smarty am so smart and get all the sketti" so you go out side tell the herd whats going on and the pink super pregnant one asks “mister why giv poopie fluffys good words?” you then wonder how these little brown ones lived this long with this blatant fluffy racism and then you say “becuse they are good fluffys” and the smarty go,s first “you am poopie fluff but … is a good poopie” ya you have this in the bag
and now you say,…

vote in the comments to chose what you should say to the “poopie” fluffys are THE CUTEST fluffys i have ever seen are the nicest fluffys i have ever seen
3.i am your daddy now


3, idk why i think it should do the trick

3 and then proceed to the bloodbath, I mean, herd takeover

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3 cuz why not

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also there is a way to make polls. if you learn how to make them, choosing an ending and counting votes will become easier

how to make words coler

3 is always an instant win.

3 [Sample Text]

The answer is


Go with choice 3, and then say choices 1 and 2. Or just say choice 3 and see how the other fluffies react.