KNOCK KNOCK PART 4 by WolfmanRaven (WolfmanShane on Reddit)

KNOCK KNOCK part 4 by WolfmanRaven (WolfmanShane on Reddit)
It had been 2 weeks since Alan named the colts. As excited as they were, it was the blue little guy that asked for a name for their sister. Alan conceded, since she was derped from the trauma of the Ex-Lax he spiked her food with the first night they were in his house and almost drowning in her mother’s shit the same night. Alan had to own up to that. So, he now had a full fledge fluffy family. Alan named the brown colt Ash, after the Ash tree. The blue colt he named Cobalt, it matched his shade of blue. As for derpy baby, he thought of strawberry-lemonade when he looked at her, so she was named Lemonade. The boys were ecstatic when they got their names. They kept calling each other their names and running around. Alan found their brotherly bond to be endearing. Cobalt really shaped up after the sorry box treatment and Ash seemed to really have opened up; having a sense of family for the first time probably.
As for Angela, she was still being Angela. Demanding here and there, being a basic brat, which Alan was a little lenient with since she was pregnant. Emerald, the little green gremlin, still had his outbursts. He wasn’t quite a smarty, but he acted like one.
Alan walked to the safe room, hearing the off-tune screeching that passed for singing from Angela, and opened the door. Ash and Cobalt were playing blocks, while Lemonade played ball near them. He noticed that since she got a name the brothers started playing with her more, trying to include her in on tag games. She didn’t understand but would join in on their fluff piles when taking naps and at bedtime.
Alan had stepped back to the kitchen to make lunch for them. He made the foals on a plate, since they actually shared and respected each other. Angela had to have hers separate, or Emerald would try to eat it all. Emerald was always fed in the bathroom to make sure he didn’t steal food from the other fluffies.
Alan fed the fluffies, made sure the plastic under Angela’s girth was in place, so there were no accidents since she got so big she couldn’t walk anymore. Alan resigned to the living room on his laptop while the young fluffies played in a makeshift pen to keep them safe. Alan was checking his bank account when he heard the tell-tale sound, “SCREEEEEEEE! BIGGES’ POOPIES!”
Alan smirked, since it was too early for her to give real birth. He set his laptop down and ran to the safe room. He walked in on Emerald prancing around Angela squealing, “Babbehs! Babbehs commin’!”
Alan inhaled and then knelt down by Angela. Angela was panting as the contractions raged through her little body. Emerald kept getting in the way, seemingly trying to defend Angela. Alan just kept swatting him away.
Finally, Angela screamed, “BIGGES’ POOPIES NAO!!”
Her flexing anus shat on the plastic mat, then her vagina started leaking fluid and blood. It twitched and Angela screamed in pain again as an underdeveloped foal shot out of her. It lay on the plastic mat, unmoving. Emerald got very quiet and stared. Alan waited as more contractions hit Angela. Three more foals squirted out of her, again motionless and not fully developed.
Alan looked at Emerald, who was making a face full of fear as he screamed and ran over to the other side of the safe room. Angela was panting and sobbing.
“Babbehs,” she said weakly, “Whe’ babbehs? Wan bbabbehs.”
Alan noticed she had lost most of her weight, obviously from birthing and all the fluid that had built up in her. He grabbed her gently and turned her around to look at her brood. Angela smiled at first, then noticed they didn’t move.
“Babbehs! Nuuuuuu…wha’ happin? Huuuu huuuu. Whai babbehs nu move,” she wailed.
“Angela! How could you? You killed your babies while birthing them. You’re a bad mother,” Alan said with a bit of force, making his surprise and disgust seem as real as he could.
“Nuuuuu! Anfewa nu kiww babbehs! Meanie daddeh du sumthin’ to babbehs,” she said as she sobbed more.
“No, Angela. I didn’t. I haven’t touched them. Your babies were still born because you’re a bad mother. You couldn’t take care of them while they grew in you. Such a bad mother,” Alan said flatly.
“No I didn’t, Angela. It was all you. You and Emerald are bad parents. I was going to make sketties when you had your foals, but now I can’t, since you made them go forever sleepies,” Alan said, trying to not smirk.
Emerald remained in the corner across from them, crying into the wall. Alan had hoped that he could get both of them into this mind fuck he was concocting. It seemed to be working.
Alan cleaned up the mess while the two adult fluffies cried and lamented the dead babies. Alan made sure that the brothers and their sister were not in the safe room, which was the second reason for the play pen in the living room. He made sure there was water, a litterbox and small bowl for snacks after their playing. They had blankets for napping, as well.
After taking the evidence out to the curb with the rest of the garbage, Alan stepped back in the house. He was stopped by Cobalt.
“Daddeh? Wha happin? Is nyu bwuddas and sissies otay,” he asked with all the innocence of a genuinely concerned child.
“Sorry, Cobalt. But your new siblings didn’t make it. It’s okay. It happens, sometimes. It’s just how nature is,” Alan said, picking the colt and hugging him. He petted his mane and hugged on Ash, as well. They both were good fluffies and growing up so well behaved, despite their mother and Emerald’s behaviors. He was really proud of them. They were so good with their derped sister and always helped would get really confused and start to cry, immediately they would stop what they were doing, giving her hugs, talking to her. They were becoming the type of fluffies that Alan approved of.
They rarely made messes and only had accidents when they got scared, which was rare. One night they were playing while Alan watched a horror movie and a monster growled from the TV. They both made scaredy poopies and cried that they made bad poopies, saying sorry to Alan over and over. Alan wasn;t mad and he apologized to them for not making sure they wouldn’t get scared by his movie. Lemonade, well she was mostly oblivious to anything outside of her ball or brothers.
Alan went back to the safe room to make sure it was tidied up. He walked in to Emerald yelling at Angela. Telling her she was a bad special friend.
“Stoopi mawe am bad mummah! Nu can hab babbehs wite. Emewawd wan babbehs. Angewa make babbehs gu foweba sweepies,” he yelled at her, “Hatechu bad mummah! Hatechu!”
Alan wanted to laugh out loud but kept his silence while Emerald barraged Angela with insults. The poor creatures had no idea Alan had spiked Emerald’s kibble with an aphrodisiac that made fluffies uncontrollably horny his first night in the house. Angela had no clue that he made her lunch with a large amount of Parsley, a plant that cause fluffies to instantly abort any pregnancies, no matter how far along they are. Oh, internet and its useful search queries.
Alan’s plan for these two was coming together quite nicely, he thought. They were so wrapped up in their banter they didn’t notice Alan placing something in the corner.
Alan went back out to the living room and started playing with the young fluffies. He was regaled with “Wub ou daddeh” and “Daddeh am besest daddeh.” Alan laughed with his two boys and made sure Lemonade was part of the fun too. He felt responsible for her condition, but it was still better than her continuing down the bestest baby route.
The laughter and excitement trailed to the safe room where Emerald and Angela were crying over their dead babies. Emerald stopped crying for a moment. He listened to the young fluffies giggling and telling Alan how they loved him. Emerald started to get a scowl on his face. He puffed his cheeks.
“Stoopi daddeh. Stoopi babbehs. Aways make Emewawd feew he bad fwuffy. Nu am bad fwuffy. Am gud fwuffy. Daddeh am bad. Babbehs am bad. Stoopi mawe am bad,” he said over and over again.
Angela was falling asleep in her blanket pile. All cried out from her still birth. She was unaware of Emerald by the door talking to himself. Emerald was, in his own fluffy way, plotting revenge on Alan and the other fluffies.
Emerald was getting emboldened by his little self-rant. Daring to challenge a human, a vet tech no less, to a match of wits. Emerald worked himself up. Plotting and smiling, puffing his cheeks more and more, he got a smug smile on his face as he walked back over to Angela.
“Angewa. Gib speshaw huggies. Make mowe babbehs,” Emerald said.
Angela blinked sleepy eyes, “Wha? Nuu. Angewa tiwed.”
“Gib speshaw huggies nao,” Emerald shouted.
“Nuuu,” Angela said sleepily.
Emerald pushed Angela off her blanket pile. She tried to stop Emerald, but was too weak from her giving birth.
“Enf enf enf enf enf enf enf, GUD FEEWS!”
“Huuu huuu huuu. Nu Emewawd,” Angela cried.
“Stoopi mawe,” Emerald said as he fell away from her, tuckered out from his enfing.
“Huuu…Emewawd bad fwuffy. Bad fow….” Angela stopped mid-cry. She felt them. It had started again, “Babbehs? Nyu tummeh babbehs? Nyu tummeh babbehs! Angewa soon mummah ‘gain,” she squealed.
Emerald glared back at her, but paid her no mind as he started planning against Alan, “Emewawd git webenge on stoopi hoomin.”
“Mummah wub babbehs. Babbehs wub mummah. Mummah wub babbehs….” Her song hung in the air behind Emerald. It didn’t faze his thoughts. Two fluffies sat in their own world. One seething with revenge. The other, too selfishly stupid to realize the future never truly pans out for the happiness of fluffies.

I hope I can get part 5 started soon. Hopefully in the meantime this can tide you all over. I’m not sure how may parts this will be. I usually try for 3 or 4, but this one may go on a little longer. Again, welcome all comments and critiques. Peace be with you all!


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