La guerra de reyes (Artist:Osaka[me])


oh hi Osaka. long time no see



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Not expected…
For now

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I was about to translate it fully but enf it here’s the concentrated version

[Usual fluffy insults]

[Pink ass smarty claims he found the poopie fluffy even when it walked straight to him]

[Pink ass smarty tells the herd that the poopie is now an enfie toy and food and to give the poopie the worst enfing]

[Poopie tells it to prepare it’s ass because he’s actually there to take over the herd]


I didn’t know before that there was such a nice Spanish speaking community of fluffies. However, and this is a nitpick, I’d really like that English fluffy terms were best adapted for Spanish like “flufis” instead of “fluffies” (which we would pronounce differently) or “enfis” instead of “enfies” (for the same reason).

But I like Osaka’s work and I’m ready to see King Poopie here carve his new path to smartydom.


damn, what a chad


The “poopie”'s coloring really reminded me of the grass block from Minecraft.

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Could somebody actually translate it

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¿ahora entrara en modo Berserk?

my english is bad… but.
i can try.
Red Fluffy. Stupid poppie fluffy, until tomorrow to great fluffy
Orange fluffy: Daddy enfie ugly fluffy.
Green F: who is than
Purple U. F: Fluffys, me in fin this dummed popped fluffy, now is the new enf toy, he ’ ll eat everyone’s shit
Now i give the worts enf for a dummed pooped fluffy.
Brown U. Fluffy: I’m afraid you’re wrong
Fluffy wan he will be the new king

Well… my english is shit.
No se mucho de ingles pero puede darte la idea de que va.