Last Hope The End part 2 of 5 Toby (FluffySadist)


[1 Month after part 1]

I could feel the warm sun on my face as I started to open my eyes. Turning I could see my Bwuddah and Sissy right besides me, and my Mummah and Daddah too! Feeling exited to to be the first one awake I decide to leave and quietly heading downstairs I couldn’t wait to grab a snack! (For some reason Mummah always said no snacks during bleakest!(Like why!)) I started to lick my lips in anticipation! than… I saw Grandpa Jay already downstairs making breakfast. Walking down disappointed, Grandpa Jay sees me and speaks as I sit down at the table.
“Somebody’s up early! How are you doing Toby, I got some bread and fresh fruit ready!”
Just before I could speak I could feel a tap on my shoulder as I see grandpa Merlin come in the room, looking at me and speaking.
“Agh wook who’s awake! just how am Mewwins gwandson doing!”
I speak as I see Grandpa Jay start moving breakfast to the table, heading to Grandpa Merlin.
“Otay’! Toby diffewentwy goin’ to twy to beat Duncan’s jumpin’ wecowd today! he am such a dummeh!”
Merlin looks at me and gives me the side eye as he speaks.
“Nu caww am bwuddah a dummeh that’s not nice!”
I roll my eyes as Grandpa Jay starts to put food on Grandpa Merlins plate and Grandpa Merlin speaks.
“Fank 'ou su much sweetie!”
I try to look away as both of them begin to kiss (Kissing is so gross!) and once they are finished I look back and see Grandpa Jay start to put some breakfast on my plate, than after that I could see Uncle Willy start coming in and. he looks at me speaking excitedly.

“Hewwo Toby!”
I speak to him with a large smile.
“Hewwo Uncwe Wiwwy!”
Uncle Willy sits down as Grandpa Jays fills his plate to and as I start to eat (I couldn’t eat that well, my teeth were still very small!) I could now start to hear the sounds of many footsteps… And my Bwuddah Duncan starting to argue over something very stupid.
“Wook Duncan has gwown! Nao am dah tawwest an’ stwongest!”
Than only a few seconds later right when I start to see my family, my Sissy Narmi yells as she heads to the table.
“'Ou am such a wiaw! Am eben tawwah den befowe, way tawwah den 'ou!”
As the others got sat down and served their food I heard my Mummah speak sternly, looking at both of them.
“C’mon Duncan nu be makin’ fites wiff am sissy. An’ ‘ou missy nu be antagonizin’ him.”
Both of the, snarl a bit at each other as Mummah looks at daddeh and speaks.
“Su souw anythin’ intewestin’ today!”
My Daddah speaks. With me almost laughing. looking at the funny shiny hat he’s wearing!
“Not much mostwy just continuin’ to pwan aww dah constwuction. Pwogwess has been goin’ gweat!”
Mummah nods and smiles as we all start to finish our food.

Once Daddah leaves for his duties and Mummah goes outside to tend to the garden, we were all left mostly alone for a few hours, with everyone else doing something. I now sit in the living room thinking of an idea. As I hear Duncan and Narmi continue to argue other dumb things! To be honest when I said I wanted to beat Duncan’s jumping record I wasn’t being honest, the second I had opened my eyes I was curious about what was happening outside. But Mummah and Daddah never let me go! always saying it was unsafe or “when you are older” So I was going to change that… Like I was big enough now, and I wasn’t going to do anything bad! So getting up as my Bwuddah and Sissy continue to fight I start to sneak to the door. They didn’t hear me, and now that I was in the dining room I look see if my Uncle or Grandpa’s were anywhere. Good nobody is around! I can barely touch the doorknob and as I open it I see the world that was infront of me.

I could now see the streets, with me seeing dozens of fluffies! They were all doing their own thing, like some were just traders while others were buildings things. Lots of things actually! I made sure Mummah was in the back yard and leaving for the streets I begin to walk them, this felt so exiting being outside! Than as I walked I came to the entrance of Green Roof with fluffies going in and out by the second. Shou… Shou… Should I? Like I don’t want anybody knowing I was gone, but I always wondered what went on in there! Only a few minutes. I started to walk in and once I turned the corner I saw what laid infront of me… The city was massive with the multiple levels, on the first level you could see all the market stalls selling items to didn’t even know the names of! And looking beyond you could see the Temple of Nova, giant portraits of you’re Daddah and Queen Velvet and the office where Daddah worked. You kept looking for a few seconds than as you did you heard a voice starting to approach you.

“C’mon wet’s go am bwockin’ dah entwance!”
Looking I could see a guard who was a earthie stallion with a dark blue coat and green mane wearing a helmet and chestplate and carrying a pike, I speak feeling a little embarrassed.
“Sowwy mistah!”
The guards rolls his eyes and returns as I start walking through the markets. The streets were bustling with fluffies to the point I could barely move, I wish I had some money see all these tasty treats made me feel so hungry! After a long time of looking I came to the end of the market I could see a giant tent in the distance and knew not to go there (Miss Benezi would tattle on me in a instant!) so I turned going the other direction. I wondered where all the other foals were? I wanted to maybe play with them and make some friends! Going deeper inside it was getting darker and darker with more of the upper levels covering the sunlight. Walking there weren’t that many fluffies now, I tried to see if there were any friends or interesting places but I only saw some weird club with a green sign. I thought about entering for a awhile but decided not to (I could see smoke coming out of it, so it was probably stinky in there!) I was now completely alone as I walked with it being extremely quiet. I should just give this up their going to notice I’m gone! So I turn and as I did… I saw three fluffies looking right at me, all of them holding knives.

They are all shrouded in darkness, as the one in the center speaks.
“Gwab him! see if fwuffy has anythin’ bawuabwe!”
I can feel a deep sense of terror as I try to run and scream but am quickly grabbed and brought into an alley. Once I’m there I can get a good look at the center fluffy with him being only a little older than me, and him being Pegasus with a dark beige coat and a small but growing dark orange mane. One of his friends still shrouded in darkness speaks as I start to cry.
“Nate dewe’s nothin’ on him! Fucking hell!”
Nate looks at him speaking.
“Nu use fwuffy’s weaw name ‘ou fucking wetawd! Buh dammit though, eben if fwuffy has nothin’ I stiww wan’ to hab some fun. How about we gib him a few scaws on that pwetty bwue coat. Caww it ‘awt’ if 'ou wish!
I start hyperventilating as Nate raises his knife, so I speak trying to stop them!
“pwease Toby hasn’t down anythin’ mean to 'ou! Am just a babbeh!”

Nate laughs at me as he gives a sinister smile and speaks.
“what a stoopi’ fuckin’ name! Am su innocent, dis am goin’ to be su entewtaining!”
Than after a quick cackle and without hesitation Nate whacks me across the right eye with his hoove causing me to scream in agony. Than hearing that they all laugh, I cant see now out of my right eye. And without hesitation he hits me again this time across my left face causing me to spit out blood. Nate and his friends laugh again as he speaks this time pointing the knife at my chest.
“That’s enough games it’s time! Am goin’ to tuwn am body into canbas of puwe… ‘beauty!’
Now as I start to feel the knife on my chest, So I do something extremely desperate! Kicking as hard as I can my back hoove lands right at Nate’s… “Area” Causing him to scream in pure rage and agony and to drop me. Nate’s friends are also in shock, so I was able to run as fast as I can without them grabbing me. I run and run leaving the alley to head to a more populated area than as I ran I could hear more footsteps and Nate screaming.

I run even faster after hearing that trying my best to go in-between alleyways and jumping over any obstacle that was in my way. Once I made it to a main road I started to see an increase in crowds, but my mind was still terrified and racing so sometimes I bumped into people and I could hear Nate screaming one last time.
Making my way back to the entrance I exit and see it was now dusk. A few tears were still coming down as I thought to myself. Never again! I begin to walk back hanging my head low in shame and once I make it to the door I could hear the sound of my Daddah’s panicked voice.
“Souw sent out dah entiwe guawd, dey wiww find him!”
I slowly start to open the door and once I’m inside I could see my Mummah and Daddah crying, than as they look at me there is a moment of shock than they both start running as they now give me a hug and my Mummah spoke.
“Oh honey! 'Ou had me scawed hawf to death, whewe wewe 'ou!”
Than both take a look at my face with them looking horrified and my Daddah speaks.
“Toby what happened! Am face, 'ou hab bwack see-pwace!”
I look at them and start sobbing as I tell them the truth.
“Toby wanted to see dah outside wowwd, su toby snuck out an’ went to dah city. Once dewe Toby wooked awound an’ ebentuawwy got to dawk pawt of dah city. Bunch of owdah kids saw me, an’ took fwuffy into a awweyway whewe dey twied to wob me buh toby nu did hab anythin’. Su dey said dey wewe goin’ to cut Toby an’… Oh tony nu can, pwease nu be made at Toby!”
I continue to sob as I see everyone else come into the room in shock and my Mummah after hearing this speaks.
"We couwd nebah be mad at 'ou, dewe, dewe. Am safe nao. Fin

[Epilogue-Royal Guard-Stablelot Palace Entrance]

I sat in a chair doing nothing, summer was close and I though about what I wanted to do! All seemed well, that was until I heard footsteps and a voice.
“We hab wetuwned fwom ouw twip fwom Chicago, we hab many documents Maximus’s must sign at once!”
I almost choke on my spit as I open my eyes to see the fluffies that had been sent out months ago by Maximus. They all wore torn up and ragged clothes and look at me as the head fluffy speaks again.
“Am sowwy, we got a wittwe wost on dah way back. Buh nu wowwy nobody am sewiouswy huwt!”
I nod as I agree to bring them inside making sure to catch them up on current events, as we go to Velvet.

Walking they seemed rather curious and understanding with me talking about Maximus’s death, the assault on The Order and the new government system Velvet implemented. (I think she once called it “Feudalism” but I don’t know I ain’t that smart) Once we started to approach her bedroom I saw something pretty weird the jacket of Sandro ii and the others were confused to. So I gave some context, Sandro ii was a red unicorn with a dark gray mane, and was the son and heir of Duke Sandro of Breadbasket. Originally Sandro ii was in Stablelot during the coronation and stayed for a bit getting stuck with all the snowy roads, and Velvet hearing this, had offered him to stay at the Palace during the winter, and during that time they had grown quite close. With the few times I guarded them up close, they always talked about such philosophical and personal things. And once spring had come Sandro ii returned to Breadbasket with Velvet looking pretty sad once he was gone. That was until she decided to send a message asking if he would like to spend to time back at Stablelot and he accepted.

Now that brings us to now, with us making it to Velvet’s door I grab the Chicago papers and barge in… Velvet and Sandro ii… They were in bed… Completely naked… in a… “Position”. I immediately slam the door shut and it is quiet, the other fluffies look at me confused and before I could speak, the door opens again with Velvet wearing a robe looking at me with rage in her eyes and speaks.
I look at her giving an awkward smiles and start to hand her the papers as I speak.
“Dah fwuffies fwom Chicago hab wetuwn Am Majesty, dey bwin’ 'ou papews that wequiwe am signatuwe!!”
she looks at them for a second before looking back at me calming a bit as she speaks.
“Nu bawge into Bewbet’s woom again, that am an owdew!”
I nod rapidly as she closes the door and goes back to… You know. The fluffies now look at me and since my shift ends in less than 10 minutes, I decide since they just came back to have a little fun I, speak.
“I know dis baw not faw fwom hewe. Wanna go get wasted?”
They look at each other for a second before nodding in unison, and with a smile we were all off to go drink the night away!

Thank you for reading my story! I hope to have Narmi’s part done in a few day’s and of course constructive criticism is always appreciated! May you have a good day!