Life's Too Short [By Lunch_Break_Massacre]

The sun creeps over the city as another day begins anew. And just like a faggy unpublished autobiography, every idiot in this world has their own story.

Ronald stepped out the door to his house, locking the door behind him as he fought his aggressive fatigue. He heard shuffling and felt something tapping his shoe.

“Hewwo, nice mistuh! Fwuffy have wots off widdwe babbehs dat am haff bad, bad tummeh huwties!” Squeaked a filthy, bloated mare scratching Ronald’s shoe as six tiny chirpies wriggled in her back fluff like technicolor maggots, chirping like crickets.

Ronald tried to hide his frustration as he ignored the mare and trudged to his car. The mare in turn practically gasped, shocked that her incredible sob speech wasn’t even getting any attention, and she waddled behind him while trying to get his attention, unknowingly the stupid creature dropped one of her babies while she whinged.

“Buh- buh-! M-mummah nee’ nummies! Jus’ wan-!”

Ronald yanked the mare up with one hand and pulled her close to his face, hocking this throat. She wriggled and screamed “Reeee! Bad upsies!!” as her babies fell and hit the concrete with a small wet crack. Ronald spat in the mares eye and she began to cry loudly as he chucked the mare into a nearby trash can, hitting the base with a crunchy thud. As she screamed and scrambled to get out, shrieking about her hurties and wanting upsies and her babies, Ronald simply slammed the door shut, noticing the thick black rainclouds were beginning to pour and took off, turning up the radio to drown out the shrill fatass shrieking from her new home. She’d probably drown soon anyway, given that fluffies can manage to drown in a body of water that reaches any higher than their hooves. Life’s too short to look after fluffies. Ronald reached the city streets as he approached his place of work. He got out of his car, noticing a young man kneeling near the side of the road, talking to something at his feet.

Tyler knelt on the curb in his parka, disregarding the rain as it flooded his boots. In his hand he held a pack of peanuts which he was using to lure a shivering, filthy, wet fluffy colt, followed closely by three smaller fillies. “Gif nummies?” The colt asked as he approached the stranger. "Yeah, little guy! For all of you!’ Tyler replied. The colt turned around to his starving sisters and babbled. “It otay, sissies! Nice mistah gone gib’ bestest nummies!” The fillies, too young to understand full sentences, lit up when they heard the word ‘nummies’ and suddenly they all started celebrating and babbling as they waddled towards the outstretched hand full of sweet salty treats. “Hehehehe! Yay! chirp Nummiieee- EEEEEEEEEE Kaff Kaff! scree!!” The three starving babies, too dumb and starving to notice the gap between Tyler’s nummies and the curb, all fell screeching into the gutters which was flooding with a stream of rain water that carried them crying towards a storm drain in the ground. The colt started to freak out and chased his little sisters from the curb as they were carried by the tide. “EEE! NUUUUHUUU! CUM HEWE, SISSIES!!! CUM BACK!! NU WAN WOSE MOWE FAMIWY!! NU NU NU!!!” He wailed as he waddled alongside the tide, his drowning sisters peeping and chirping in a panic for their brother. The colt reached the opening of the storm drain, hanging his useless little stubby hoofsie over the drain as his sisters were carried closer.
Of course the three fillies were sucked into the storm drains mouth as the colt begged hysterically while waving his tiny hoof. The little chirpies just cried and screamed for their useless brother as they reached the drain. The colt screamed in agony as he tried to grab them.

The three of them slipped through, not even touching his hoof as the drain swallowed them all up, their screams fading as they fell into the dark wet abyss.

peep! CHIIIIIIRP!!! S-SCREEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee!!!..”

Gone. The colt stood there shivering, his face frozen in horror as he watched the last of his family disappear to a slow watery death. Tyler laughed, emptying the bag of treats into his mouth and throwing the wrapper into the gutter to be taken away graciously by the storm drain as one last “Yeah, your whole family’s gone now and your sisters were metaphorical trash” to the little guy. As Tyler pulled up his hood and walked away snickering, he could hear the colt starting to scream in horror, heartbreak and trauma somewhere far far behind him a while later.
He smirked. After all, life’s too short not to take advantage of a vulnerable pest with no place in the animal kingdom. Tyler walked past a shorter lady who was walking into the nearby alleyway.

Zoe turned into the alleyway behind the McDonald’s she worked at, absentmindedly taking the opportunity to listen to her headphones while on cleanup duty, unsupervised by her dickshit boss who passive aggressively hovered over her at work like a retarded vulture. She noticed a lot of overturned garbage cans and gritted her teeth, hoping she could save that mess for someone after shift-change. She was tasked with something easier at the moment anyway. There was a filthy cardboard box giving off a horrible smell which costumers had been complaining about. Personally she didn’t care about the culinary and atmospheric professionalism of a fucking McDonald’s but hey, beats mopping the floors. Her approach was of course unbeknownst to the family of ferals who had finally put together their perfect new homesie. Inside the box, all huddled together in a nest made from cardboard, old blankets and paper strips, was a family of five. A mare, a stallion and their three babies who were ravenously tearing apart a half-eaten fillet o’ fish, a treasure that the stallion was feeling very proud of himself for managing to find. Even as the mother and father sat there watching their babies eat as their stomachs rumbled and they couldn’t help but lick their lips, they both knew that they had put together the bestest homesie ever and that was enough for their sweet little hearts.
“Speciew fwends wike nestie? Make aww by fwuffy sewf!” The stallion squealed, raising his fuzzy chin collection proudly. “Coo! Wub bestest nestie! Wook at aww Babbehs! Suuu happehs! BESTEST speciew fwend in-!” A huge leather boot swung through the cardboard wall and sent the fat mare flying into the grimy brick wall like a top-heavy sperg harpoon, illiciting the sound of a very satisfying crack and thump as her voice was literally knocked out of her and she hit the concrete convulsing. The stallion, true to form as a fluffy can be, shat himself on cue as he started screeching like a demented toddler. Zoe, satisfied with the damage so far, grimaced at the babies squirming at her feet like larvae, raising her foot to squish them. But as she was about to, she noticed something. The stallion was creeping around behind her slowly, not even protesting the killing of his precious babies because he though he was being stealthy. Zoe noted that this fluffy certainly stood out as a slimy, sneaky little bug indeed. “Hey, dickshit? You gonna save your babies or what?!” The stallion stood there shaking with teary eyes, piss running down his leg. Father of the year. The stallion looked tearfully at his wailing babies and then peeked behind Zoe at his crippled mate who was trying to scream through collapsed lungs. The stallion started to weep as he turned around and ran away (waddled slowly away, but fluffies call it running) wailing like a scolded child. “HUU HUU HUUU, SOWWY SPECIAW FWIEEND! TU SCAWY! SCAAAWY HUUU HUUU-!” As he toddled away panting and screeching, he didn’t watch where he was going and went directly under the wheel of a passing car, which ran down his entire hindquarters until his legs and ass were just a multicolored stain on the street. Zoe broke into a fit of laughter as her foot connected with the foals as she watched the stallions ass get fucking printed into the street. Life’s too short to let fluffies move in. As the stallion started screaming in horror and pain, the car turned a left and disappeared round the corner.

“For fuck sake” Ronald muttered to himself as he drove back home in a hurry. “First I forget the invoices in my fucking briefcase and now I clipped a fun-sized retard…” Ronald groaned. Life was too short for this shit.