Little Laguna, Chapter 1 (Noodle)

[I figured since I love fluffy stories so much, and instead of being a filthy lurker forever, maybe I should contribute. If that’s ok. First time writing a story (outside of a few smut stories in highschool), ever. So if I do this all wrong here, then I apologize for my sucking. If its so bad that it makes you swear off fluffies forever, then I’m sorry, but that’d be kinda cool to know I suck so bad I made a dude quit a fandom. Anyways, enjoy!]

There’s not many feral fluffies around in Arizona. Probably to do with the heat. We all know how they do in the cold, but not many of us think about them out in the heat. Ok, well maybe abusers do, but I bet your regular to do folk don’t think about it, I’m quite sure. Anyways, it can get so hot here, a fluffy can just keel over and die. I seen it with my neighbor’s fluffy. “Heat Stroke,” she told me.
Luckily, the fluffies here have seem to caught on that being outside can spell their doom, so they avoid the outside without supervision as much as possible, lest their hooves get burnt in the least, or overheat to death at the worst.
Oh yes, even though there’s hardly any ferals, there are plenty of domestic fluffies. Infact, right down the road from my house there is a QT with a ‘Foal in a Can’ vending-machine inside! It was that very vending-machine that I had first became acquainted with the “species” personally. I had read as much as I could about them before then. First hand accounts from any abuser or hugboxer I came across on the internet. Magazines with tips and articles about them inside.
While I initially never cared for the creatures, I slowly became more enamored with them. A curiosity quickly turned into a sickening obsession. I had to know what they were like.
How sweet they could be? How loving could they be? What was the limits to that love? What were their fears? What haunted their minds when they slept, and what drove their heart when they were wide awake?
Romanticism aside, I just really wanted to abuse one. Or love it. Or both. They gave me this, ugh, “cute-hate-fever.” They’re just so damn cute, I could just rip off their heads! The point is, I just needed one.
So, standing in front of that machine I thought,

“Fuck it. I got 1.25$ to spend.”

I spent a good 10 minutes examining the merchandise, ignoring all the “huuhuus” and “pwease be fwuffy’s nyu daddeh,” three had stood out to me in particular. A pink earthie, with a yellow mane poking through. A blue unicorn, which I had at first thought hadn’t grown in his mane, but his mane was just the same color as his fluff, making him a mono-uni. Lastly, was a teal pegasus, with a soft yellow mane. On the cans I noticed two letters, one “F” for the earthie, and an “M” for the other two.

“Must be the gender,” I mused.

After deliberating for sometime, I press the button combo “E4.” After some whirrling noises, and a loud CLUNK, a can drops to the bottom for me to retrieve it. Pulling out the can, I give it a few cursory glances, mainly making sure nothing broke on the way down.

“Huu… Huuhuu, babbeh nosie huwt… Su scawed PEEP,” uttered the foal, as it covered its eyes with its hooves.

“Woo, thank good. I hear these ones are more sensitive. Glad your intact,” saying as I slide the can into my hoodie pocket. “Hehe, this is so exciting, I can hardly stand it!”

I bounce out of the store, bounding towards my car. I was so anxious, but in a good way. Like when you ask out a pretty woman.
The car ride itself was pretty uneventful. A few peeps here, a few muffled huus when we hit a pothole. The gas station was only five minutes from my neighborhood anyways.
The house I lived in was inherited from my late parents. They, unfortunately, were in the Cleveland area on a vacation trip, during that fateful day. Hours before the “Fall of Cleveland,” my parents were both found dead in a Best Motel.
Nothing fluffy related. My mother was found to be dead from asphyxiation, the, uh, erotic type. My father had died from a heart attack, no doubt brought on from the shock of choking out his wife, and the viagra, and whatever the fuck the wrappers of “Rhino” was. Then the fucking fluffies destroyed the city. So overall, fuck that day.
Anyways, where was I… Oh! Right! The inherited house plot thread, that explains why I can stay home all day with a fluffy.
The house was in a decent neighborhood in the suburbs of Mesa. 3 bed, 2 bath, living room, dining room, kitchen, yada yada, your standard suburbia living. The important thing to note was the office.
The office room had been decked out into a saferoom for fluffies. Walls painted to look like a pastel countryside and a cute cartoony sky reaching all the way onto the ceiling. Carpet replaced with those foam puzzle mats used for children play areas. Litterbox in the back corner of the saferoom. Nice fluffy bed in the other back corner, with a heated cushion, that can be changed to be cool instead. A central play area with misc. toys, and three colorful tunnels leading towards more fun areas. One is a ball pit. Another is a puzzle nook, that has blocks and games and puzzles to challenge a fluff, but not be too hard. And lastly, a place with a pad in the floor with different color pencil like styluses, where a fluffy can draw pictures safely without marking anything but the pad, with the pad set to erase any on it in twelve hours. Finally, the food station was position in-between the litterbox area and the bed area. The food station has two hamster bottles, one with water, one that’s empty and ready for foal formula to be added in, which will be replaced by a food dish when he gets older.
Pulling into the driveway, I scramble out the car and into the front door, mashing the lock on my car keys all the while. As I make my way into the saferoom, I can hear the peeping foal get louder and louder.

Chirp “Pwee nyu Daddeh! Wet babbeh ou’!” peep “Babbeh tummy feew su huwtie, nee’ ma’ poopies! Huuhuuhuu…”

“Awww, poor widdle fwuff, I hear ya,” I say as I get to the saferoom door. “We are finally here.”

I step into the room, and pull the can out of my hoodie. I take the can’s tab in my fingers and release it, and to probably only my surprise, the whole top came off in a hiss!

“I don’t know what I expected there. Well now, let’s see what we got here, eh?”

I bend down and gently tip the can over, revealing a teal pegasus as he slides out, his hooves still tightly covering his eyes, and wings tightly pressed to his body.

“Huuuu… oof… Huu, babbeh ou’ of cansie nao? Whewe am babbe–WHOOOAAA” Peep

He finally lowers his hooves and looks around in pure amazement, marveling and taking in the sights of his, potentially, new saferoom.

“Whoa, dis am weaw?” chirp “Babbeh cee pwaces wowk?”

“Yeah, pretty neat, huh? I figured I’d make something worth a fuck if I was really gonna do this. Who knows how this will turn out, eh?”

The foal turns around and looks up at me, a smile slowly forming on his face, his eyes a mix of confusion and wonder.

“I-is dis fo’ babbeh” Peep “Am babbeh’s nyu daddeh?” Chirp

I look down at the foal, smiling and still inspecting him thoroughly.

“Sure is ‘Babbeh’, and I’m yo 'Daddeh,” I say, reaching down to rub his soft teal fluff, half petting, half feeling around.

“Coo… coo… Dank 'ou, daddeh… wub…” Peep

“Yeah, yeah, love and kisses, whatever,” as I move my fingers closer to his wings. “I’m so damn glad I went with a pegasus, so much more to play with. I wonder just how sensitive you guys really are,” I mutter, forming my fingers into a pinching shape. I then gave, what would be a light, playful pinch to a human, but on the wing of a pegasus foal?

“SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” PEEP PEEP “HUWTIES!” CHIRP “SABE BABBEH,” shouts the little fluff, the pain confusing and almost overloading his tiny senses, squirming so bad it looked to be seizing!

“Whoa, hey, hey, heyyy little guy, it’s ok baby, c’mere,” as I try to soothe the fluffy foal, and nudge him closer to me. “It’s ok baby, daddy’s here. What happened, widdle baby?”

Chirp “N-nu nyo, daddeh…” Peep “Big huwties, doh…”

“Awww, hehe, sooo cute. Daddy’s here. So, you ready for a name?”

Chirp “Babbeh get namesie?” Peep “Daddeh, wawm homesie, and nyo namesie fo’ babbeh? Dis fo’ weaw?” His wings began to flutter quickly.

“Not a very strong attention span on these things, huh? I can’t wait to play with that,” I muse, motioning towards the foal, hands outstretched, allowing me to put him into an upsie position I had read about before. He reaches out, making it easy for me to just slide my hand underneath him to scoop him up.

“Of course its for real, you turd, why wouldn’t it be?”

The foal shivered in my hand and says “Huuu, babbeh name am Tuwd? Huuu, meanie namesie, Tuwd nyu da munsta hoomins wewe wite!”

“Wait, what? Your damn name isn’t fucking Turd, you retard. What munsta hoomin are you talking about?”

“Huuhuu, babbeh am Wetawd?” Chirp “Why nyu daddeh gib Wetawd bad namesies and meanie wowdies? Huuuuu…”

“No, ugh, no. Just chill the fuck out for a second. Look, retard isn’t your name either, it’s Laguna. LA-GU-NA. How’s that, better?”

“Huu… yus, daddeh. Waguna wuv pwetty namesie.”

“Good, now that’s squared away, what were you on about? Monster humans?”

Laguna began to shiver more in my hand, and started scrunching up to appear even smaller when I mentioned “monster humans”; with little tears beading up in his eyewells.

Chirp “Yus Daddeh! Munsta Hoomins wud come and gib sowwy hoofies to babbehs! A-an gib babbehs heawt huwties wid meanie wowds!” Peep “Waguna wus su, su, su scawed, Daddeh!”

Great. Some punks probably used to come by the vending-machine, kicking it and shouting shit at the fluffies. Motherfuckers damaged the merchandise. Does anyone have common sense anymore? I was hoping to break the fluffy’s innocence myself. Ah well, what gemstone doesn’t have a few cuts? He still is a cutie.

“Well, little Laguna, you’re with daddy now. No other monsters here, just daddy!”

Peep “Yay, su many heawt happies! Waguna wub daddeh suuu much!” Chirp “Babbeh wan hug-ugh… ugh… Waguna tummy huwties… nee’ ma’ poopies, daddeh…”

Laguna’s chubby belly grumbled, as he rubbed his belly with his hooves. I then carry him towards the litterbox, Laguna in one hand, ‘Foal in a Can’ instructions in the other. I flip through the pages, before finally landing on a page titled “Relief,” thoroughly looking over the instructions.

“Ahh, so there’s like a gel stopper up your shitter, huh?”

Peep “Nu wike bad wowds, daddeh…”

“Well bud, they ain’t gonna be going away anytime soon, so you better just start getting used to it,” I tell him as I turn him around to get a better look at what I’m dealing with.

“There’s the little tab. Now, I should probably aim this cannon down yard, eh?”

“Pwee’ don’ wook at Waguna’s poopie pwace, daddeh!” Chirp “Nu wook at 'peshul wumps!”

I face his butt towards the litterbox, grasping gently, but firmly under his forelegs, while taking the gel tab hanging from his anus in between my thumb and pointer finger, and in one quick motion, I yanked the poop plug out of his ass like I was starting a lawnmower.


Shit rocketed right out of his ass, the force not only making a hole in the litter, but if I wasn’t careful and tightened my grip on him, the poor bastard might have generated enough lift to fly out of my hand! Ok, maybe not, but fuck, that was some pressurized shit!

“Haha, holy shit, no wonder you looked so fat! Hahaha, that was great.”

Laguna, who’s belly had noticeably shrunk after evacuating his bowels into the litter, was now panting and wheezing in my hand.

Huff… Huff… “Ugh, daddeh…” Peep “Dank 'ou…” Huff “…eben doh it gib Waguna huwties, Waguna feew bettah nao…”

“Haha, no, thank you, Laguna! I almost pooped myself laughing!”

Peep “Wus funnies?” Chirp “Teehee! Siwwy daddeh! Yu am funnies!”

After grabbing a wet wipe from a container hanging over the litterbox, I wiped his backside, as he muttered on about “gud wickie cweanies” and cooing softly in my hand with his wings fluttering.

“Alright bud, it’s getting late, and after the little excitement we had, it’s about time for sleep, eh? So I’ll just go over 2 things right now. Two rules, ok?”

Peep “Otay. Wut am wuwes, daddeh?”

“Rules are things that good fluffies aaaaalways does, and what bad fluffies don’t do. Now, Rule 1: always make poopies and peepees in the litterbox. The litterbox is what you just pooped into when I helped your poopy place. You see,” as I point towards.

“Yus, daddeh. Waguna wiww ma’ gud poopies and peepees in da wittabox fo’ 'ou!” Peep “Wub Daddeh!”

“Good, good, I’m glad you agree. Now, for rule 2! You will always do what daddy says. No matter what. Good fluffies listen to their daddeh, and then they get all the love and hugs. Bad fluffies don’t listen to daddeh, and because of that, they get no hugs or love. Do you understand?”

Laguna shivered hard every time he heard the phrase “bad fluffy,” and his eyes saddened and looked down. I read that fluffies respond highly to the terms “good fluffy” and “bad fluffy,” so that seemed right on the money.

“Yus daddeh, nu wan be bad fwuff. Wan be gud, and gib huggies and wub!” Chirp

I give him a light scratch behind the ear, as he coos and nuzzles into my finger, before sitting up in my hand and giving hugs to my fingers.

“Aww, your so cute! You might get loves and hugs, instead of hurties!”

“Coo… coo… Wub-wai, wha?”

Laguna shoots me a confused glance

“I SAID, I’m gonna give you all the hugs and loves,” revising my statement, and bringing him closer to my face so I could nuzzle him, and feel his soft, felt-like fluff on my face. Laguna resumes hugging, my face now, and cooing softly and flapping his wings rapidly, before letting out a big (for him), full body yawn.

“Coo… Waguna su sweepy…” Chirp “Wan sweep nao, daddeh.”

“Of course, lil bud,” as I walk towards his fluffy bed. I lay him down, and pull a small blanket up over his lower flank, before stopping and pulling a small teddy bear from underneath the bed.

“Alright, lil bud, I one last thing,” as I bring the toy closer to him.

“Nu namesie wiw bud, daddeh, name am Wagunaaoooooh,” his eyes get wider as he finally looks up to see what’s in my hand. “Is dat fo’ Waguna, daddeh?” He says with his little hooves strecthced out towards it.

“Sure as shit, Lil bu-- I mean, Lil Laguna”

I hand him the toy, and give him a nice pat on the head, before making my way towards the door to the hallway. I hear behind me as I get closer to the door: “Wow, dis am bestest bwite time eba” Peep “Wub nyu daddeh.”

I turn around and say “Goodnight, Sweet Laguna,” waiting a minute before shutting off the light.


I staunch a muffled chuckle, and then turn the lights back on.

“What’s the matter, my little Laguna?”

“Daddeh!” Peep “Wus aww dawkie!” Chirp “Babbeh nu cee any ting! Su scawed, huu huu huu,” he cried, his little fluff properly drenched around his eyes from all the crying done today, with a small trail of snot flowing out of one nostril, and his cute little wings as tight to his body as possible. Seems like when he’s happy and excited, he flaps his wings hard, and when he’s distressed, he keeps them tight to his body.

“Aww, poor baby! I would never have thought that you could be scared of the dark!” (A lie) I’ll Leave the light on for you."

“Huu… Dank 'ou daddeh… babbeh nu wan scawdies…” Peep

“Of course,” and I as I went to walk away,I flicked the switch off again, with Laguna crying out “DADDEH PWEASE!” PEEP “HEWP BABBEH! S-S-SU SCAWED! SKREEEEEEEEEEE!”

I swear, I almost piss myself laughing. Then, I compose myself and walk back in, flicking on the light back on. Time to test his intelligence.

“Huh, that’s weird, it shuts off whenever I leave. I wonder why it keeps doing that. I’m not doing anything to the lights, but it goes off when I leave regardless. That’s so strange,” I trail off.

Laguna, in between sniffles, says, “Daddeh…” Sniff “Pwe’ don weabe babbeh!” Peep Sniff “Waguna don wan be weft in da dawk!” Sniff “Daddeh! Jus’ stay wid babbeh dis dawk time, pwe’!” Chirp

Alright, apparently I can get away with a lot.

“I’m sorry Laguna, I can’t. Daddeh has to sleep in his bed, in his room. Just like you have to sleep in your bed, in your room. But, I think I might have an idea that will help us both out. But that means you’ll have to be a real brave fluffy. Can you be my big, strong, and brave baby? Can you be a good fluffy, and be brave for daddy?”

Laguna muses to himself, “huu… Bu-buh-- huu,” before wiping his eyes and muzzle with is hooves. “Yus, Daddeh!” Chirp “Be bwave fwuff… Buh wha do daddeh wan Waguna do?”

“You just gotta hang out here for a little while, ok? Be right back!” And before Laguna could say anything, I flicked the switch off, and ran right out the door to the other side of the hallway. I couldn’t help but laugh as I heard “SKREEEEEEE! SOWWY DADDEH, NU WAN BE BWAVE FWUFF! SKREEEEEE! NEE’ DADDEH! SU SCAWED!” PEEP

I went to the hallway closet and grabbed the thing I needed, which was a nightlight. It was too bright for my cousin’s new baby, but when they went to throw it away, I took it off their hands. Perfect for a fluffy at night. After dawdling for five minutes or so, I finally walked back into the saferoom to the sounds of “huu, huu… Daddeh weft Waguna… Nu wub Waguna… Huuhuu, su scawdies, wan Daddeh.” Peep “N-nu wan munstas tu huwt Waguna…”

I turn on the light and I’m greeted with the sight of Laguna shivering head to toe, hooves covering his eyes and wings tight, with his whole underside drenched in piss, as well as the pillow on his fluffy bed. I stifle a laugh and walk over to him with my arms crossed, as I try to put on more of a serious face.

“Hey man, what the fuck is this?” I ask as I point to the bed.

“Daddeh! Babbeh wus su scawdie!” Peep “Pwe’ wub Waguna!” Chirp

Laguna runs towards me and throws himself at my feet, hugging it as tight as he possibly can.

“Aww, so cute-- wait, no. No!” I shake him off my foot. “What the fuck is rule 1?”

“Huu, pwe’ Daddeh, nu say meanie wowd,” Peep he said, beginning to cover his face again and bring in close his wings.

“No! Rule one and rule fucking 2! Only piss and shit there,” motioning towards the litter, “and only do whatever the fuck I say! Don’t talk back, ever! Or daddy has to give you, uhh, hurties!”

Peep “Huuhuuhuu! Pwe’ Daddeh, nu huwties, nu huwties!” Chirp “Babbeh am su scawdies!” Laguna is shaking harder, and if he could piss or shit himself anymore, he would have already, 10 times over.

“Are you a good fucking fluffy, or a bad fucking fluffy?!”

Peep “Ba-ba-ba” Chirp “I-i-is…”



Laguna begins flailing on the ground, crying and peeping, snot and tears cascading down his little face.

“Alright, alright. Daddy believes you. The first time is an accident. There won’t be a second time, right?”

A wave of relief washes over Laguna, and he walks back and nuzzles my foot, and wiping his tears and snot on my shoes in the process. “Yus! Wus assident!” Peep “Nu wan be ba’ babbeh, wan gud,” Chirp “wan gud!” he cries. “P-pwe’ don weabe widdwe Waguna!” Peep “Nee’ wub!” Hic “An’ huggies!”

I gently pick him up, bringing him to eye level, giving him a gentle scratch behind the ears, earning me a few coos and wing flutters. As he nuzzles into my hand, I tell him “ok little Laguna, it’s ok. Daddy loves you. All you need is daddy’s love. Here, check what I got you! This will keep you safe at night!”

I pull out of my pocket the night light, and then plug it into the wall right by the food and water station. I walk towards the door, flicking off the switch to the light and walking through the threshold. Laguna throws his hooves over his eyes as we do, knowing that me leaving the room makes the light go away. So cute. As the light shuts off, the nightlight switches on and shines brightly. So brightly in fact, it puts out about a little over 1/3 the light the main one does, and with its positioning in the room, he shouldn’t have a problem with going to the litterbox when he needs to go at night. I give Laguna a gentle rub down his back, telling him “hey buddy, you can open up, it’s not scary anymore. You can trust daddy.” And with that, he uncovers his eyes and looks in amazement.

Peep “Daddeh! It am nu scawy nu mo’! Dank ‘ou fo’ dawkie time wite!”

“No problem, my little Laguna. We do have one problem though. You smell like piss. Like, so fucking bad, dude. You need a bath.”

“Huu… nu nyo wut am piss, bu’ nu smeww pwetty.” Peep “Wut am baff, Daddeh?”

“Well bud, if today is any indicator of things to come, we are gonna have a lot of fun!”

“Teehee! Wub fun!” Peep “Waguna wub baff! Wub Daddeh!”

[Alright, well that concludes chapter 1! I hope it was somewhat enjoyable. If anyone would like me to continue, chapter two will be little Laguna’s first bath, first play time, and maybe first “play time!” Thanks for reading!]


Widdwe Waguna is so fucking infuriating. I love the way you write.


Well then, it might get worse. Or better. I plan to get pretty depraved.


Haha, I want to see the wreak that little shit will be at the end.


Your wish is my command!


Certainly seems…intense

Good advice for any abuser!

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. . .Huh, I thought that was primarily a dude thing.


Really? Believe it or not, every woman ive been with, ehm, sexually, has enjoyed being choked (some lightly, some hard) during coitus.


Oh yeah, Pretty sure women have the highest consumption stats on very risky topics so it didn’t surprise me that some might like it rough etc ; my brain just never put together the thought that a woman choking themselves / having themselves choked out as they neared climax to intensify it. xD

I dont really watch porn though so it’s probably just my innocent min~

~begins laughing hard unable to finish the phrase ‘innocent mind’ considering the site he is posting on~

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Yeah, i havent watched porn in a couple years now, so i dont know if its the, uhhh, “hip” fetish nowadays, but its something i just go for when its go time.


Can confirm there are plenty of women who are into it.

Source: am woman


thanks for the assist then

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