Little Laguna, Chapter 7 (Noodle)






It was around 5:30 in the morning. After tucking in the foals, I was way too wound up to go to bed. The play session I had with Dumbass yesterday had awakened something in me that wasn’t just ready to lie down and go to sleep. So not long after I had put the foals to bed, I was creeping back into the shed for more fun with Dumbass. Dumbass was near unrecognizable at this point. All of his fluff had been shaved off, and covered with cuts, bruises, and even marker scribblings on him that say things like “shit-rat” or “dumbass”. You know, real sophisticated shit. Right now I was trying a torture that was originally planned for dear Laguna. Steadily, I was readying a nail I positioned underneath is right front hoof, holding them both steady as I readied a hammer in my other hand.

“Pwease pwease pwease pwease, nu nu nu nunununu–SKREEEEEEEEEEEE!”


“WOOO! FUCK YEAH!” I shouted as I drove the nail deep into his front right hoof. Both hooves now had a 3 1/2 inch nail stabbed brutally into them, as Dumbass lies on his back in piss and other bodily fluids, kicking and screaming to the tops of his little lungs, before throwing up on the ground next to him. The Smiths “This Charming Man” blasts in the background, trying to drone out the miserable wails of my captor. “This charming man!” I sing and dance, and with that, I press the button to his shock collar.

ZZZT! SKREEEEEEEEEE! CHIRP! WAN–WAN, HUUHUUHUU! Dumass wan… Wan di–huuhuu! Dumass nu wan mowe! Tuu much huwties!” Dumbass doesn’t dare roll over from his back, and just holds his hooves straight up, the poor hooves as still as a shaking, tortured fluffy could. “Pwease… kaff… dumass du a-anyting… mae da huwties gu way, huuhuuhuu!”

“Awww, what’s the matter, bud? Why don’t you come to daddeh for some huggies? That’ll make you feel better,” I say, reaching my hands out to him. Dumass slowly rolls over, screaming with any contact of his punctured hooves touching anything. He then sticks his front legs out in front of his face, and lies there for a few seconds, panting and trying to get his bearings. He then looks up pitifully at me.

“Huu, daddeh… D-Dumass n-nu can mae wawkies… tuu many weggie huwties…”

“Well if you don’t want huggies, then you’re still a bad fluffy who needs some more zappy hurties!” I dangle the remote in front of his face.

“N-n-nu, nu mowe. A-am cummin’.” After fiddling around uselessly for a few moments, he stands his back legs up, and begins pushing his front along slowly. He winces and grunts as his legs bump and skid along the boards of the shed floor. “Ugh… hurghk… huff huff… o-otay, d-daddeh… f-f-fwuffy maek i-it… hug-huggiesh?” He asks, as he finally makes it to me.

“Ooo, that was a smart one. Now give me hugs!” I then stretch my arms out wide in front of him.

“B-buh daddeh… n-nu can mobe… pwe’ huggiesh!” He crys out weakly.

“Awww, you were so close!” I then activate his shock collar.

ZZZT! “SKREEEEEEEEE! NUUUUHUUHUUHUU! Daddeh say gib huggiesh! Yu wie tu fwuffy! Munsta daddeh say taek huwties way!” He shouts, crying angrily as he practically spits his words at me.

“Alright! I can take the hurties away!”

“Huuhuu… weawy?” Dumbass looks up at me, hopeful.

“Yes, but I have to take your legs. So either no more hurties, or no more leggies. What’s it gonna be?”

“Nuuuu! Fwuffy nee’ weggies! Nee dem fo’ wun and pway! Why nee taek weggies? Huuhuuhuu!”

“Alright, your call bud,” I say, as I stand up and start putting my abuse equipment away. “We’ll see how you feel in a few hours.” I grab him by his scruff and throw him in his bed. I then start filling up the fluffy dishes full of kibble and water. Dumbass, his eyes soaked with tears, looks at me as if he wants to say something. “The fuck do you want?” I ask him.

“C-c-can d-d-daddeh g-gib Dumass f-feew gud medsin? P-p-pwease?” He meekly croaks out.

“Oh! Haha, you little fucking junky. You read my mind, I was thinking about getting down myself. Gimme a sec,” I tell him, grabbing a tray and a pack of the dope. You couldn’t tell by his sad face, but his tiny tail nub slowly shaking back and forth gives it away how much he’s excited for it. I cut me two lines and cook him a shot that was a little less than the first one I gave him. I rail one of the lines, and then I inject the shot into the back of his neck.

“Eeep!” He squeaked, as the shot went in his flesh, and then pulled out. “Huuu… ohhh…” His pupils begin to shrink and he lays down fully into his bed. “T-tank… tank 'ou…” He says, as his eyes gently flutter, barely able to stay awake. I then rail the other line, and reach over to the sorry box that I had put Jessibell into last night. And because of the sorry boxes design, I know she was awake and heard every bit of what happened. Even though these creatures are loosely based off horses, they can’t sleep standing like they can. I unlatch the sorrybox and open it. Jessibell is crying and her whole flank is covered in piss and shit. She tries to look up at me, but with the cross underneath her, she’s unable to even sit down to get a better look at me.

“Huuhuuhuu… s-s-su scawdies! Pwease nu huwt jessibeww, fwuffy am sowwy! Su tiwed an’ hungwy… pwease wet jessibeww out ob hewe!”

“I’ll let you out if you tell me what you did wrong, and that you’ll never do it again,” I tell her, looking down into the box.

“Fwuffy sowwy! Neba be bad fwuffy gain! Awways wisten tu daddeh!” She cries out. I reach into the abuse tote and grab out another shock collar. I kneel down and put it on her neck.

“OK, I believe you. But daddy has to put this on your neck, to help you be good, ok?” I reach in and grab her out.

“Huu, yus daddeh… Jessibeww be gu fwuffy–w-wut am dat! M-munsta!” We turn around and she sees her one time special friends new look, terrified.

“That’s Dumbass, Jessibell. And that’s what will happen to you, if you continue to be bad,” I tell her, before putting her in the bed next to his. I then get up and start to walk out the door, before turning around. “I’ll come check on you guys in a little while! Be good fluffies for daddy! I love you two,” I say mockingly, before walking out the shed, closing the door behind me. After a minute of awkward silence, Dumbass broke the silence. He didn’t say any words, but just lightly sobbed. Jessibell then crawls over, and puts her hooves around her old, mutilated special friend, accidentally brushing up on his front leg.

“SKREEEE! Weggie huwties! Huuhuuhuu!” He screams and writhes. Jessibell startled, jumps back a little bit, before hugging him much lower to avoid hurting his front legs.

“Huu… Jessibeww sowwy speshul fwien… Nu wan tu git huwties, just a widdwe housie fow famiwy… huuhuuhuu, su sowwy!” She cries into his tender skin, where there used to be fluff.

I make my way into the kitchen and get some bottles of formula made up, before walking into the saferoom to replace the empty ones inside. The foals are still all asleep in a nice foal pile, without a care or worry in the world at the moment. After setting it up, I quietly leave the room and set an alarm for 12 pm on my phone. I do one more line, and then pass out on my bed. At around 9 am, the foals started to get up and ready to eat their milkies. Laguna helps all the babies get to the bottles, but mainly just Dummy, as the rest of the babies have started to pick up walking pretty well. After getting their nummies, they began breaking into smaller groups to play with different things. Jive and Turkey were glued to the ball, constantly playing together with it with games such as pass and keep away. Dopey found the coloring pad, and was scribbling what he was sure was a master piece. Dummy was was dealing with the dilemma of suckling the blockie she was holding, or her hoof. Sora and Laguna were engaged in a game of huggy tag. While they were both pegasus, and naturally more nimble and faster than other breeds, Laguna was still a decent bit faster than Sora, but held back and usually let her win.

“Sowa gun catch 'ou, Waguna! Peep!” Sora giggles in pursuit.

“Waguna tu fast fo’ Sowa,” he says, laughing along with her. He slows up and let’s her catch him in a hug. “Aww, you gawt me! Heehee!” They spend a few moments just hugging eachother, and enjoying the others presence in the moment. Sora then looks up with a puzzled expression.

“Babbehs am gibbing sowwy hoofies? Babbehs am bad?” She asks. Laguna pulls himself from the hug and turns around. He sees Jive and Turkey wrestling on the ground. Laguna then starts running in their direction.

“Wat am yu fink yu am duing!?” He shouts at the two foals. The stop wrestling and roll over, looking at Laguna quizzically.

“Peep! Wat am yu duin?” Jive says back.

“Chirp! Tuwkeh am pwayin!” Replied Turkey. Sora, and even Dopey, trots up behind Laguna.

“Chirp! Wat happun?” Dopey asks. Laguna looks around at the fluffies around him, mildly embarrassed.

“Uhh… Peep! W-wat kinda gamesie?” He asks, trying to defuse the misunderstanding. The two brothers grow a smile and look at each other.

“Peep! Westwe! It wike huggie tag, buh mowe huggies…” Jive says, trailing off.

“Wiww show Waguna westwe!” Turkey finishes. The two colts explain how the best they can. “It am wike sowwy hoofsies an huwtie huggies, buh nawt weawy. It am funnies!” Turkey tries to explain.

“Hewe, howneh babbeh show 'ou…” and the two colts demonstrate some grabs and holds on each other and Laguna, and even a mock fight for him to watch.

“Whoooaaa, babbehs am being toughies!” Laguna explains. “Wan pway, wan git big and stwong!”

“Otay! Peep!” Says Jive, who decides to start it off. He starts circling Laguna one way, as Laguna circles the other. He then makes a dash towards Laguna, with Laguna narrowly jumping out of the way. Laguna then pounces on top of Jive, pinning him to the ground.

“Waguna got yu! Teehee!” As the two foals laugh, he doesn’t see Turkey sneaking around back, before pouncing on Laguna.

“Nu! Tuwkeh got boff yu! Teehee!” Eventually all of the foals except Dummy joins in, as they laugh and have a good time. The foals don’t even notice me walk in the saferoom. I was plagued with nightmares during the few hours I was asleep, but that’s nothing really new for me, but I woke up in a foul mood. I stand there quietly and watch them for a few minutes wrestling and playing, but I catch a whiff of something foul. I start looking around, and see little piles of shit everywhere. A pile over by the coloring area, a couple piles just a few feet from the litterbox, close to where the foals are play wrestling.

“EHEM.” I say out loud, to get their attention. They quickly stop and turn around, looking at me. Laguna gets a smile on his face and trots up to me.

“Daddeh! Gud bwite time! Wan pway?” He says, fluttering his wings and tapping his feet back and forth. I look down at him with a sour look, and he starts clamming up, getting more nervous by the second. “Peep! Y-yu am otay?”

“What’s the first rule, Laguna?” His face instantly sullens.

“B-b-buh daddeh, W-waguna awways maek gud poopies and peepees… Chirp! Waguna nu du dat!” He stammers out quickly.

“Then who did?” I see the foals start walking up slowly behind Laguna, curious as to what’s going on. He turns around to look at them, before turning back with his head facing down.

“Peep! F-fwuffy nu knyo…”

“Really? Then I have to assume all of you did it. You know what that means, right?” Laguna gets a bewildered look on his face before looking back up at me. He quickly looks around and stops when he looks at Dummy.

“Chirp! Nu! It am aww Dummeh’s fawt!”

“Oh, so it was Dummy’s fault? Even though there’s more poop here than just one of you could make, AND that means you weren’t helping her go to the litterbox. So BOTH of you are bad fluffies, right?” I look around and other than the general tenseness of the moment, I see Turkey and Dopey seem extra fidgety. Laguna looks back at the foals, specifically Dopey and Turkey, and I notice Turkey avoiding his gaze and Dopey slowly nodding his head no at him. “DONT LOOK AT THEM, FUCKING LOOK AT ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU!” I shout at him, causing him to jump, and then hide his face under his hooves.

“Huuhuuhuu! Peep!” Laguna begins crying, and even makes some scaredy pees under him.

“Oh my fucking God, you’re fucking kidding me right?” I snatch Laguna up by his scruff and bring him to my face, causing him to yelp and the other foals to start trembling and get scared.

“Ba’ upsies!” He shouts at me.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP,” I scream in his face. Laguna is a peeping mess in my fingers, his eyes tightly closed, while the other foals start hiding under their hooves. I pull a hair tie out of my pocket, and I tie it around Lagunas midsection and binding his front hooves to his chest, before dropping him on the ground. He struggles in his bindings without making any head way.

“Peep! Why weggies nu wowk?” He asks. I get up and grab a sorry stick jr, and walk back to the foals. I pick Laguna back up and bring him to my face.

“NOW, because youre too chicken shit to tell me what actually happened, EVERYONE gets hurties and it’s YOUR fault. And you get the sorrybox!” I drop him back on the ground facing the other foals. I start with Sora, knowing the little shit Laguna is fond for the shitty feral bait. I snatch her up by her scruff, causing her to yelp, and bring her over to Laguna to lie down in front of him. They both look into each other’s eyes, terrified of what was going to happen next. Laguna then speaks up.

“Chirp! D-Dopey a-an Turkeh! Peep! It am dem! Chirp!” He shouts to me frantically. I look him right in the eye.

“I know,” I say, before bringing the sorry stick down on Soras behind hard.

“SKREEEE! PEEP! CHIRP! PEEP!” She screams and cries out.

“NUUUUUUU!” Shouted Laguna. I spank her 3 more times, tanning her hide red underneath her white fluff, before reaching for Jive. Jive starts backing up, before turning around and trying to make a run for it.

“Wun way fwom munsta! Peep!” He shouts, but not making it very far, as I just slowly reached out and grabbed him. I gave him 4 lashes as well, turning him into a peeping mess next to Sora. He glares at me and then Laguna through his teary eyes, before shutting them tightly and saying “Haychu! HAYCHUU!” I roll my eyes at him, and go to reach for Turkey, grabbing him up. He struggles in my hand before shouting at me.

“Peep! Munsta! Taek sowwy poopies!” And he shits right in my hand. I tighten my grip, forcing the air out of Turkey with a small “eep,” before slamming my hand with him in it on the ground, crushing him like a bug in front of the foals, to their shock.
Time felt like it stopped for all the foals that saw Turkey get squished, replaying over in their heads: him shouting at me, me squeezing the air out of him, the sound of my hand slapping the ground at full force, the subtle crunch of his bones from the trauma sustained to his little body. His entrails bursting out of both his mouth and his anus, even causing a little blood to splatter on some of the foals, notably Laguna and Turkey’s brother, Jive.

“Bwudda…?” Was all Jive could meekly get out, before just staring at the mashed corpse of his brother. Sora just started sobbing and peeping uncontrollably at the scene, while Dopey stayed hidden under his hooves. Dummy barely moved from her spot, absent-mindedly suckling on her hoof. Laguna stared at the corpse wide eyed as well.

“D-dis nu am wite…” He mumbles. I glare at him, and reach over and grab Dopey, bringing him in front of the foals.

“Yeah, this isn’t right. You stupid little shit, you should have been more clear on the RULES. I TOLD YOU TO TELL THEM THE RULES, AND THEY STILL BROKE THEM! If you would have done a better job of enforcing them, they wouldn’t have shit outside the litterbox. Then you LIED to me and tried to blame the one foal you knew wouldn’t fight back with you, like a PUSSY! THEN THIS MOTHER FUCKER SHIT ON ME. So no, this isn’t right!” I then bring the sorry stick on Dopey, causing him to howl and cry as he received his lashes. I then pick Laguna up, and take the hair tie off of him and start walking to the sorry box. He looks at me with tear stained eyes.

“Peep! Waguna am su sowwy… neba be ba’ gain…”

“I know you are. But you still have to do this, so you can be a good fluffy again. Think about what you need to do from now on, while you’re in there,” I tell him, while placing him in the foal sorrybox, and with a last “Peep!”, I shut and latch the box. I grab a wet wipe and walk back over to the foals. “Now, this is what happens if you’re a bad baby, understand?” I begin scooping up the remains of Turkey and wiping up the bodily fluids, as the foals all cry and rub their behinds. I pick up Dummy, and walk out of the saferoom. Sora starts to crawl towards Jive, and begins hugging him while crying when she makes it to him. Dopey notices and follows suit, with all three brothers and sisters now hugging and crying into eachother for comfort.

“B-b-bwudda… huuhuuhuu!” Cries Jive.

“Peep! It a-am Otay, sissie and Dopeh bwudda hewe fo’ Jibie bwudda,” Sora says soothingly, rubbing Jive’s back. Dopey just keeps hugging Jive’s back, crying and peeping.

In the kitchen, I throw Turkey’s remains in the trash can, and set Dummy on the counter top in-between the stove and the fridge. I begin rummaging through some drawers. I pull out a box of flat topped, multi colored thumb tacks, and set it next to the sensitive baby, who has rolled onto her back, and was lightly pawing at the air.

“Tsk Too bad there’s no colors that match yours,” I say aloud, looking through the tacks. I pull out 4 black ones. “This’ll work.” I grab one of Dummy’s hooves, and shove one of the tacks in.

“Peep! Chirp! Peep!” It cries out, shitting itself in pain.

“Close enough to the hoof color I guess,” saying while I inspect the tack shoved through her hoof bottom. The sensitive baby sticks her other hoof in her mouth to gain some kind of comfort for the pain, before I pull the hoof from her mouth. This causes her to start mouthing around blindly, unable to reach her hoof as I steady it for another tack to go in. I press it in slowly, and Dummy starts kicking her back hooves and peeping louder in distress. After I let go, she immediately tries to bend her leg to put her hoof in her mouth, but as it gets close, the pain becomes to great, and drops the leg limp, crying and peeping all the while. I then stick the last two tacks in her last hooves, causing the sensitive foals eyes to flash open and begin to howl.

“SKREEEEAOUGH!” She screams and flails her limbs, rolling around on her back. She then does something I was never expecting. “PEEP! MUMMAH!” I look down, flabbergasted.

“What the fuck? Are you back?” I ask the foal. Dummy just looks around aimlessly, like she’s still blind.

“Peep! Mummah! Chirp!” She shouts and writhes. I then poke her belly with another thumbtack, not all the way through, just to illicit any other reactions. “Peep! Mummah!” Its all she seems to say; like it’s all she knows how to say. I put the thumbtack down, and pick her up by her scruff, causing her to pee herself. “Chirp! Mummah!”

“Hehe, yeah I know, you’re gonna be perfect for Mummah!” I say with a sadistic glee, before walking out of the kitchen, and back into the backyard to the shed. I slowly open the door and see the most pitiful sight. Dumbass is still in the same spot, covered in piss and blood. Surprisingly no shit, but dope has a way of stopping up the guts, and it seems to be so for the shitrats as well. Jessibell is curled up tightly in her own bed, not really sleeping, just trying to not see the horrors around. It seems she was nice to Dumbass, as his kibble bowl was sloppily pushed to him, a trail of uneaten kibble leading to where it was. He barely ate, regardless, as other than the kibble on the floor, it doesn’t really seem to be touched. I turn around and close the shed door behind me, while Dumbass stares at me and wincing in pain. “Hey Dumbass, how ya feeling, you ugly stupid fuck?” I say to him with a smile, while placing the softly peeping foal behind my back, using my fingers to keep her mouth shut. He looks up at me haggardly.

kaff…kaff… w-wowest h-huwties, daddeh… C-c-can Dumass hab… hab mowe medsin?” He asks dryly, as he hasn’t even moved to get anything to drink. I look down at him glee.

“More dope huh? Tell ya what, you gross fuck, let me talk to Jessibell over here, and then we can work something out,” I tell him with a wink. I could see Jessibell shudder out of the corner of my eye. Dumbass looks up and gets more frantic in his pleas.

“P-pwease! Tuu much huwties! Huuhuuhuu! Hewp dumass y-y-yu… yu dummeh!” My smile grows wider, as I reach into my pocket and press the remote to “his” shock collar.


Simultaneously, I shocked both fluffies, as I had rigged their shock collars to work off one remote. I held the button for 5 seconds as the two convulsed and screamed, with Jessibell screaming louder, due to the literal shock and surprise of it all. When I release, dumass just lies there and starts crying. Jessibell, once freed from the electricity going through her body, jumps straight up, shitting and pissing herself, before running into a corner.

“SOWWY! DUMASS SOWWY! HUUHUUHUU PWEASE, HUWTIES!” Dumbass starts to wail, his pleas becoming a blubbering mess as he crys up at me. Jessibell barely turns around to look at me, shaking like a leaf.

“W-w-wat happun? Wha daddeh du tu fwuffies?” She asks me wearily.

“This is what happens when either of you do something I don’t like. If either of you are bad, then BOTH of you get hurties. Do you two understand me?” I say sternly to them, looking back and forth between them. Dumass just continues his nervous babbling. Curiously, I see Jessibell glare at Dumbass. I can almost hear the gears turning in her head.
I decide to shake her out of it with some “good news.” I take the sensitive baby out from behind my back and dangle it in front of me. “Jessibell! Look what daddy brought you!” The sensitive baby writhes in my hand, as Jessibell’s eyes grow wide.

“Peep! Mummah! Chirp!”

“Babbeh…?” She slowly starts to waddle over to me as I bend down. She gets right up to the baby and tries to quickly grab her, before I snatch her up put of her grasp.

“Chirp! Peep! Mummah! Peep!” The baby cries harder than before, as even through its reduced faculties, it probably recognizes Jessibell’s smell.

“BABBEH! MUMMAH’S BESTEST BABBEH!” She shouts up at her. She slowly gets up on two hooves to try to reach her baby that’s out of her grasp, teetering back and forth as she clumsily tries to balance. “Mummah wite hewe, babbeh, mummah wiww sabe babbeh…” I take my free hand and use it to sweep her legs out from under her, causing her to fall hard sideways, and a small giggle from me. I reach into my pocket and press the button briefly, just enough to send her message. Too bad Dumass is a victim to that message as well.

ZZZZT! SKREEEEE!” they both cry, with Jessibell curling into a ball.

pant pant huuhuuhuu, jus wan howd mummah’s widdwe babbeh, huuhuu…”

“We are gonna do this calmer. Got it?” I say to her. I dangle the baby in front of her again. “What should you say to daddy for getting your baby?” Jessibell slowly looks up, tears in her eyes.

“T-tank ou…” she says venomously. I go to stand up.

“Nah, I don’t believe you. I guess you DONT want this baby. And after I fixed her for you too… Tsk, tsk, tsk.” I tell her, motioning like I’m about to leave. Jessibell quickly jumps to her feet.

“N-nu! Nu weabe, b-b-bestest d-d-daddeh…” she says, with her head hanging low. I stop and look down at her.

“Keep going.”

“T-t-tank ou bestest daddeh fow bwing mummah’s babbeh back! F-f-fwuffy w-wub bestest daddeh!” She pleas, her nose touching the floor at this point.
A small “thud” rings out as something is dropped in front of her face. She starts to look up in front of her, as her baby peeps and calls out for her.

“Peep! Mummah! Chirp!”

“Babbeh!” Jessibell then scoops up her child and presses it against her chest, finally able to grasp a ray of hope. Unfortunately for her baby, she was placing all kinds of pressure on her hooves, causing her to writhe and cry out in agony.

“MUMMAH! CHIRP! MUMMAH! PEEP!” it shouts, trying its best to get away with its damaged limbs, much to the confusion of Jessibell. She then holds out the sensitive baby in front of her, holding the baby underneath its arm pits, with a look of concern growing.

“Babbeh?! Wat am wong? Babbeh maek tawkies, teww mummah wat am da mattew!” She begs uselessly with her baby, not yet realizing that’s all she can say. I look down at them while sniggering, before I begin to talk to her.

“There you go, Jessibell! She’s gonna need a lot of huggies and playing from you to help her get better, ok?” I say with a devilish grin. She then looks up at me despairingly.

“B-babbeh sound wike babbeh hab huwties, daddeh!” She hoists her baby in my direction, for me to get a look.

“Hmmm, I don’t see anything wrong with her, do you?” I say, dramatically stroking my chin as I look the baby over.

“N-nu, mummah nu cee any huwties…”

“Well if I don’t see any hurties, and you don’t see any hurties, then she doesn’t have hurties, right? I think she’s just doing that for attention, Jessibell. Sounds like she wants a lot of mummah’s hugs and love.” I tell her, trying to keep my face serious. She looks down at her baby, her expression growing resolute.

“Otay! Wiww be bestest mummah, and gib babbeh aww dah huggies and wub!” and she brings Dummy back in for another big hug, causing the foal to cry out in pain in the only way it can.

“Peep! Mummah! Chirp!”

I giggle, and walk back over to Dumbass, and kneel beside him, as he winces at my approach. “Hey buddy, still want some medicine? You little fucking fiend,” I say, gently petting his back. He shudders at my touch, finally one that wasn’t hurting him, but one that seemed to want to soothe him! He starts to wobble and inch closer to me like a worm, before putting his head on my shoe.

“Pwease… Wan huwties gu way.”

“OK, let me get the medicine–” I’m stopped in my speech as I notice him pressing harder into my foot as if to stop me. He slowly rocks his front legs in front of me, cringing and looking up at me.

“Nu… Pwease maek da huwties gu way! Huuhuuhuu!” A look of realization comes across my face.

“Oh, oh I see.” A smile then creeps across my face. “Shall we get started then?”

[And there’s chapter 7, folks! Sorry for the wait, I’ve not really been in the best of spirits lately. This time of the year is the worst for me. I hope this chapter is worth a fuck. I haven’t been really feeling it, and nothing I write seems worthy. But I’ll push it out regardless, because fuck it, it’s not like I’m writing a masterpiece, or anything close LOL. That said, I hope everyone had a good holiday, hope you enjoy!]

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