Little thing I did

So I made my own fluffy subreddit r/fluffy_community it was made just in case the original subreddit went down and people wanted to go back to reddit but that doesnt mean you cant join now I’m just saying it’s not as fleshed out as it will be when the subreddit is gone I will still post here and on both of the subreddits but I just wanted to tell you all about this


I appreciate the effort, but honestly, the subreddits should just… go away at this point IMO. They seem to be a breeding ground for hateful behavior where the various Boxers just cannot get along. It’s nice to have a website like this, especially since we have such dedicated mods here who have true control over the platform.


It’s your opinion and you have the right to it

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I don’t want to go back to reddit. I have a girlfriend and finally got the cancer to go into remission. Thanks for the offer though

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