Locket's plan by Princessbitch4

Blue and red mare is jazzy. The red and yellow fluffy is locket. Blue and red colt is blue baby.
Green and purple stallion is branch. Please speculate if you desire about what’s happening.


He tried stopping her from numming wowstes babbeh… But now it looks like he’s the one numming the babbehs… And she’s calling him a hypocrite…

When really he’s trying to stop spoiled bestus babbeh from making bad poopies and being a brat!


Cannibals. I don’t have to say anymore.


Jazzy wanted to num babbehs as a fun date night with Branch. Branch claimed he had a headache and couldn’t num babbehs this dark time and would do it another dark time with Jazzy. Turns out Branch just didn’t want to go on a date with Jazzy and Jazzy just happened to stumble upon Branch as he was numing Blue Baby.


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