Looking for Someone!

Im sorry I can’t remember their name or anything, I think they mightve left when I was gone for those 5 months.

But what happened to the artist who made the pride badge icon?


They vanished after the site went down for an extended period last year around this time.


Thank youuuuu

No problem.
I think they also go by JizzCoveredCrocs.

Jedan had\has a tendency to dissapear then pop up randomly again and then dissapear again though.
Maybe 2023 will see them return.
I think the hypen has thrown a lot of people off.

They do, on reddit.

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Went through her activity and her second to last post was basically how she vanishes for long periods of time.

I think old FC used to link here.
Not sure if it still does.

So business as usual then.
And sometimes people just shake off fluffies.

I just tried
It still does.

For me, http://www.fluffycommunity.com throws an error, from other location it does work but it looks like its SSL is not valid (because it doesn’t include this domain) so it won’t load to a lot of people

…Well fuck, that probably costs us a lot of people trying to get back in.
Somebody ought to fix that.